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How to download video from DCR HC21 Handycam to Windows 10?

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I have a camcorder bought in 2006 that has a tape I want to download. The included Picture Package video software is XP based so I can't use it. Should I try to make Playmemories work or should I find an XP emulator and use the Picture Package program. Or has someone used a different solution?

I am also a bit concerned because my PC doesn't recognize the Handycam when I plug it into the USB port. My laptop will acknowledge the plug in but calls it an "unknown device". Any ideas?

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LIkely it's hardwired to 32-bit Windows at that date of manufacture. So your best shot might be a 32-bit copy of Windows 7 or 10. Beware the difficulties in installing ANY driver - they try to make it as difficult as possible. This should be signed by Sony, so I expect it to work.

This is standard behaviour for all USB devices when plugged into Win-64, unless there exists a 64-bit driver install (which I doubt).

If you're stuck you can try installing VirtualPC (or use Hyper-V in W10). In this case you will have to plug in the device and then tell the virtual (32-bits) machine that you want to connect the device's USB to the VM.

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