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peter stagg

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hi all

i have windows 10 and beatjam sees my minidisk sharp im-dr410e as net md

it refuses to convert to open mg from mp3 saying "could not convert because beatjam does not support the conversion of this file format"

it is an mp3 file

i have oracle virtualbox with win xp running and it converts the same file no problem 

but when i try to add the converted file to beatjam host win 10 it says "beatjam found openmg format music files that cannot be used on this pc"

i cannot get the net md drivers to install on the vm win xp


device manager install driver says

"there was a problem installing the hardware net md

an error occured during the instalation of the device

driver is not intended for this platform"


the same drivers worked on win 10 hence i want to use beatjam on windows 10

also after installing sonicstage 4.3 3.4 and 2.3 after running it is crashes and my computer goes all laggy and the performance goes down alot but in taskmanager its all fine


is there any thing i can do to get the drivers to work on the vm win xp


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to sdbp thanks for the reply and help with this ive been trying to get this to work for ages 

i have sonic stage 2.3 3.4 and 4.3 when i open them they all make my computer very slow and they wont let me add songs to the libary

i can see my minidisc recorder it shows up as net md

is there a different sonicstage that your refering to if so can you post a link and tell me if ther is special launch requirements


my specs

ryzen 5 2600x

corsair lpx 16gb 3200mhz


msi b450 motar max

amd r9 390x

windows 10 pro

128gb nvme

2x2tb hdds

1 sandisk ssd

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The one that's in our downloads section.

This stuff works, provided you have the right driver.

I have no clue why slow but SS does have some strange code so I would turn off DEP protection as well as all realtime Windows Defender functionality. Honest!

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