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Sony MDS-E12/CDP-D12 parallel remote interface (project)

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Since we’ve been back online, everyone else has shared their recent exploits so I’m shamed into sharing mine! Not too much to show for the work yet but I’ll share what I’ve got.

Essentially I’m building an interface between DMX and Sony parallel. The idea is to allow me to trigger sound effect and music cues on my MDS-E12 minidisc decks from my Zero88 FLX lighting console.

So far I’ve designed and built the Sony parallel interface board and the DMX receiver board. This will interface into an Arduino that will interpret the DMX messages and drive out signalling on the Sony parallel interface. The parallel board will drive all 5 input channels and receive all 3 output channels available on the E12.

I’ve been waiting on connectors which have been on back-order since May and only just arrived this week! ETA: Oh no they didn't - CPC sent me 9-way when I ordered 10-way. Still stuck then...


(I’m currently out visiting family so on iPad so sorry if the formatting is not up to standard!)


2741C568-6313-485D-97C9-BF3CC3B54728.jpeg    2952DED5-7913-4454-9C65-394D2BA17C49.jpeg

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  • kgallen changed the title to Sony MDS-E12/CDP-D12 parallel remote interface (project)
4 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

Amazing. Stuff like this completely blows my, non-technical, mind.

Will be very interested to see how you get on with this, Kevin.

Same here! I'm also completely non-technical and the ingenuity of these kinds of projects always amazes and impresses me too.

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