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Tascam MD-CD1 display (fixed)

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Just so you know I haven’t been sitting on my MD-behind, just reporting that I’ve finally fixed (fingers crossed) the intermittent display on my first (of 2) Tascam MD-CD1 combo decks.

This deck is a tidy example I bought a few years back, although I did pay a bit through the nose for it on eBay (about £220 if I remember correctly - far far more than any other deck I’ve bought!). It actually arrived damaged (and not from shipping) - it must have had a knock on the front as the MD pitch control knob was impacted. Internally I had to rebuild one end of the front panel PCB and replace the Alps encoder both of which were broken.

Otherwise it worked well until one day when I turned it on - it powered up then went off… one of the power supply regulators emitted the magic smoke. Fortunately I was able to identify the part and find a replacement (on eBay again!) which once fitted got the machine working again. More recently the display has been intermittent until that also finally went off and never came back on (otherwise the machine worked fine). I had a look at it a couple of times but couldn’t find the issue. I had another bash today after swatting up a bit more on VFDs and watched one of Dave Jones’ EEVBlog videos on the subject. Subsequently I identified that the AC cathode supply was dead (the -36V supply I had long suspected was in fact fine).

After a bit of debug and falsely suspecting one of the X1/Y2 caps it turned out to be as simple as bad solder joints. Now cleaned up and resoldered I’m happy to report we’ve had good behaviour on a ‘soak test’ for the past hour or so.

So not an exciting story but a good outcome anyway. 🙂


(Interesting track playing - little message for all of you out there in MD-land!)



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