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Hope you are all well, havent been around for awhile, and havent bought anything for yonks !

until today, just snapped up a 480, by the discription, usual issues and may have a little present inside,

no gurantee on that, will let you all know how correct that all is when i get it.

old habits and all that, regards to all

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No didn’t entertain that guy with my cash. Have two 480’s, both a bit dodgy if I remember, I don’t use them mainstream. Main home decks are my MDS-E12, 940 from you and original 520 plus MZ-R700 at work.


Three rack mount MDS-E12 (plus CDP-D12 CD) and Tascam MDCD-1 dubber for the theatre stuff. 

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only 2 decks in use, 980, always present, and a 930, others currently stashed, last thing i bought was a supposed denon cd player spares or repair about a year ago, when it turned up it turned out to be something completely different, a drs610 cassette deck with a detached solenoid, not a tape man but this thing is neat, cd player style drawer set up, its working well now, eject belt shot aswell, it was in a way a pleasent suprise, it also had low output but that was simple when i remembered denons fetish for variable outputs, the contol for the headphone jack doubles up for the phono's aswell, ive sold an mds je530 and 440 since we last comunicated.

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Got this now , perliminary inspection reveals that its not a 480, its a 470, there is no disc and drive is all the way back,

so the usual thing is to push the two white tabs forward, broad one first and simulate manual eject, then it will switch on,

thats normal, this one will retract, thats not normal, will go further after work and replace belt and put switch cleaner on

the micro switch, dont know if there is two, failing all that, i have a drive that needs an owh so thats the plan, a rabbit

hole me thinks, player is in exellent nick otherwise

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all sorted, somebody had criss crossed the old belt which was shot, so replaced it and got at micro switch with switch cleaner,

because of that, had to go in from the top,which i dont like to do, usually install belts through the front whilst holding the drive,

less risky, whenever ive unlatched the top cradle and taken it off in the past i always miss the metal tab in the middle, no different

this time, not tested record yet, but otherwise all good

bye the way here is a risk it for a biscuit, anybody up for a dare if cheap enough


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