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Media Manager for PSP 2.0

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Sony just updated their Media Manager software!


It now has a lower price and there's an upgrade price as well for owners of version 1.0a. The new version has a new interface, OFFLINE encoding (yay, finally!), native support for ATRAC, and new support for dvr-ms files (I'm still trying to figure out what this means exactly).

This page shows the new features detailed:



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I think dvr-ms is the file format used by Windows Media Center when you record.

You are correct about the dvr-ms files. They are the video files MS XP Media Center Edition stores recorded television in.

This new version sounds more interesting, but I don't know if I'm ready to plop down $17 for software to manage files on my PSP. Part of me still believes it should be included, especially considering the crazy steps necessary to get AVC encoded files onto the device (strange filenames, oddball directory structure forced upon the user.) We'll see...

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I bought it last night. There is no upgrade pricing available that I could see, so $16.99US even for owners of previous version.

The changes in this new version are helpful and quite positive. Not needing PSP hooked up while aranging for the transfers in advance is quite handy. The program also seems to do everything much faster. The interface has been tweaked yet is quite familiar.

I liked how the program knew not to convert Mp4 videos to AVC, instead just moving them into the correct folder. The preview (full screen too!) is very helpful when dealing with inane file names on clips.

The sample feeds are mostly the same as on the previous version. Some are quite old too, not updated in months.

Converting music to ATRAC3plus is quite a welcome change. I've yet to transfer an ATRAC3plus track that has copy protection though (I converted some mp3 instead). The program states music purchased from Connect Store will not transfer, but neglects to mention if one's own CDs riped in ATRAC3plus with copy protection on will.

CDs are only ripped in Mp3, CBR. They can be converted and transferred to PSP in ATRAC3plus automatically if desired. Note that all this leaves mp3 and aa3 copies on your hard drive. Gracenote identifies the tracks but does not add album art.

aa3? Yes, you read correct. The ATRAC3plus files are not .oma or .omg, but a new creature called .aa3! What this is all about I do not know.

Syncing Bookmarks or Favourites between PC browser and the PSP is helpful. Copying documents over is a nice touch too.

Is this program worth $16.99US? It was for me, obviously. It's extremely convenient not having to use multiple programs to accomplish what I want to do quickly. That being said I agree that something in the way of included software should have been developed, as is the case with the iPods etc.

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Congratulations on the purchase. I am about to order my copy as well.

There is no upgrade pricing available that I could see, so $16.99US even for owners of previous version.

For present owners of PSP Media Manager 1.0 – if you did not receive the upgrade invitation via email, you can request a direct upgrade pricing (@ $9.95) thru Sony Media Software’s customer service.

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