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  1. The currently available BRAVIA Z series ethernet port allows for viewing photos using a DLNA network. So you could stream photos from your computer directly to the TV. The upcoming XBR9 and Z series will allow photos, music, and video streaming. There will also be BRAVIA Internet Video and Internet Widgets functionality built in.
  2. Thank you for the review, I would be interested in photos. Sony has seemed to neglect the Walkmans with accessories lately. I hope this will soon be changing.
  3. chevysony


    According to http://musicstore.connect.com/ the servers will still be running "through the end of 2008." I see there is also a link to download SonicStage on that page.
  4. I'm using it, I like it a lot except for the fact that some websites are not working correctly or at all. I'm having to keep another browser on my computer for now as backup.
  5. That's a cool dock. Looks like it's another Sony product that's only available in Japan. I did a quick search and it looks like you can actually buy it there. (Not that that's helpful)
  6. I'm concerned about how much this would affect battery life. As long as I can turn it completely off, I guess it's ok. Personally, I'm more interested in features that would make these practical for use with textbooks/research, such as the ability to search for keywords, go directly to the pages that contain them, the ability to highlight text, etc.
  7. From watching the IFA press conference, I would say it's very likely the next version of the Sony Reader will be network enabled. I know this was already rumored, but seems even more obvious now.
  8. I would guess it will be similar to the PSP Media Manager: "The software automatically converts your files to high-quality Sony AVC/AAC video for optimized viewing on your PSP® system." http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/produc...uct.asp?PID=423
  9. here is a picture of it and more info http://www.sony-asia.com/subtype/usefulinf...site=hp_en_AP_i
  10. Yes, DRM'ed ATRAC works with PS3. However, using the "Remote Play" feature to stream audio to my PSP does not work with my DRM'ed ATRAC files.
  11. Yes, I have XP SP2 and SS CP 4.0 and just installed IE7. SonicStage CP is still working fine for me.
  12. I think dvr-ms is the file format used by Windows Media Center when you record.
  13. Good photos, that's what I was wanting to see, the size compared to a remote.
  14. The game I currently play the most is Virtua Tennis: World Tour. I think it's really good for when you don't have very long to play. I also love Twisted Metal: Head-On (infrastructure) and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (solo and co-op with a friend). I've thoroughly enjoyed playing my demo disc and beta disc of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. I'm looking forward to buying this when it comes out. I also like the demo disc of Daxter, a very good platformer with some interesting extra modes. Oh yeah, WipEout Pure is awesome too, like others have already said... Other PSP games I have and like: Namco Museum Battle Collection Pinball Hall of Fame... I'm not a pinball expert, but I think it's a fun game Star Wars: Battlefront II... it's ok, except I was disappointed with the limited co-op modes How is Exit? I thought it looked really cool, but then IGN's review was disappointing.
  15. Here's a comparison table of Connect Player 1.0 to SonicStage 3.3. http://support.sony-europe.com/DNA/hotnews...n&f=ConSon_comp
  16. I flew Alitalia a few weeks ago and just used my PSP to listen to music, so it was only reading from the Memory Stick, and it was in my pocket I think, so noone said anything. Then I flew Delta and watched a movie on UMD and played games and nobody said anything about it.
  17. I'm not sure, but I found this page on the Connect help page.
  18. Actually, CMOS can have very high image quality, here's an example of a CMOS from Sony: here But yeah the quality of CMOS in most camera phones so far has been very low.
  19. Yeah, they have already released the firmware update for the VAIO Pocket VGF-AP1L and the Sony website currently says: "A firmware upgrade will be available for NW-HD1 devices to support ‘native’ MP3 files. Please check back soon for further information about this upgrade."
  20. v 1.1 (NW-E75, NW-E95, NW-S23) http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download...25&PASSVAL2=SMB v 1.2 (NW-E99) http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download...27&PASSVAL2=SMB The MP3 File Manager software came preinstalled on the NW-S23 that I got for my mom, it works well, easy to use.
  21. I have SonicStage 2.0 and downloaded Total Recorder to test this... I was able to play from SonicStage and record directly to mp3. The Accelerated Recording mode wasn't picking up the audio signal though, so I had to do it in real time. This is a good way of converting ATRAC3 to mp3, PCM, WMA9, etc.
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