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Biggest Sony Forum?


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It appears that your queries has been answered somewhat within its original thread:

For the 1st thread: "where to buy this clip please?"

Jillako responded:

Simon, I have been wanting to buy this clip too...

Unfortunately, Stuge is right. It appears to be part of the Japanese package and not the US package.

I have tried in vain to find a part number. Having a part number would be the first step to finding this accessory for sale..


We have yet to acquire the S20x series' service manual, which is not free by the way. Nonetheless, we will definitely provide you with the appropriate part number upon receipt of the service manual.

For the 2nd thread: "Volume Limit unlock for NW-S2xx Series?"

kerfuffle responded:

As far as I know, no volume limit unlock exists for any of the flash-drive-based Walkmans. Sorry.

Once again, without the service manual we can't be 100% certain. Historically, one can't unlock the volume limiter employed by Sony's flash-based Network Walkman (this information is documented within older threads of the forum). So, it's highly plausible that kerfuffle is right on the mark.

Well, all I can say is keep watch of “old texas ghost town”.

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ATRACLife is a great site, use it. Its just a shame though that it has been very quiet lately.

And you thought things were bad in May 2007? What has happened to this site? The people are still here, as in the forum, but were are the administrators? I appreciate it takes time & effort to run the site, but it's been neglected for quite some time.

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I think a lot of people are frustrated because no-one responds to their queries and they look elsewhere for answers

I think most people will always help if they have an answer. Sometimes there just isn't an answer to a certain query.

I've been lucky and have almost always had someone respond to a problem I've had. Without this site, I would still be adding album art to each individual track instead of just dragging it over and letting it apply itself to the whole album!

Sometimes, a simple problem (like most of mine are) is simply down to user ignorance, and I am very guilty of that. It's why I appreciate this place so much because my devices are so much more fun to use when I know what to do!

But, like I said - sometime problems come around, and there IS no answer for them. It doesn't just happen here - it happens everywhere.

Anyway, I do think Atraclife is one the nicest, friendliest, and most helpful forums I've been on.

So long as the users are still alive and kicking, I'm happy!

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