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Removing DRM from ATRAC files?

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My girlfriend has all her music encoded in ATRAC3 format (.oma), she did all the encoding on her old computer and now has a new computer to which she moved all the atrac files over to and because of the DRM she now can't play them. She no longer has the old computer btw. Is there any way of removing the DRM from the files or otherwise converting them to a non-DRM format so that they are again playable?


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There is, but I'm not sure that it will work, seeing that your girlfriend can't play them.

In order to get rid of the DRM, all you have to do is convert the song again - same bitrate and everything - but uncheck the copy protection at the bottom of the pop-up box.

Try and see if that will work with your girlfriend's unplayable files.

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I have basically the same problem as jhob's girlfriend. I had previously backed up my entire SonicStage library (using Windows Backup) to an external HD. After rebuilding my PC, restoring the library, and installing SonicStage CP 4.2, I cannot play any of my .oma music files.


I tried re-converting them leaving the "Add copy protection" box unchecked:


I receive the following result:


There's got to be a way to get around this. I have a difficult time accepting that I must re-load all of my CDs.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks...

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the way i figured to kinda GET around this is to just drag and drop all the files to your computer, then use "import directory" and add all the songs back into CONNECT/SONICSTAGE player. you can play the songs on the new computer, BUTTTT it doesnt work trying to export the song even if it says u can export it to a nwa3000. i'm assuming if u want all your music back because u lost your originals (like i have for about 1000 songs) u need something like http://www.blazemp.com/convert_oma.htm to reconvert oma files. but i'm just trying this now so i dont know if it will work... i've been oggling over this problem for about 12 hours straight.

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Did you manage to find a solution for this?

I too am having the problem. My entire database is on an external hard drive. I can import all into sonicstage and it will play files on the computer, but I cannot transfer anything onto HD5H or MD. It says that it is forbidden for some reason. I have spent days on this now - reinstalling sonic stage, formatted the HD5H, initialized the device etc.

I wondered if it was because I had formatted my HD5H using windows explorer.

I HATE sonicstage now and all the stupid copyright - All my database is my own CDs! It will transfer if I upload a CD again but- Please if anyone has had a similar problem tell me wha\at I can do. I have written to sony who have not replied.......... I cannot face having to upload them all again



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It should be possible somehow. I got sonicstage since the horrible 2.3 and it was all DRM then (even though it were my CDs, like eaglehound).

Somehow now in 4.3 DRM is gone.

I can copy files to different DAPs, and import them from those DAPs on other computers.

Of ocurse you unchecked add copyprotection in SS tool>options>CDimporting>select format>

Did you try Kerfuffle's solution?

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Hi All, I think I am having a related problem. I recently had to transfer my music collection from the hard drive of my old laptop to a new one. Since then I can no longer burn audio CDs in SonicStage. I get the following message: ""Cannot create a CD because of copyright restrictions." Other files I can not even play, because of "invalid rights management information". Has anyone figured out a way to deal with this problem?



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