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NEW Sony NetMD units beyond N10 !!!

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Just heard a "rumor", about 5 new upcoming netmd units discriptions could be found in the N10 netmd driver .INF file (NETMDUSB.inf) These units are:


the 'old' N series:




the NEW NE and NF series:

MZ-NE/NF 810

MZ-NE/NF 610

MZ-NE/NF 410

Could someone who has a N10 please check this, THANKS !!!

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Guest Anonymous

yeah, i just checked my netmdusb.inf, and i found the following (which are directly copied from teh text file):

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_0075 ; MZ-N1

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_0084 ; MZ-N505

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_0085 ; MZ-S1

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_0086 ; MZ-N707

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_00C6 ; MZ-N10

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_00C7 ; MZ-N910

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_00C8 ; MZ-NF810/N710

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_00C9 ; MZ-NF610/N510

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_00CA ; MZ-NE410

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_00EB ; MZ-NE910

ExcludeFromSelect=USBVID_054C&PID_0101 ; LAM-10


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I don't think anyone knows what NF means yet, but here's my guess. (If anything I say is wrong, please feel free to correct me, cause these are all observations that I haven't exactly gone back and double checked.)

MZ-Rxx means, basically, first gen minidisc recorders.

MZ-Rxxx means MDLP recorders.

MZ-Nxxx means NetMD MDLP recorders.

So, MZ-NFxxx or whatever likely adds a major function because it adds another letter to the name. MY GUESS would be atrac3plus, in which case I'll likely avoid NF recorders like the plague. I like my current atrac3, thank you very much. Lower bitrates usually means lower sound quality, and crap on that man. I dunno, if they can still record and read normal MDLP, I'd consider one, but otherwise, no damn way.

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Just a guess, but the cycle in Japan for recorders is usually in the fall, so that might be done. The cycle in the US and Europe seems to be spring.

In recent years, due to differences in the geographic markets, the available models in different countries has become diverse. These could be springtime new models for the US and Europe. Could E mean Europe? For instance, virtually none of the AA battery only models has ever been marketed in Japan. The N505 and N707 are not available there. So far, in Japan, the only N models have been the N1 and the N10 (I speak only of Sony here). I suspect these will be updates to the US and European models that will have some of the features of the N10, but not others. The built-in LIon battery for instance might give way to a single AA with a bump, etc. There might be less focus on the extremely small size, which plays best in Japan. Who knows, perhaps the N10 will be a Japan only product and that is why it comes with Japanese only software, unlike the N1. Very interesting!

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what does 'NF' mean?

Well I guess from the new introductions of the new units, it appears that the F means that it is equipped with a tuner. But why they didn't stick with the G and call it an NG610 or NG810 is beyond me. Perhaps the tuner is different in some way than the previous units? The remote IS different I suppose.

So what does everybody think MZ-NExxx means?  Recorders that only have NetMD capability (no line/optical in), maybe?  I'm hoping NF means it supports high speed upload!

The NE does indeed appear to stand for NetMD downloading/recording but not "real" recording.

As for the N910 (?!) perhaps that will be the model the US gets instead of the N10?

But what Leland says makes the most sense of all the different models. Not all of them will be available everywhere, they will probably just be different models for different countries...

Roland M.

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