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Anyone in Sydney?

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I was looking through the computer section of the Sydney Morning Herald today, and I noticed an ad for Digital City which had an ad for the MZ-N1 going at AU$359. Since this unit has a RRP of AU$800, I immediately figured that it is a good deal. Now, I'm also quite sure that this is a typo - there is a picture of a 5xx series unit next to it, but since the ad doesn't make any disclaimer about mistakes, I believe they are legally bound to sell it as advertised. The specifications fortunately all are correct for the MZ-N1 smile.gif

I am probably going to go into the shop tomorrow and buy it, even though I can't afford it smile.gif. My basic plan is to ask to have a listen to it first, and then after I've had a bit of a play, then I'll say that I'll buy it and pull out the ad. Since it is a fairly serious mistake, I'm guessing that they are going to be pretty likely to want to back down, there might be a bit of persuasion needed.

Anyway, I'm posting this because it is likely that if I am indeed successful, then they will put out an official correction notice, which would mean that no one else can do it. Therefore, if you want an N1, then get in there quick smile.gif

For the ad, it is in the Icon section of today's (Saturday) paper, on one of the right hand pages in the bottom right corner.

Wish me luck - or stand in the shop while I'm there, so if I start accusing the shop of lacking integrity and failing to deliver their promises, you can act as if you aren't going to buy the Plasma screen TV from there as you planned to do smile.gif

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hehe...i'v also saw that ad and thought it was 2 good 2 b tru... tongue.gif

but i'v been 2 digital city and the last time i checked they didn't hav an N1 in stock... :x so i basically got it @ G&V Imagaing across the road instead...good deal that...if you show them the ad they mite giv it 2 u 4 that price.... :wink:

best of luck 2 ya!!! tongue.gif

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Doh. I was too late, when I went in there, I figured that I didn't want them to give me the 'out of stock' excuse, so I asked to do a sound test of it. I was just about to pull out my headphones and a disc, when she told me that if I had seen the ad in the paper then it was a misprint. I told her that I was quite keen on purchasing it at that price anyway smile.gif, but they had already put out the official apology, thus I didn't have any legal ground. Gah.

Looks like I'll be waiting another couple of years smile.gif

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I'm in Sydney! laugh.gif

I got my N1 from Hong Kong (a friend bought it on her way back to Sydney) for around A$620 in February. It really surprises me that Sony still sell it for A$899, although you could probably get it for A$750 if you looked around.

UBid in the US are selling the N505 for US$89 (around A$165). That is sooo cheap.

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