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Best headphones for $20-$30?

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Let me see...

Well, if you want to go low price (although I'd cap my limit at $50US if I were you) I'd suggest either the Sony MDR-EX71SL (in-ear phones) which cost about $40-$50 US.

Better than those would be the Sharp HP-MD33S, which sound a lot better than the EX71s (they don't have suppressed mids) but they are 4-pole when used as short-cord, so you can't use them with anything but Sharp units, unless you have the extension on, which switches them back over to 3-pole making them useful on any audio player. Audiocubes carries these for $39US.

If you're not into earbuds, things get a little more expensive, and others would be better at recommending them than I am since I only use in-ear earphones (regular 'phones mess up my hair). :grin:

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Well, I am not an audiophile type, I have fairly poor hearing, etc etc. That said, I have been really satisfied with my Koss UR20's. They are a full over the ear headphones and do a decent job of blocking out enviromental sound. The sound reproduction is good, to my limited hearing, and they are about $20.

As a side note, I read that the later versions of this series went to some cheaper components, and weren't as nice, until you get into the more expensive versions. I can't say anything about that one way or the other as I haven't used them!

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