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  1. @Azureal Great thank you! Message sent.
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for a simple portable MD player to use for road trips and the like. I also need to re-build my collection of blanks. For both blanks and player I'm not looking for rare, special or highly valuable. Just looking for simplicity. The MD portable doesn't even need to record. Just want something to play in the car.
  3. Hi Peter I'm interested in the $5 MD player. It's ok if it doesn't record but does it play back fine?

  4. I've been slimming down my vinyl collection to save $$. But before I sold them I recorded them to MD so I can still have a version with that vinyl sound. Anyone else have vinyl recordings on MD and want to trade? I have a few Led Zeppelin albums and some other things. I'm mostly looking for rock right now but am open to other things.
  5. I have some Led Zep live recordings. Though they are in circulation. Are you only looking for uncirculated original recordings?
  6. How cool! That's exactly what I was hoping for. I'll get in touch with them thanks. And Philipe if you can 3D print things, I would totally buy 3D printed PRMD cases from you! The other thing I might try is 200ft reel to reel boxes with a foam holding the disc in place.
  7. Thanks! I actually have a labeling system. What I'm asking is cooler cases. I want the labels to be bigger. I want the physical packaging to be bigger. I like the PRMD cases but they are hard to come by and pricey. So I was wondering if anyone has done anything interesting like modding a CD jewel case or something.
  8. I've been selling off my vinyl after recording them to conventional MD. I know the quality isn't equal but I wanted to keep a physical copy of the vinyl in some form. Anyway, I want to make cover art for them. But more than that I want a good sized presentation for the discs. I have those MD flip cases that are like mini jewel cases but I'd love to store them in something a little bigger. I was thinking of modding a normal MD case into a CD case so the cover art is a bit bigger but was wondering if anyone here has any creative solutions that they use? PRMD cases would be so cool b
  9. 1. How old were you when you first 'bought into' the format? 11 2. Do you still regularly use your very first player? I still have it and when I use MD, yes! 3. Do you regularly 'use' your items, or are some purely of interest as a 'collector'? I don't collect anymore. 4. Do you listen to 'new' music on your discs, or prefer to keep the format for music 'of the era'? I have an iPod for music and podcasts now, sorry:-( But I'm thinking of using my MD for audiobooks and radio shows. Most of these kinds of tracks are mono so if I record them that way, I can fit a lot of my MD. Wor
  10. Thanks for that. The volume wasn't the issue though. There were artifacts.
  11. I will probably still do that for my fav recordings but for having something to workout with or to download my podcasts, that isn't practical. I was hoping that the Hi-MD would combine my specialty dubbing audio world with my periodical podcast and audiobook world.
  12. That's sort of subjective. Digital out would give you the best sound. So a deck with optical out to a nice receiver with nice speakers will give you a better experience than an analog headphone jack. Technically if both the deck and the portable are Type-R the sound should be identical. The change in quality happens at the output stage.
  13. I might be wrong but I think I remember someone here mentioning that the pre-recorded albums are higher quality due to how they are manufactured.
  14. Perfect! Just snatched them up. Thanks for the link.
  15. I'm selling the pre-recorded cases. Those are taller. The PRMD ones are square.
  16. Hey all, Looking for these again. love the cases! Anyone have any PRMD blanks or just the cases that they want to part with? I'm buying. Send me a PM.
  17. zahne

    Is this legal?

    True that this is technically not legal. Though I don't see these Minidisc recordings impacting record sales. As long as he's not tricking anyone, this is a minimal infringement. Way worse things are happening on torrent sites and youtube and even then, not a lot of it is getting enforced. It doesn't impact the industry enough.
  18. Yeah I grant that. And I totally see that's why others stick with it. I just wish there was a Hi-MD that supported Mp3 well and AAC. Maybe if it stuck around longer, Sony would have introduced that.
  19. Thanks for the info. I already own a Synology server with DLNA, UPnP, SMB and other streaming abilities. They make a music app for Android and iOS that will allow me stream any file that ffmpeg supports. The same goes for video. It's essentially a VLC player I can play anywhere. It also supports streaming of video up to 4k (maybe 8k, I haven't tested), which I use for previewing projects shot in UHD. My point was that if the Hi-MD could reliably support Mp3 at the very least, nostalgia would win over anything else.:-) Between my PS Vita and my upcoming Nexus 4, I'm covered with format sup
  20. Hi there. Don't worry, this forum is not losing a member nor is it losing an MD user. I'm still in MD but I'm limiting myself to professional use. I've decided to go the way of the cloud for personal music listening. It was a tough choice to make but what it came down to is that what I really want is an RH1 and can't afford it so I'm offloading my music collection. I can't manage piles of standard MD music and the mp3 support on MZ-M100 isn't perfect. Here's my list: I have a few pre-recorded MDs left: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321085296687?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m
  21. That's interesting I once filmed a gig at a church near me (CT) and the soundboard/PA system was hooked into a MiniDisc system. That was only 2 years ago. I should check to see if they still have it or have any plans to get rid of it. It's what the used to record events and church services. I guess for places that need something but don't need the best thing. Just something that will last, MD is a great choice. It's not lossless but the deck still works, it's better than tape and you can constantly reuse the same MDs over and over.
  22. zahne

    Is this legal?

    I see MDs listed with music on them all the time. I even make labels like this myself. But still, I think the issue is how it's being presented. If it was listing blanks that happen to have music on them and happen to have home made labels, all of a sudden it's less of a big deal. As long as people understand they aren't buying the real thing, it's their money to waste. I don't think the music industry is going to get hit hard by a MiniDisc bootlegger. The only real issue is if he's getting money by duping people. If so, then he needs to be stopped.
  23. Hello all. I'm starting a new video series about media formats. I'm going to cover a different one each time. Laserdisc, Betamax, Super8mm and more. Since Sony's production of the minidisc is ceasing in March, I thought I'd cover the MD first. I've never been too happy with how the MD is portrayed in some written and filmed pieces. Don't get me wrong, my love of the format doesn't dilute me into thinking that it is somehow flawless. But I just think that coverage isn't as well researched as it could be. So I'm posting here asking for your help. Much of the content of this documentary
  24. Just out of curiosity, I'd be interested in hearing if people are currently using MDs for professional use in any capacity. HiMD or standard. While Sony is shutting down the assembly line, Tascam is still making MD decks and HHB is still making blanks. Pro users: are you a musician, journalist, audio engineer, filmmaker etc? I'll start this off. I'm a filmmaker and I've amassed a lot of media over the years. I used an HHB MDP unit (the one w/phantom power for shotgun mics) for live sound for a feature film I worked on. My group has since switched over to the Zoom line of recorders for
  25. Hmm, seems like if Hi-MD lasted longer it would have had a more unified and robust support system for these things. It got live through three gens but it probably needed one more gen to be really modern.
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