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  1. HiMD case for sale

    I am sorry, I don't drop by very often. The case has been sold to Enzo Heavenly, who I hope is enjoying it.
  2. I recently decided to sell a couple of items. Enzo expressed interest, kept good communication and paid promptly. I would deal with him again.
  3. HiMD case for sale

    I haven't been active here in awhile but there are still 4 or 5 threads in the Feedback forum attesting to my good character. I have this Sony branded carry case for sale. I bought it new and it rarely left the house. $15 shipped.
  4. New sealed Hi MD blanks for sale

    I have 13 NOS HiMD blanks for sale. Five are in a box and eight are loose. While I have not been active here there are still 4 or 5 threads in the Feedback forum that attest to my good character. I am looking for $12 each for these discs plus shipping. If you are in the US I would sell the lot for $160 shipped. If you are overseas and want these I would need to find actual shipping cost. Payment preferred is Paypal Friends and Family. If these end up being sold one or two at a time please be advised that they are not eligible for Media Mail rate as they are blank. Pm with any questions. Thanks.
  5. Hi MD 1GB Discs

    And responded.
  6. Hi MD 1GB Discs

    Hi Tim, I have been away for quite awhile. I have some 1 gig discs which I would sell for $15 per. I have a new box of 5 and 8 individual, all new unopened. I am in RI. Thanks, Tom
  7. HiMD discs for sale

    The three with larger cases (were those the 1st edition?) are sold. The rest are still available.
  8. HiMD discs for sale

  9. [WTB]: Hi-MD Minidisc Player Case

    PM sent.
  10. HiMD discs for sale

    I have not been using my minidiscs for awhile and want to sell these. While I haven't been active here for some time there are members who can vouch for me. The last item I sold was to Oroville, an MZM100. Anyway, I have 17 opened HiMD discs as pictured in the attachments. I am looking for $15/disc shipping included for CONUS. I will ship overseas but you will need to pay actual shipping. I accept Paypal but you need to pay the fees. Sorry for the double post.
  11. Bad experiences

    I have made 3-4 purchases in the fullness of time and each went smoothly. Pretty sure I entered feedback at the time. Recently, earlier this year, sold an MZM 100 and that went smoothly also. Feedback was entered at the time. I think if you see the time as a member and follow people's posts you should be able to identify reliable people here.
  12. Gumstick battery for an MZ-E25

    (Edit, that's MZ-E25) I was rummaging through some of my stuff today and came up with the box that the 1st player I ever bought came in. No idea where the unit is but the box and manual are intact. I also have the gumstick battery and charger that came with. The battery is marked 1.2V 600mAH, can I assume it won't work in any other MD unit?
  13. I Just Bought a Sharp MD-MS702 mk

    I have an IM-DR420H(S) which I have always enjoyed the sound of. I don't know if I'd characterize the sound as better than Sony but I definitely enjoy it for being different.
  14. Feedback for oroville

    I recently sold a player to ororville. Communication was clear and timely, don't hesitate to deal with this fine gentleman.
  15. MZ-RH10 Looking to buy

    I have an MZ-M100 I would consider parting with. It is complete with original packaging. Send me a PM>