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  1. Dear Sir, what do you mean by not working? Does it produces any sound? or is it too tiny? Sorry to ask, but did you connect to the right cable? or do you press the right button? Because sometimes u need to press pause & rec at the same time to get the recorder to trigger, before any sound is being outputed to the monitor ( heaphones and what else ), then press pause again to start recording. Thanks
  2. Hey, I just wondering if anyone has opinion in regards to recording music from PC to MD Recorder in Hi-SP. How much does using analog 3.5 cables compares to optical? Also how does recording quality differs from older MZ-N series to the MZ-NH and MZ-RH If anyone can give some description on that? Thanks Kris
  3. err, i mean the download windows pops up, but never show progress, then soon after it said download failed. To be honest I havent try again since i already got the files tho... it might be just a fluke in the network connection. anyhow... i didnt use SS that much, i mainly record directly from line in.
  4. the download fails to even start, it always timed out.
  5. my win10 is 64bit. last time i checked the download section, i wasnt successful, coz maybe there is a glitch or something, the download always failed halfway. so i had to resort to different method. if the download is working, i dont see any reason to go hunting at torrent. thanks.
  6. Hay! lucky you RH1 owner! I daily use my RH910 by recording from my phone / radio either or using good quality 3.5 to 3.5 cable. try getting the shortest 3.5mm cable you can find. i notice the shorter the better sound quality wise. If your hifi system are posh enough it might even sports a TOSLink Port, then u can use optical cable to record the stuff ( which is awesome in terms of SQ) I used regular minidisc, and set recording at HiSP it gave me roughly 2 hours. which i rarely use em all. at most 1 hour worth of record. Dont worry about track splitting, the unit does it for u automatically, and if it doesnt split the songs as u like em, u can always edit them later, directly on your unit with out needing to use a PC. Later if u find the song u want to keep, just make sure it was split the right way, then delete all the unwanted tracks, after a while u will end up with a disc almost full with your fav tunes, that is when u connect it to the PC, download it to your PC, re arrange them, then burn them back to a disc, label them and put in your shelfs or do what ever you wish with them. then pop a fresh blank to your player, wash, rinse n repeat Welcome to the MD recording club
  7. For me it reminds me of a cassette recorder, i can record anything anytime, unlike CDs which somehow seems to be very complicated. I used to record morning radio shows on cassettes, now since i have rh910, i have been using that one instead. For me, the trade offs between having a solid state player ( flash based ) larger capacity, easy format (mp3) compared to the ability to switch discs and stone age simple recording, track split and editing is very worth it. I wont be taking my rh910 for 2 week trips, ( my Cowon D2 ) will do that for me, but as my daily player the rh910 makes perfect sense. Record the morning show on MD while showering n getting ready for work, then listen it on my way to office. 30 minutes to 1 hour worth of recording at Hi-SP does it for me. i use regular MD discs. i keep the one i like, and over write the others. wash rinse and repeat awesome i say.
  8. hmmm i used RH910, and win10 detects it immediately, no driver required. have u tried installing SS4.3? Its available on torrent.
  9. Dear sir, Do you reckon having an MZ-NH700 as a back up for the MZ-RH910 a wise decision? if so, how much are u asking for it? I'm pretty well of for my fellow 3rd world countrymen, but laughably poor for western world standard. so yeah, i'll give it a shot, how much? I swear i wont be reselling them its for my own personal collection. Thank you
  10. I*m from indonesia, perhaps the only owner of MZ-RH910 here. Heck perhaps im the only person who have a working HI MD unit in the whole country. Minidisc of any kind is never officially sold here in my country. I bought mine second hand and that almost cost me my entire month salary ( unit only ) Then i spend some more to get the remote RM MC33EL and gumstick batteries. I'm tempted to make my own gumstick battery charger using old nimh AA charger. I would like to find another MZ-RH series... which i can afford and perhaps minidisc blanks... againt not readily available here. I would buy one or take it if anyone selling or giving away their MZ-RH ( or any HiMD for that matter ) i will pay for packing and shipping of course... heck, i'll buy you lunch for your effort if u want it. To be honest being an employee at 3rd world country i only make laughable amount of cash ( 500USD a month ) LOL... so yeah please if anyone feels like selling them or giving em away. i wont resell it ever. it would be on my display, connected to my stereo system or my headphones. My other player is Sony D-NE1, its been with me since 2003, alive and kicking.
  11. I installed Sonic stage 4.3 on win10 and my newly acquired MZ-RH910 detects and ran without issue. Try getting the sonic stage on torrrent.
  12. Im sorry but the download link doesnt seems to be working properly. Thank you Krs