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  1. congratulations stuge, you have a keeper.
  2. What have you just bought?

    Looks like Santa came earlier this time LG Scarlet 42"
  3. What's up with the Audio-T-Station?

    those are bad news
  4. What have you just bought?

    My brand new psp slim and MPO plus ...the other one belongs to my brother.
  5. I have mine stored for months, it has suddendly stopped to work at all I think the battery is dead. I will try to get a new battery and perhaps sell my E10... btw nice pics.
  6. DH10P dying

    Try the player in the charger stand without battery.
  7. MZ-RH1 removed from Sony Style USA Website

    this means that my hope for a HiMD car unit is meaningless?...
  8. What have you just bought?

    I bought this couple: Sony Ericsson Z550 and memory stick micro M2...
  9. MiniDisc of 3.6GB?

    who is the source of this rumour?
  10. MZ-E10 and RM-MC40ELK compatable?

    The MZ-E10 has a special remote port which doesn't even have a headphone jack, so there is just two remote for this player: RM-MC33ELU RM-MC35ELKU [attachmentid=2148]
  11. PlayStation 3

    perhaps the PS3's operating system has some limitations, but we would have to see what happen when the PS3 has linux as OS.
  12. United Colors of Benetton MD

    good find!... now I want to see a Dolce & Gabbana md please
  13. 15Th Minidisc aniversary in 2007

    Gapless has been available since 1992!... and for the anniversary, Sony should release: a portable recorder (RH1+), a portable player (EH1+), a HiMD deck (something like the MD-105FX) and as a bonus surprice a HiMD car unit (MDXF5800+)
  14. MZ-EH70

    I dont think so, the EH70 is a player only so the menu structure would be like my EH1. For example; with the remote's button DISPLAY pressed for 2 sec the menu will show -MAINPMODE>NORMAL>GROUP>BOOKMARK>PROGRAM -USEFUL>SPEEDCTRL -OPTION>MENU MODE>AVLS>BEEP>BACKLIGHT>DISC MEM>QUICKMODE I tested it with the remote mc38el and it didnt show any option to change language.
  15. Home Audio - not portable

    check this excellent review: http://www.sharoma.com/minidisc/reviews.htm#onkyo