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  1. 1. Yes, the Portadisc will read any minidisc recorded in MONO or SP by your MDS-302. 2. The MDS-302 can only record in MONO, or SP, that stands for STEREO, in this case. 3. Recording via USB does not require SonicStage, but any free software like Audacity. 4. Yes, Audacity (or any equivalent software) will export the recordings to WAV.
  2. Yes, I bought Pierre's W1 I contacted him by email, at the address that you made public.
  3. I bought a deck from Pierre - machine has arrived in perfect condition. We also had a nice conversation on the advantages of mono vs stereo. PS I let you guess what deck model I chose
  4. Deck has arrived in time, very well packaged. Looks like new, and operates perfectly. I am delighted with this deal. Thank you Peter.
  5. PM sent.
  6. Yes, and yes. The MDS-W1 is even more versatile than this. You can do lossless copies of all, or selected, tracks from disc to disc. In other words, you can create a "mix-tape" disc, with various tracks selected from different source discs. The resulting "mix-tape" disc will contain the same defragmented data as if it had been recorded directly and sequentially. And lossless copy is performed at 4x speed. The MDS-W1 has many other unique features. You can copy from disc B to disc A. You can also chain disc A and disc B while recording, or playing, effectively doubling the maximum recording time, with optional 10mn overlap between the discs. the MDS-W1 also has a convenient and versatile builtin timer, that controls recording on boths decks. Believe me, this machine is a must have for editing minidiscs. PS Morei em São Paulo de 1983 a 1986
  7. I am sorry but PhilippeC's idea will _not_ solve your problem. What causes the problem is data fragmentation on disc, created by repeated editing. Whether the TOC is flushed to disk or not will not change the resulting data layout. This is why a dual disc deck, MDS-W1 or Denon MD Replicator, is required. These machines defragment data during the lossless copy from disc A to disc B. Data is written sequentially on disc B, without holes, as if newly recorded and never edited.
  8. This is a terrible limitation indeed. I have opted for sfbp's option 3, and yes, the Sony MDS-W1 fixes the problem. As does the Denon DN-045R.
  9. I am Alsatian in Summer Feel free to send me a PM if you want my personal details. (Looks like I cannot PM you, BTW)
  10. I live in Toulouse.
  11. An old gadget I am still using: my Loewe Opta Venus Stereo radio receiver, built in Germany in 1959 ! And I have also connected the sound output of my satellite radio decoder to the AUX input of the Venus, to listen to Radio France Internationale, that is not available in FM in continental France, outside of Paris. Here is a link presenting the Venus Stereo (in Italian): Enjoy!
  12. I fully agree. I could not have expressed it better. The MXD-D3 is a wonderful unit for ATRAC 4.5 lovers.
  13. Yes it will. Lossless copy with the W1 requires a writable source disc.
  14. The Disc->Disc 1Tr Move function will not work with pre-recorded MDs, because it requires a writable source disc. You still have two options: 1. you can do a digital copy from deck A to deck B by selecting A-MD input on deck B, 2. or an analog copy by selecting ANALG A-MD input on deck B. Then: 1. play the pre-recorded disck on deck A, and record on deck B, 2. copy the track names one by one with Disc->Disc Name Copy on deck A. User manual is available at
  15. Sorry, I have no idea. Once thing I know, is that LIP-4WM batteries are pricey, and age too fast, when AA batteries are cheap and reliable.