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Enable loading of Net MD Drivers in Windows 8

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Hi all,

If you are having problems with SonicStage running in Windows 8 then try this:-

I downloaded NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista Version 1.1 (NETMD760.zip) and installed the enclosed files in a folder which I called driver within the SonicStage folder.

I then re-ran the SonicStage installer until I hit the problem of driver installation caused by Driver Signature Enforcement.

I then carried out the following actions, details are below:-

- How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement -

- To enable loading of Net MD Driver -
(Do Not Connect MD device yet!)
You may wish to print this.

1. Open the Charms Bar in Windows 8 and select “Settings”
2. Select “Change PC Settings”
3. Select “General”
4. Scroll to the bottom of the General page and select “Restart

Now” under “Advanced Start-Up”
5. Once the PC screen returns, select “Troubleshoot”
6. Select “Advanced Options”
7. Select “Start-Up Settings”
8. Select the Restart button:
9. Press F7 key. This disables Driver Signature Enforcement, which

will allow you to install your MD driver. After pressing the F7 key,

your computer will reboot:

After rebooting, log in as normal and open up Device Manager.

1. Connect your MD device via USB cable to Computer , this causes Device Manager to auto refresh
2. Go to Other Devices/unknown device (this will become your Net MD Device)
3. Right click on unknown device
4. Click "Update Driver Software"
5. Click "Browse my computer for driver software"
6. Click "Browse" and direct browser to the location of your driver
i.e in my case it's C:Program Files (x86)SonicStagedriver
as I put the driver files in their own folder.
7. Click "Next"
8. A security notice should pop up
9 . Click on "Install software anyway"
10 Job Done! driver should now be installed...................

As a final check go to Devices and Printers Folder and check your device appears listed in the Unspecified section.

Hope this is useful to you..........


Brighton Bear

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Thanks B.B. for taking time to post such clear instructions!

After years of using Win XP mode in Windows 7 to use Sonic Stage, I just found instructions elsewhere today to get it running in Win 7 / 64 bit.

Good to know I can carry Sonic Stage into Windows 8 too, when I move there.

I guess Simple Burner is a lost cause on anything beyond XP?

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Hey Brighton Bear, thats brilliant!

I was just about to give up having Sonic Stage work on my new Vaio. (Windows 8 with Classic Shell) Now I have it working fine with the Ultimate version talking nicely with an MZ N1.

Great stuff!

Merry Christmas,


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