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  1. Thank you for the info. I didn't know what price to ask, so I got a ballpark number from eBay and asked a little less. I figured I'd get an even lower offer and then compromise. I wasn't trying to make a huge profit but $2.50 apiece is considerably less than I paid for them new. I think I'll hold on to them for now. Again thanks for the feedback.
  2. Sorry I should have thought about the "trade" part more carefully before posting the ad. Through a forum like this there would be so much back-and-forth required to make a deal that it would drive me nuts. As for price I'm asking $20 plus whatever Pay Pal charges in fees per disk. If you're really interested and would like me to post a photo (to prove I actually have the goods, I suppose) let me know.
  3. Yes, it is. Is your inquiry legit?
  4. I have 18 of these, unopened, all genuine Sony 1GB. 15 are in translucent poly slip cases, 3 are in the wide hinged jewel cases. I have a portable Hi-MD recorder but I record almost everything at SP for compatibility with my MD deck. We can discuss cash or trade.
  5. Thanks B.B. for taking time to post such clear instructions! After years of using Win XP mode in Windows 7 to use Sonic Stage, I just found instructions elsewhere today to get it running in Win 7 / 64 bit. Good to know I can carry Sonic Stage into Windows 8 too, when I move there. I guess Simple Burner is a lost cause on anything beyond XP?
  6. I don't know about all hi-md units, but my rh1 and rh10 both do. The rh1 has that wierd eject button that's always being pushed accidentally, and it has no title on the main unit display. The RH10 has quirky buttons, my volume up sometimes invokes search mode, and the next track / last track misbehaves, too. I really only use my RH10 for recording through the USB cable, which means I don't need to use the buttons at all. What a pain.
  7. craigslist is a great place to shop for md. i've bought a couple of r700s and 4 decks, all at good prices, almost all in excellent condition. one of the units (an s38) shows some wear, but works perfectly. i routinely do a craigslist search for "mini disc" minidisc, minidisk, etc. i have a portable hi md unit but hardly ever use hi-md. i mostly use that unit for multi-disc sets, audio books, etc. for routine use i prefer my nf-610 or one of the r700s. btw, i mostly record directly from original cd's using sp... sounds great and playable in any unit.
  8. I have an MZ-RH10 and I don't think it's one of their better units. The display is the best of any MD, but the buttons on the unit have always been a problem. Pushing the volume up initiates a search, there are also quirks with the "stop". I have had good luck buying used minidisc from Craigslist, the advantage being you can actually see and try the gear before you buy it. Good luck with your search.
  9. I find that the RH-1 is more prone to disk noises as well. In particular I have a couple of Fuji 80 min minidiscs that make a heck of a racket in the RH-1 but not my other minidisc devices, so much so that I can only use those 2 or 3 disks in my other recorders. Maybe clearances are tighter in those disks, and the spindle is off-center? I've never worried about it because most disks work fine.
  10. Riccardo

    Pie in the Sky

    Probably a good task for the summer hire. :-)
  11. I also hope your battery isn't dead already. Sony reaps a pretty penny from the LIP-4WM. Cheapest I've found is $49.99 from Audiocubes. The battery is one of my main gripes with the RH1 (the other being too much dependence on the remote for display and functionality.) I also don't like the way the charging count-down only brings the battery to 80% full, to top it off requires manually timing the rest of the charge cycle with no indication, two hours I believe according to the instructions.
  12. Agree with all your points. I would add to disappointments the rediculous price of a replacement battery. Display of RH10 makes it a better unit for playback. RH1 is a nice unit overall, though. Uploads SP and MDLP tracks perfectly, and it's pretty fast to boot.
  13. I just checked the B&H web site, and I see the MZ-RH1 is listed as being back in stock. I also notice that J&R (from whom I have always bought my minidisc units and accessories in the past) isn't listing the MZ-RH1 at all, and both the MZ-RH10 and 910 are "temporarily out of stock." That's disappointing.
  14. Sorry, I checked just before I posted the note, and they were still in stock then. They must've just run out. Wouldn't hurt to contact them via email. I wrote them back in early June, asking whether they were planning to stock the MZ-RH1 at all and they responded promptly. Wouldn't hurt to let them know there's still keen interest in the product.
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