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Sony MDS JE510 unusual eject problem

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When I say "the old interlock problem" (I know Kevin is lurking about my obscure comments), I have (like most of us?) seen the difficulty which it's quite easy to get a portable into, if it gets stuck or loses power when the OWH is engaged ( and therefore we are/were recording something ). I have, perhaps incorrectly, assumed that this situation with the OWH bent is a comparable one, kind of like someone who gets arrested, arms-behind-the-back, getting stuck so because the arresting officer and the arrestee managed to have a struggle where the shoulder (of the latter) got dislocated. In that case, the (very painful) cure is for someone, chiropractor-like, to jerk the shoulder back into its socket.

(as an aside) I always thought it funny that ordinary doctors seem to know how to do this manoeuvre even though the majority of the medical profession doesn't believe in proper "osteopathy" and calls it "bone crunching" in an effort to dissuade the public from using/receiving chiropractic/osteopathic services or manipulations.

So yes, there is a risk that getting everything back to normal will cause something to break. The alternative is stripping down and reassembling everything, which most of us cannot begin to do. Jonathan's description of how to twirk the poor MD drive's shoulder seems an apt metaphor - you have to bend it well beyond its normal position expectation to break the interlock holding it in an impossible position.

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I don't know, never been arrested.

But joking aside, I got you. True it is easy to mess up an MDM-3.

What exactly went wrong on his 510 - I really cannot tell without seeing the machine - too many things to watch out for when disassembling/assembling such a drive.

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