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  1. So many good points-kudos all! I just want to share my small 2 cents, as I am also a recent convert to Minidisc (late 2007 to jump in is, well, a little late!). My dad is a working jazz musician in Kansas, so i grew up around all sorts of live music, and an enormous jazz collection of records from the 50's and 60's of great music. I was never allowed to play with the Reel-To-Reel, but I still clearly remember the day he bought a Technics cassette deck. I would spend gleeful hours cueing up the records after cleaning them, running the loud sections to make sure the record level wasn't too high (especially if I wasn't using cro2 or metal tape) and making mixes of my favorite sections or albums to play in my walkman. It was an experience I truly enjoyed. After leaving the nest, I went on into computers and for years downloaded or burned music onto hard drive upon hard drive. At different parts of my life I've had all the music I've ever wanted or cared for in digits. It gave me a blase' attitude about something I used to have a cherished memory of. It truly bcame a disposable thing to me--McMusic, if you will. Cue 2007, and my dad sent me his old panasonic solid-state receiver (back when EVERYTHING was made of steel and wood ) and a decent turntable. I began to remember what it was about albums and recorded music that I loved so much. I tried looking for a good cassette deck, but if you think good Minidisc players are rare... That's when I came across some small mention of minidisc on an album forum I was reading at the time. It was exactly what I was looking for-an elegant sloution to creating portable copies of the record collection I have been amassing. That also sounds great. Oh, and is durn cool looking. And waay more portable. Y'all know what Im talkin aboot. I found an MDS-JE780 on my local cragslist with 120+ minidiscs to go with, and I've been happily recording ever since. No need for fancy sound cards, or optical outs (although I'm sure I'll be heading that way soon too), or music mastering software. that and I am no longer a pirate on the high bittorrent seas. I'm supporting bands I like by buying vinyl, hunting down rares and spending an afternoon mastering them to minidisc to play in my portables. Eh, it's a hobby! Someone mentioned in a post earlier about curmudgeoniness, and I suppose there's a bit of that going on, but I'm regulating my computer where I think it belongs-mostly away from my music collection (I have to admit I am a bit of a Magnatune junkie, but thats what the NetMD interface is for).
  2. Thanks! I'm thinking I want to stay with NetMD/MDLP portables, just because I don't need HiMD at the moment and I don't want compatibility issues with my home deck. I've had MP3 players, and waay to much music on an external HD. It's too overwhelming to have that much music--one to two albums is just fine for me on a piece of removable media. I am wondering though when I record on my 780 on S, if its ATRAC-1 or ATRAC3 type S--the manual doesn't specify if its all modes or just LP2/LP4... EDIT-No, they aren't physically write protected--the TRprotection is listed in the manual and specifys that this error is caused by the uploading from SonicStage. I'm betting I can clear them with SonicStage, but I won't know until I install SonicStage and play with it.
  3. Hello all! I wasn't sure where exactly to post this, but I tend to ramble... I purchased this unit last night for 80 dollars, and it came with 128+ 74 min discs and 20+ 80 min discs, mostly all of obscure(to me) japanese pop bands. I am pretty late to the minidisc scene, but I've been looking for something to record LP's and radio broadcasts and it works great for that. I haven't tried to upload anything with the NetMD yet as I don't currently have sonicstage installed. I do have a few newb questions though. 1. Some of the discs give the error "TRProtected", which with this deck, one can not eraseall these. AM i able to clear these discs through sonicstage, or are they forever going to be Christina Aguilera? 2. What would be a good portable to go with this deck? I'd like a recording model, not just a player. I was browsing the ones in the equipment lists, but its amazingly overwhelming to me! My only desires would be that it takes standard batteries (AA, AAA) and could play the same modes the deck can record in (sp, lp2, lp4). So far, I love this deck! I made a copy of my new Gogol Bordello LP in realtime SP. This deck shows the limit of my LP system--I can hear the rumble of my old Kenwood's DD motor in the black space! I just wish I'd have jumped on board years ago, but better late than never!
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