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  1. Stripping the BOM, stripping the BOM. Kmart sucks. Wopners on.

  2. 4 queries down, one to go. I fee like this would be going smoother if I didn't have to stop every other minute to sneeze my arse off.

  3. Loving the new faceyspace so far. The ticker is a nice touch.

  4. newegg came through with the replacements. sandybridge love and 150fps on most Steam games.

  5. allright, calc3 ppls, was that test as easy as I thought it was?

  6. I can't believe my eldest daughter turns 15 today!

  7. Finally figured out a simple way to get rid of my global variables, thanks to Michael Vanderberg! It was definitely a DUH moment.

  8. where have you BEEN all my life, StringBuffer?!

    1. sfbp


      Hidin' in a cuppa Java?

  9. While waiting for my RMA returns, I have my macbook and monitor set up dual screen style. What I previously mocked, I must now acknowledge as really frikken useful. Sigh.

  10. One can order the whole assembly direct from sony : https://servicesales.sel.sony.com/ecom/accessories/web/productSearch.do?sessionId=d2gkCUVtQ_gWgfYo9DUnDyH X-2055-677-1 OP SERVICE ASSY (ABX-UJ) (including HR601(OVER WRITE HEAD)) Evidently though it isn't as simple as buying the part and inserting it, is it?
  11. Negative - no writey, just blankey. It will read any MD (usually), just won't burn 'em.
  12. yeah - mine just did the same thing. Will blank and format a standard MD, will not read or format my Hi-MD disk. on attempting to record, will spin while displaying "system file writing" until I unplug it. If it is hosed, are the parts even available to repair and align the laser? Or am I better off using it as an Hi-MD paperweight?
  13. HDMI signals are encrypted and unable to be recorded. There is a lot of flack going on surrounding HDMI. See: http://www.audioholics.com/news/industry-news/aacs-hdmi-kill-component-2010 Also: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20100919/01441511070/intel-threatens-to-use-the-dmca-against-anyone-who-uses-the-hdcp-crack.shtml
  14. as an aside, when did you come out of retirement Stephen? No longer a retired mod I see
  15. Interesting! Well, from 120k on up (the only mp3 I have) it sounds equal to hiSP on my 910 (All hiSP I do is ripped from CD to the player via MD simple burner). So, from a completely anecdotal stance I can tell little difference. I was looking for what sfbp is asking for as well-some spec sheet or somesuch detailing a problem with mp3 playback in md walkmans capable of mp3 playback, intentful or otherwise. At this stage of the game its a somewhat moot point, but it may sway me one way or the other to jump hoops to get my digi collection into ATRAC format for my MD players.
  16. I read this assertion in another thread and am wondering what the basis for this is-that mp3 playback on mp3 capable HiMD units is hobbled or poorer than an equivalent (?) player. I am unable to use SS at the moment and have been doing all transfer of music using Hi-MD transfer on my mac. Most of my digitized music is in FLAC or mp3 format. What FLAC I have I usually convert to MP3 for easy transfer. If there was an easy linux or mac solution for ripping FLAC to ATRAC I'd be all over it, but as it is mp3 is all i got. Any truth to it? I would assume ATRAC sounds better on minidisc as I think it sounds better in general. I guess what I'm asking roundabout is did Sony cripple mp3 playback for the express reason of pushing ATRAC?
  17. Ya, well, that is both a good and bad news. I wouldn't mind being a guinea pig on "generic" batteries, as it may be the only route here soon. Plus, most of those places like "Batteries Plus" carry versions of any and all batteries.
  18. I am wanting to pick up some spare gumsticks for my RH90 and my RH910. In the RH910 is a Sony NH10WM. I can find NH14WMs for sale on Amazon. They LOOK the same, but I am not sure they are interchangeable. I did a search on here but came up with nothing. I put this here in HiMD as I am really interested in the 910 firstly, but if this needs to be moved somewhere else feel free to mods. Thanks!
  19. It could also be head drift on the MD unit I would think
  20. I am about in the same boat-I have an iPhone that I use as a laptop replacement/phone/Pandora/Magnatune/game machine etc... but I still use my minidiscs for jogging/biking, in the car, etc. It is still the battery life, ease of use, and good sound. I don't think I'll ever buy another style of music player that does exclusively music (unless its another hi-md unit).
  21. Very cool! A lot has changed since I last tried this on Ubuntu. I'm running Debian Lenny now, so am very excited to try this out once there is a package up or the git repo is working again.
  22. I would settle for open sourcing the encryption on the players as well as the ATRAC formats so someone can design a proper SonicStage and/or some firmware updates.
  23. Lately I have been using a lot of hi-SP through simple burner or direct recording. Seems very decent.
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