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  1. is enjoying the joys of the "this" keyword in java.

  2. Please, friends. I know there is a plethora of diverse political opinions out there about this and that, but if you are a citizen with a job and a house and a mortgage that you are current on, take some time to actually think what it would be like if your T-arm shot up 30% on the interest rate. Could you cover your mortgage? Just because you have a job doesn't mean the people who don't are deadbeats. Nor does it mean that if you are young and in the streets that you are a pot-smoking hooli...

  3. done with tomorrows homework before 6pm? whaaaaa???!!!

  4. I don't know what to feel right now. The video of the cop flashbanging the group of people trying to pick up a 2 tour marine off the pavement after he was either shot with a rubber bullet or a tear gas grenade is causing so much rage inside me.

  5. I still use the minidisc even though I have an Iphone and a computer with plenty of music on it, but I honestly hate iTunes much much more than sonicstage in terms of a software manager for music. I have attempted to sit down several times and throw some music onto the darn phone, but never manage to do it. Also, the times I have had music on it, it has a tendency to "butt-play" in my pocket, usually in the middle of a teachers lecture, etc. It also kills my battery, which is no bueno. communication>music on the phone. I am no audiophile, but with LP2 and a Type-S deck (recorded 1:1) and 20 dollar headphones I can hear the tape-hiss of the original mastertape on some recordings. Cymbal crash sounds proper. Perhaps it just sounds more "analogue-y" to me, which is what I grew up with. It is also just one of the most versatile things I have ever used. I can throw a disc in with music on it, pop a mic in and record a lecture, and store all of my homework on the same disk! It's not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it does exactly what I need it to do with a minimum of fuss.
  6. I think I way overthought that test harness. Either that or I am way underthinking it, I suppose. I don't think I'm just regular thinking it.

  7. Well, it is certainly good to know it is an adjustment issue. I will send a PM forthwith.
  8. now what, facebook? Where am I?

  9. Well, thank you all for listening to my pity party Ironic - I got the 910 out to see if anything had changed. Plays ok, still fails at formatting the only 1G disk I have, just spins and spins and spins. HOWEVER, I stuck a basic 74min disc in, and it formatted right up! I haven't tried recording to it yet. I am not too sure what this means - do the 1G disks sometimes just give up the ghost?
  10. My bad, its a JE780 Its a great type S deck. I'll keep on looking, then. Silly Sony and their stupid killing off of minidisc.
  11. My brief foray into Hi-MD was cut short by my MZ-RH910 failing at recording. It will still play a disk (usually), but at the moment it just sits in my drawer ignored. I record exclusively these days 1:1 from optical out on my computer to either LP2 or sometimes SP (depending on mood, # of albums I have of the artist, etc) to my JE780. I listen to these albums on either my beat up N-510 or a DN430. I also have a couple of S1s that I don't use very often because of bulkiness and that they aren't type S. I feel like LP2 is "good enough" and the amount I can store on a disk at MDLP type sizes is decent as well (160 minutes on an 80 minute, or 148 on a 74). I don't know how much use I would have for uploading onto my computer. If I ever do start recording live music, that seems to be the only decent use for a Hi-MD unit (being able to upload the music I record, but this could also be done using audio in and Audacity). I guess my waffling here is that Hi-MD units are getting very scarce, and when they do show up command money as if they were brand new. Even the decent MDLP units are going for a lot more money these days. Am I better off investing that kind of money in Hi-MD units, or snatching up type S mdlp units, seeing as I never will record in Hi-SP modes to keep as much backward compatibility with the few players out there?
  12. Yeah I don't believe SS knows what a FLAC is I use foobar2000 and a TOSLINK cable to record FLAC to SP 1 to 1. This, of course, assumes you have optical out on your computer.
  13. Well, no chantrelle love (or, rather the chanrelles we found were juuust poking up), but lots of slippery jacks and puffballs.

  14. Oh, that was dangerous information to give out I see money loss in my future
  15. How in the world do you buy off of the japanese auction sites? I can't get through the registration part without a japanese zip code.
  16. I do as well. Right now, my favorite little unit is my R90. It's not type r, or MDLP, but it sounds awesome. The only thing it loses out on vs my iPhone is that its noisy when switching tracks . Funny enough, I really can't hear that noise when I'm using my good earbuds, only when I'm using the junky ones that came with my phone. Best sounding earbuds for 30 bucks I've found at the local "everything" store? Sony. Why, sony? You still support CDs, and they're dead for the same reasons minidiscs are... Sigh.
  17. homework finally done for tomorrow. Sleep ++.

  18. capital F failed that Calculus exam. Forgot how to determine the length of a curve 10 minutes after I studied it, couldn't simplify a magnitude to find T(t), had no clue how to even begin the "fun" problem. Depending on my grade, I may be dropping the minor. :(

  19. Ha ha, sleep. You lose!

  20. Verified working with NetMD760 drivers, SonicStage 4.3 ultimate, and Sony MDS-JE780 on Win7 Pro 64bit. Working great, in fact! SS isn't crashing every 2 minutes
  21. Beware with comcast. For some light reading look here: http://www.ozymandias.com/the-day-comcast%E2%80%99s-data-cap-policy-killed-my-internet-for-1-year
  22. Yeah, I waffled on this when my Hi-MD player bit the dust, and my wife ran over my good N510 I still have the JE780 that records like a champ, and 100+ blanks. I have an iphone that I just never seem to throw much music onto, although I listen to pandora a lot. I finally got a computer with optical out, so I'm using foobar to record or streaming pandora onto disks with LP4. I need to track down some type S player units. I debate whether to get back into Hi-MD. I think if I do it will only be with an RH1.
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