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  1. Great thanks I had to remove then reinstall SStage for it to work. Something wasn't right it wouldn't let me upload any Hi-MD or NetMD material. Once the reinstall went through it worked like a charm. And yeah you're right, the MZ-RH1 is a little expensive now. I just got another one off Ebay for $440 AUD. It's like an addiction:):)
  2. Thanks for the tips. JMSLA hit the nail on the head puurfectly. I've had this problem slowly, and progressively becoming a really pain in the neck. I even considered taking to the Sony Repair shop!! This filled me with a sense of dread due to the huge bill I knew would follow:( Thanks
  3. coral

    Xitel DG2

    I formatted an 8o minute MD with SS. I then set the MZ-RH1 to record at Hi-SP. I used the Xitel DG2 to record music off the internet with the MZ-RH1. After finishing recording, I tried to upload my recording to SS. The SS wouldn't upload this music onto my desktop pc. aNY IDEAS WHY?
  4. coral

    Xitel DG2

    I have recorded music from a website onto on 'normal' MD in Hi-SP on my MZ-RH1. Now that I have the music on a disc I've tried to transfer it to SS and it wont let me place the music on my hard drive or into SS. Any comments?
  5. coral

    Xitel DG2

    I am wondering if anyone here uses the Xitel DG2 for recording from their computer. I have had trouble trying to get Windows XP to start recording. Any help?
  6. Hi I don't know if you sorted out the status screen problem yet. I have an MZ-DH10P also and can tell you for sure that the screen is supposed to stay on for more than the few seconds you have. I suspect that something is wrong. This definitely doesn't happen with mine. If you add a remote with led display though you could forget the screen and use what info is on the remote. This doesn't fix it but a least it will save on battery life. If you take it to a shop it will more than likely cost more than the device is worth, this I've encountered more than a few times repairing minidiscs. Sorry I can't give any more clarity to you on this:)
  7. i have the cradle you need to sell here in aus. it will only charge through the cradle
  8. These guys are right you cant transfer without the MZ-RH1 Minidisc, unfortunately. But you can record with a music recording program. I use Music Studio 3. It is available from Ashampoo. This has been a very handy program for copying through the computer for me:)
  9. coral

    FS: MZ-N10

    I have a used MZ-N10 for sale. I would like $100 AUD for it. If anyone out there is interested. It comes with the charging stand and usb cable.
  10. I am wishing to buy this remote control from somebody. I have for sale a charging cradle for a MZ-N10 also
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