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  1. i have found a updated link to my unit http://www.japan-direct.com/amf80.htm
  2. I have asked a friend of mine from Japan to find out at a local level what this error means and hopefully get my unit fixed it cant be that bad i would have thought as it was working fine and despite the unit's age has had very little use no more than 12 hours at the most
  3. many thanks Jim i have sent you a pm I think we need to find out what that NO ADJ error code means first as without getting that fixed in what is a very unused player despite it's age it wont be much point in getting a new battery for it
  4. Many thanks that is indeed where i went wrong.
  5. i still have no sound from these converted files. According to the files they are in all of the file formats as described in the himdrenderer052 softwahere pcm/lame/ ogg/oma on my computer and as i say there is no sound coming from any of them on any of my media players players winamp .sonic stage/ windows media/ quick time/i tunes/ vlc running on windows 7 64bit ultimate The sound is working on all of my other music files so I'm guessing that i have not completed the process correctly ? Hopefully someone will be able to help me to get to understand this software better
  6. many thanks i have found them and have recorded from my mini disc player to the desktop. Now do these files need any further work on them ? as they do not have any sound to them i recorded them as in the default pcm .wav and as i say are now on the desk top ?
  7. Having just downloaded the software again i am now just missing NETDAPI.DLL ONLY does anyone know where this file may be found ? thanks
  8. well i have downloaded this file but it cant find the MD library files for some reason i also installed your sonic stage is there a guide that i could follow ? i have looked for these NetMDAPI.DLL and NetMUSB.DLL but they are not to be found on any of the software?
  9. well you won't believe this but the extension battery pack is now working with a aa battery only However after a period of 2 hours it stopped working with the message on the screen no adjust does anyone know what that means and if theirs a fix thanks
  10. many thanks i will give that a try
  11. That is indeed correct my computer does not have any optical inputs or outputs sony say that i could use alternative software but are not allowed to say ? does anyone here know what other software they were meaning ? or i have to purchase just a md recorder only it was only the net md mini discs players that were affected by not being able to transfer music to a computer with sonic stage
  12. When i try to charge the unit it lights up for ten seconds then goes out followed by the battery charging symbol then that to goes out ? maybe if i cant get a battery i will need to find another charging pack for the aa battery ? http://www.japan-direct.com/amf70.htm
  13. i am not sure i get your meaning my computer does not have a optical in and the mini disc is a optical in only ?
  14. Hi I wonder if anyone can help in that i have been told by Sony technical that i cant transfer to my computer music that i have on 18 years of recorded mini disc's i guess they will all have to go down the tip at some point ? i have sonic stage installed and the 64 bit driver for windows 7 and all i get is a message that the transferring of the disc's is not possible as they were recorded on another mini disc recorder player ? they were they were recorded on my main Sony mini disc recorder in my hi fi tower Is there any work around at this time ? thanks
  15. I'm looking to replace my battery in my 18 year old aiwa mini disc player if anyone knows where i can get one i would be most grateful it's a 3.7 volt sometimes known as a gumstick battery thanks The company was taken over by sony for servicing but that is all the battery is exclusive to this model only which was the top model in it's day The sound quality easily surpasses anything on the market today hence i would like to keep it if possible
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