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  1. Thanks for your very detailed explanation. Japan were masters at creating the best of equipment but their drawback were so many models with a lot of vagueness things like brass screws etc when in reality all you ended up doing was creating a market that was so overblown that many stayed away from and never got involved at all sad and now today everything is revolving around the very poor quality sounding ipod
  2. This model JB940 has just arrived at my home in immaculate condition and is a European model ATRAC3! my other model which is for the uk the JB920 is just wide stream they both sound the same if being honest so am pleased but if anyone could explain any differences then I'm all for learning and understanding
  3. this thread might show some light ? it looks like the one on ebay does have both coax and optical http://forums.audioholics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68029
  4. Many thanks for your knowledge in this field The Sony battery is very hard to find that and with no help in their forum it's a wonder anyone buys anything Sony in the first place there service in the UK is very poor Having said that the service of all the main players is poor except for denon In the old days I use to hang around with all of the main Japanese chairman and directors when they were in London sharing of ideas and in general promoting Hi-Fi at its very best Today however everything has changed the spark has gone out and the future uncertain for all of Japan which is a tragedy for all I just paid
  5. hI JIM Thanks i wasn't sure if i should have removed the whole wrapper leaving just the bare metal or just remove just one end of the wrapper The battery appears to charge ok but drops a bar in the first 15 minutes so i will address this thread again at some point with my further findings
  6. Well the batteries arrived ok the only thing different to the Sony battery is that you have to cut off the green plastic protective layer as the battery is just a fraction to large is that correct does anyone know ?
  7. Thanks for your replies i expect as you say theirs not much in it i have the MDS-JB920 uk model which is very good and hopefully this JB940 that i have just got hold of will be very similar I did try to get hold of a JB980 but got outbid but am learning
  8. thanks PhilippeC i will order up a couple the sound on this unit is very good and is as new so am well pleased
  9. Does anyone know what the difference is between Sony stock sold in the UK in where two models may be sold where one has a red UK badge on it with copper screws and the other no badge and ordinary screws My only findings over the years are the uk badged models come from a sony store and all the rest come from the likes of richer sounds etc and am told their is a sound difference in where you pay an extra
  10. Are these any good does anyone know as i have just got hold of a mz-r909 ? thanks http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-SONY-REPLACEMENT-NH-14WM-GUMSTICK-BATTERY-MD-Walkman-/370522073791?_trksid=p4340.m263&_trkparms=algo%3DDLSL%252BSIC%26its%3DI%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%252BDDSIC%26otn%3D8%26pmod%3D320749897546%252B320749897546%26po%3D%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D2618237397967898242
  11. I just purchased this on e bay Jim so with luck when you repair mine i will have a back up any info you can give me on this model would be very much appreciated good or bad and hope you approve as i was never up on the Sony models I also got this mains model as well for
  12. no i have not touched the unit the reset button did work on pressing it to produce the no adjust error but now the reset indentation dosent work at all Yes please jim just let me have your address and payment details in a email and will send you a cheque many thanks once again
  13. I have just noticed also that my display panel is now just blank the no adjust is no longer there My reset button at the back of the unit also doesn't feel like that works as their is no indentation on being pressed ?
  14. i lost out Jim it went for just over
  15. Thanks Jim the service manuals Jim are here there are quite a few ? http://www.eservicei...eets_a_300.html http://www.google.co...iw=1920&bih=927
  16. so is that not as good Jim to the 80 in what i have now ? i'm new to ebay and so far have lost out big time on bidding the last model i bid on at
  17. I might be able to get hold of the Aiwa mini disc player/AM-F90 was this modal an upgrade to my am-f80 does anyone know ? thanks
  18. thank you Sony MZ-E310 Mini Disc Player has come up for
  19. Are the Sony MZ-R3 minidisc player recorder Sony MiniDisc player MZ-R91 Sony MZ-R909 Personal MiniDisc Player/Recorder reliable does anyone know and what one to go for ?
  20. were stuck with ipods as they are far cheaper to produce in china and most of Sony's plants are outside of japan There is a worldwide market for mini disc that is true but it would mean a new company starting up and going back to the way the aiwa was built. Sony has always made life difficult for it's customers in one way or another blaming the EU and although that may be true in part they could have made things better like putting a optical output on their players so that the customer could transfer his music at all time in perfect condition the very idea that people would abuse it i never saw that as a problem as we are awash with music from the INTERNET so who the hell would even need a copy of your music "no one" Sony are way to powerful a company so like apple you'll get what your given and if you don't like they couldn't care less and as i have said the ipod is so cheep to make with good profits and that is all Sony will consider at the end of day and like apple nothing else
  21. The sound from a ipod is well short of a mini disk and for some unknown reason the younger generation have been brainwashed by it. All of apple products have a failing be it sound or some sort of cripple that prevents it from being used in a way the customer would like and for that reason I'm out
  22. many thanks jim for your time on this matter. we still need to track down on what this error code means (no adjust) i have sent a email off to sony and hopefully but i have my doubts that they will be able to enlighten me
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