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  1. Hi friends I have just noticed on my new Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player that on inserting the disk it says reading TOC and plays well . however on ejecting the disc it says eject then goes straight to the message reading TOC without ejecting The unit has only been used once before storage many years ago. hopefully i will be able to fix it as our good friend Jim is no longer here ?
  2. Try to get the Sony 940 if you can as it has the facilities for a keyboard to make editing easy and is a very good machine overall
  3. ​I'm getting nothing registered on that mobile number to anyone ? Has Jim moved to this new address Christopher?
  4. ​ My further extensive enquirers into Jim's ware bouts have drawn a blank but can confirm that he does not live at any of the addresses that we know of nor are any of the phones numbers active in his name Without incurring unknown charges, we must conclude that Jim will not be undertaking any further repairs of minidisc
  5. These are the last details i have from jim Jim Hoggarth 37 Dunsford Avenue Bradford West Yorkshire BD4 6EB 07518 647407 I have spoken with Jim many times in the past and he is genuine. He has been very ill and i'm unsure at this stage on his status but will do my best to track that down
  6. Hi Ron you will need to ask Jim as he is the forums expert on this http://forums.sonyinsider.com/profile/122646-jimhoggarth/
  7. yes i would stop as there is no point in just hording these units. I myself have stopped with 5 portable units and 2 full size machines and although it is tempting to just carry on iv'e decided to call a halt and trust you will do likewise
  8. your best bet is to ask the member jim.hoggarth in the uk to service it. He is a top man in this area and will be returned to you in perfect working order for a small fee http://forums.sonyinsider.com/profile/122646-jimhoggarth/
  9. don't forget to make sure that your computer is up to date and that all of the operating files are correct. to do this go to start/ system/accessories/ command prompt/ then type in the box SFC/SCANNOW this scan only takes around 20 minutes or so and should come up 100% all in order should it not that will account for certain drivers and software not installing
  10. Hi baz the download from here works on all of windows that's vista/7/8.1 do try again making sure your computer is up to date and that all usb etc are vacant
  11. Jim is excellent and a nice guy to talk with
  12. you need to be quick http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-MDS-JA333ES-Worldwide-shipping-/320998815294?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_MiniDisc_Players_Recorders&hash=item4abd05363e
  13. the most you will get from an ipod if you look after it is around 5 years my daughter and all of her friends have only made it to year 3 in which all of the hard drives have failed. the cost for a new hard drive is around £75 fitted as you cant do it yourself without the right tools i have a brand new sony model MWZ-A846 which i got from sony made in japan so i guess that is pretty unique and yes it's very well built but still a little restricted i find sound wise a bit on the low side i will sell it at some point as it is still new i have only used it once but i doubt it's worth anything as it was very expensive and these things are not really worth anything if i'm being honest apple are just lucky and the public taken in but delve inside and you haven't got much at all just a public taken in by a shiny box
  14. i manged to buy another new Aiwa mini disc player/AM-F65 so i got a new battery after all
  15. i made another bid still to low so lost out
  16. what about this model i have just come across probably one of the earlier type ? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360487660496&clk_rvr_id=390270302035&mfe=sidebar i have just made a bid on this but it's to low ? JA3ES v MDS-JA20ES
  17. does anyone have any thoughts on this model or have up to date experiences with it thanks
  18. thanks Philippe i may try to get one as these models are getting very rare a new one is a long shot tascom quite a few around new most odd you buy something and lose it and then years later you find it then sell it
  19. What is the current thinking on this model from the ES range as i would like to add this one to my collection
  20. hi jim i may well do i have the chance to get hold of a ES model next week as new so will let you know how that goes ok
  21. hi Philippe there is a new sony dat come up on ebay for around £100 the tapes are plentiful on ebay but i will need to get a move on if to secure it ?
  22. thanks Philippe i was asking from a current members point of view not a brochure thanks sfbp i will probably hold off and try to get hold of the 780 or above if I'm lucky
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