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  1. I will perhaps look into it at some point then. I know my computer has an optical out, and both my portable one and the deck have optical ins.
  2. I've never used Optical connections between devices. I used to have a stereo that used optical out from the CD player to the Amp but thats about it.
  3. So I got the MiniDisc deck, been playing with it all evening. As previously mentioned, it is a MDS-JE440. You can look at a video I made There was initially a problem with the device, in that the power connection was what can only be descriped as the same connector that a rechargable shaver has in the bathroom, looks like this: I can only assume that there was a UK plug fitted to it and that it was removed at some point, and since I don't have the adapter (one of these things) I just desoldered that wire from the unit and soldered in a regular cable and plug socked, which work perfectly. The device is fantastic, I have only had a few hours with it since getting home, but I am looking forward to doing more with it, reserving my portable MZ-N510 for recording discs (NetMD) and when I go out. I tested all my discs breifly and they all work perfectly. I also tested the recording of it briefly which again, was perfect. Overall, for a tenner, not a bad deal at all.
  4. Does it take the disc in and try to read it before rejecting it? Because then I'd suggest that the mechanism is failing to open the shutter as it should.
  5. Oh if you think Google is bad, you should try "Bing" translate XD Its awful.
  6. Ah, that clears it up better. I wasn't sure exactly, and I meant no offence; I just had trouble understand what you were trying to get across, can I assume English is not your first language? Otherwise, this is very interesting, and I certainly had no idea that they were made that way.
  7. I'm slightly confused by what you wanted to point out here. How MiniDiscs differ from one manufacturere to the next? Sure, theres going to be differences, disc wise and case/caddy wise. Do they work any differently? I wouldnt have thought so. Obviously there are 74 and 80 minutes and there is also HiMD. I'd like to see how a HiMD disc differs from a 74/80 minute disc.
  8. I used to have a Sharp MD MT80 which I loved, it was my first ever minidisc player.
  9. Oh man the Desire HD. I had that thing for years and I loved it, possibly one of the best phones I've ever had. I'm using a Galaxt S3 Mini at the moment which seems to do ok, bar needing a daily charge. I still have my Sony Ericson T610 candy bar phone from years ago, still works perfectly, and stays charged for days too.
  10. My phone is apparently rated to do "430h" of standby time. It can barely manage 24hrs, no phone can these days, so whats all that about? Why still rating it so high? I'm not familiar with iPods and Apple crap in general, but as far as everything else I've ever had, the thing that actually lasts the longest is my Wii Remote hahaha. I had batteries in that for a month before I had to change them, and that was with solid use. Another funny one happens to be the place where I live, they use electronic locks that are battery powered. They were changed recently after nine years. NINE years. Just regular AAA alkaline batteries.
  11. I can understand why you go back to mp3 players. For convenience reasons and also less to carry when I'm out and about I will at some point go back to my phone. I'm not a fan of Androids stock media player but I use PowerAmp which is just awesome. I think the main reason I got into MiniDiscs again was because I missed having that physical media. I mean I have CD's boxed up for one reason or another (mostly that they are all on the computer) but I just find that I'm a notourious track skipper on the computer. I don't think I've fully listened to an album for ages, and since I've had my portable player hooked up I've been through quite a lot, and I love it. The reason I am getting the MiniDisc deck is to further enforce that on myself. Put a disc in, let it play. I also love, as you said, creating compendiums. I love gathering my favorite tracks and then copying them over so I can hear the tracks I want to in the order I want to etc.
  12. I already have Not much tends to come up in my area however, but I keep my eyes open. Thanks!
  13. So I'm not new to Minidisc (as the title says). It is a format I've been familiar with since ... 2003? 2004? I was at secondary (high) school at the time I had my first player. It was a Sharp MD MT80, although for some strange reason, I could have sworn the screen and buttons were the opposite way around. Funny how memory works. Back then it was recording music from a CD player track by track, which often helped kill boredom, but its not something I would have the patients for nowadays. Which is why, in my search to get back into the format, I aquired a NetMD device from eBay. It cost £30 and came with a charger, some discs, the software cd and all the cables. It is a Sony MZ-N510, which is fairly common I think, but its a damn good player/recorder. I had trouble initially with aquiring SonicStage 4.3 but I found it, and I also had to get 64bit drivers too. I am also going to get hold of a Minidisc seperate/deck/thing from a friend whose dad has two of them, a Sony MDS-JE440. It's going to cost me £10 (as opposed to £50 which is what he would ask elsewhere) as I'm a family friend, which is an awesome score. Looking forward to that. It was very important that the player I was looking for supports MDLP since I do my discs in LP2 mode. Many people on eBay do not state this and a lot of the photos I was looking at also don't reveal much. And are also considerably more expensive. For portability and being out and about, I find that LP2 is fine, and from what I've played through my Hi-Fi, it also sounds perfectly fine. I can average about 3 albums per disc. Whether it will sound the same or not through the MDS I will have to wait and see, but I can't imagine there will be much of a difference. I'm not entirely sure why I went back to Minidiscs ... I just remembered them one day and started missing them. Been using them ever since. I've also been looking at various discs with different designs but they often cost a bit more than my budget for such items would allow. I have bought some extra discs though, some rather nice Sony Premium discs that are gold coloured. I will likely keep this post up to date with my progress regarding the MDS-JE440 and whatever else comes to mind. Thanks for reading!
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