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  1. you need to get a cable with 3.5mm jack on both ends, you can get them as cheaply as from poundland and they work great (unless you aren't from the UK, they are also cheap online; Amazon and eBay just search for "3.5 to 3.5 jack" - the first Amazon result gave my 35 pence hahah) Then you plug one end into the headphone socket of the MiniDisc unit and the other into your computers "Line In" socket (blue in colour I believe?) You can also plug it into the pink socket (the microphone one) but I don't know if this is susceptible to more noise, I generally prefer to use the Line In. Then its just a case of checking that Audacity picks it up, and you can start recording song. My knowledge of Audacity isn't brilliant, I use other DAW's but if it has a way for you to "monitor" what you are recording, then enable this, since it will let you hear whats going on.
  2. Even better then I was warned of the bad connection thing with the Gumstick batteries, in fact I think it is around this thread somewhere. As of yet, I've not had the issue, so. Glad its working!
  3. Ah OK, thanks. The only thing is the remote doesn't show LP2/4 or SP at all on either the N710 or the N510. Shows it on the main device, but not on the remote. Hence why my confusion led me here. I'm assuming it will say "hi-sp" via the text part of the display (where it scrolls the song names and so on)?
  4. Could be. I was looking at what all the little symbols showed rather than thinking what the text-dot-matrix part of it can do/say when connected to other things. Maybe that's what the person meant then.
  5. Sure, this is the one that I bought: Vapex 1450mAh I was delivered quickly, in its packaging and it works perfectly
  6. I have two portable players, an MZ-N710 and an MZ-N510. Both were purchased WITH LCD Remotes, but only one of them is original. The N710 came with its RM-MC33L remote, which is a non-backlit remote. And the one I find is easier to read too. The N510 from what I understand originally comes with a remote that has no display. The one I received with it is an RM-MC38EL and from what I read in another post: "RM-MC38EL -- supplied with MZ-NH900 (NA) and MZ-RH1. Same features as the 33EL, with the addition to a Hi-MD input on the LCD." It works with both my units and the N710 remote works on the N510, so I'm guessing that most of them are interchangeable with devices. I find that the backlit remote (the white one in the picture) is a tad harder to read, it seems faded. And although it looks like some symbols have not shown, such as the battery indicator, it is there. It was just flashing on and off because the battery in the N510 was going flat. What confuses me though, is something from the quote I posted above. "with the addition to a Hi-MD input on the LCD" I'm guess there's a grammatical error here, but the LCD remote itself has no Hi-MD indicators that I'm aware of, certainly no Hi-MD input on the LCD unless I've mis-understood something.
  7. My N710 didn't come with the battery holder thing, which I'm not bothered about, the Gumstick battery holds plenty of charge and I have a spare one I bought on eBay, many people are still selling them. Probably helps to have the extra batteries during recording but I leave mine on the stand whilst that happens, so I don't need batteries. They are also cheap (the Gumstick batteries) enough to buy, I paid like £3-ish with free delivery for my spare one.
  8. Glad to know I'm not the only one who was stumped by them a while ago haha, I've seen them around before, and always wondered what they were and then I found out they were ferrite beads. Like most of you have said, I can't see the point of them, I can imagine they make the smallest bit of difference, if at all. Most things these days are shielded against interference so they seem unnecessary.
  9. Can one have a mid-life crisis at 25? hahahaha I think for me its more of a sense of nostalgia. Getting back the stuff that I used to love, but maybe didn't appreciate that much at the time. Thankfully that's where places like eBay come to the rescue. First it was the Mega Drive, and now its MiniDisc, although I seem to be stuck on this one. Which I'm not complaining about, and I'm glad about. I'm not a picky person when it comes to formats and their quality (to a point), I just like listening to my music, and I like doing it this way. It's kind of amusing that my love of older technology refuses to go into computer territory. I don't think I could cope back on a single core machine these days hahhaha. I am curious about MD Data though. It keeps cropping up, first when I read about it, and then on eBay I've spotted a few MD Data discs for sale.
  10. Yeah, they don't make 'em like they used to. I have my first ever camera phone, T610 which I think I said previously, and a Sagem MW3020, which I bought again because there was game on it I used to love.
  11. I have the Vapex kind and they seem to work find, last for a good while and so on
  12. There are apps that will recognize songs for you like Shazam or um ... Sound Hound. Alternatively do you have the correct driver?
  13. Unfortunately, the listing has gone, I think someone has snapped it up. Oh well. I still have other things to be getting, so its not a total loss.
  14. I need help XD The addiction grows I have found a rather decently priced Sharp MD MT80 on eBay and I'm almost definitely going to get it at this point. It was the first MiniDisc device I ever owned back in the day, bought it from a shop called Argos for around £80 or £90 I think. Maybe even £120 I really can't remember. And I honestly don't know what happened to it. It went somewhere but wherever it went it wasn't with me. I remember coming home from school and recording the first Iron Maiden album from vinyl and being amazed by it all. I think back then I was using TDK Colour discs which Tesco sold. I think at this point, it will be used mostly as a player, I rarely record in real-time, its hassle for me. SonicStage works perfectly on either my N510 or N710 so I just use that.
  15. Shouldn't be since it also needs the disc drive to rip CD's in the first place. Mine has certainly never vanished, either before or after the installation of SS, so I'm betting something else is at fault.
  16. Indeed, and I do love it, I have no intention to get rid of it at all. The N710 I am using at the moment more because as you also mentioned, the battery compartment on the 510 is on the bulky side and i just find that this makes it a bit harder to carry in pockets and stuff, if I'm wearing a hoody or something, yeah, no problem there. This is the reason I went back to MD in the first place, as I think I said elsewhere too. On the computer I just skip tracks all the time. Ever since I've had the 510 and the JE440, I've not done it at all.
  17. It seems to go for £150+ on many sites like eBay. But from what I understand since being a member here, the build quality of it is pretty bad. Someone probably knows a better price range than me, HiMD is not my thing, I see no point to go with it over regular MD, so I don't know too much about it.
  18. Suppose in that instance, its a good job I've got the N510 as a back up.
  19. Lol Should have figured that out myself
  20. Just curious, but whats wrong with the gumstick type battery?
  21. A lot of people seem to have suggested dual booting, this is what I'd do if I were in such a pickle. As it stands, I have Win7 Ultimate and, as with yourself, it runs SS perfectly. Obviously, I recently got back into MD so before I found this place I didn't even know if NetMD would be possible. I know nothing about Apple's operating systems, for various reasons (price being one of them) I avoid them like the plague, so I'm fresh out of things that might help you :/ I hope you find something that works
  22. Welcome to the forum I also recently joined this place after getting hold of some minidisc stuff after years of not having anything. Now its getting a bit worrying hahaha.
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