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  1. Thanks, and yeah, probably nothing ha I didn't think the stand was translucent either, I was holing it up and noticed the PCB inside and then held it up to the window, at which point my brain went "hmmmm" The LED is a tad on the bright side, I can't imagine that is down to the voltage; those things will take 9v and be the same although will probably burn out quicker. I think they are rated for 5v, since they came from a device that runs on 5v, but they are on 3v straight from the charger points on the PCB. So I'm currently trying to think of ways to make it dimmer. Otherwise, I'm very very pleased with the N710. It looks awesome and so far it sounds awesome. I'd love to use the in-line remote with it, but with my headphones the cables will just be all long and not really practical. I've had the same pair forever, Sennheiser CX 200 Street II, they have awesome bass regardless of what you plug them into really, easily the best headphones I've had, and I will just get the same pair when these finally die. Even washed them by accident at one point and I swear they sounded better hahahaha.
  2. Yeah I mean just the charger with the N510. Obviously you have to trigger the charging process by pressing the stop button but one too many presses by accident without noticing and you could have a problem on your hands maybe, if you have an alkaline battery in there and were using the charger to record. Otherwise, the N710 seems to go on for a good while each time before it stops, even after a full charge, and I have two gumstick batteries. One of them is brand new, so I can't imagine they are discharging that quickly. Just worries me a little, although I'm probably being a bit paranoid ha.
  3. No, I didn't think they were being made either. Just assumed the person I bought them from had them lying around for ages. I bookmarked the eBay seller you linked above anyway. As far as other stuff goes, I did some tinkering with the stand that came with my MZ-710 and Decided to do something "light" related to it after noticing the case was translucent-ish. I found one of my colour changing LED's from ages ago that I de-soldered from something else and used it here: It does some rather cool stuff, besides changing colour. When the device is connected to the stand, the bulb will dim for a second and then brighten up again. And then during the recording process the light will constantly go dim and then bright and then dim again. There is one thing that I don't like though, and its the fact that it will charge every time you place it on the stand again, regardless of whether its been charged already. I don't know what this does to the battery but I can't imagine it's good. I don't know if the player even registers how charged the battery is or if it just charges for a certain amount of time. Certainly the N510 doesn't even know if you're using a rechargeable battery or not, it will just charge whatever is in there.
  4. Well, the N710 got here today and WOW. Such an awesome looking thing. One of the things that bugs me about the N510 is the battery compartment being raised out from the body so this is very nice, especially with its stand. It came with some 80 minute gold premiums and one red one was already in the player without a case for it, which bugs me, it likely won't get used for much, if only a disc I take out and about. It also came with the in-line remote as well as the stand and SonicStage CD, but no charger (which is fine, I have one already) and no USB cable (which I also have multiples of since its a common cable). Also pictured are the 60 minute discs I grabbed from eBay. So yeah, £40 well spent I think.
  5. A couple of the used discs that I have I would expect to not so much skip, but just not work correctly. The record layer is covered in ... some kind of substance that is next to impossible to remove (I've tried) without removing it from the case and I don't want to do that. Strangely enough though, it works perfectly. Makes a hell of a noise when you record on it, but it plays back like it should. I recorded one album on it and left it at that, even though I probably shouldn't have put anything on it at all. I do have a head cleaner though, so I'm not too worried. The funny thing is, its a Maxell. A disc I've seen quite a few people now say they've had issues with or dislike. Even the worst condition one for me works perfectly
  6. I find this to also be the best way of refreshing the library after either the contents of a folder change, or the location changes.
  7. Well I bough the MZ-N710. Its been dispatched along with some more Maxell colour discs with storage box and I also bought 3x60 minute and 2x74 minute Sony discs for £4.99 on eBay, I haven't thus far seen 60 minute discs anywhere, so though I would grab some. So thats a new portable minidisc player/recorder and 15 new discs
  8. Hopefully this wont be the case for the N710 I want to get this, it looks to be in perfect condition. But thanks for the tip
  9. Thank you first of all for mentioning me Secondly, a very interesting and informative read. Just goes to show how something so reliable and robust can be so delicate. I have dropped my MZ-N510 once or twice since I've had it. Thankfully it was on the carpet, so no damage was done, but I feel like slapping myself for doing it. The next player I'm looking at is the N710 as I've mentioned in my own post, which will cost £40-ish with postage. From what I can find out, it uses a "gumstick" battery, something I had never heard of until recently, so that should be interesting. As far as the MZ-R 50 goes, I like to look of it, and will keep an eye out for it. As it stands, the only one(s) on eBay at the minute are just for repairs.
  10. Yeah, I watched a YouTube video of this guy .. I forget what his name was, but he was showing his MD collection, and there were some Bit Club discs in there, so its probably something I should look up. The MD-RXG also appeared in the first Matrix film if I'm not mistaken?
  11. They way I do it, and I have only had to do it once, since not much of my music requires gapless, is just let the album play in Media Player. Media Player supports gapless, and all you have to do is push the T.Mark button on the recording device so it creates a new track. Obviously this method isn't too accurate, but for my purposes I wasn't trying to be. You can go back and separate tracks later and I imagine it would be fine. Saves combining all the tracks in a different program, saving it, adding track marks and so on before you even start the recording to minidisc process. Well, works for me anyway.
  12. I also tend not to pick up on the difference in something like a songs bit-rate unless its stupidly low (64kbps mp3 for example) but there are lower bit-rates that actually don't sound too bad. 96kbps sounds fairly OK to me, but it isn't quite as clear as 192-320kbps, which I have trouble distinguishing between. They just sound the same to me, and in the sake of saving hard drive space, 192 works fine for me. Although not quite as necessary now, since I'm not limited by hard drive space like I was back then, in which case its just a habit that I've retained. I wish I had readily available blanks! As it stands my next spend on discs will be at least be £12 for another 5 sealed maxell colours with storage box. I am also 99% likely to get a Sony MZ-N710 which comes with another 5 discs (although I don't know whether these will be used or not), thus pushing £50 on the minidisc spend haha
  13. That is a crazy price for a 5 pack. Wow. These are two of the Sony Premium Gold discs that I have (I have four total): http://24.media.tumblr.com/83efb1d1ec166a16769dc4310d55e4c5/tumblr_mp9gpl8EBD1qfil6po1_500.jpg As well two of the Sony Colour discs: http://24.media.tumblr.com/826f6ba4cfb3c07dfbcfbb0270bc144f/tumblr_mp24s0JEnE1qfil6po1_500.jpg I have some Maxell XL-II 74 discs and the as well as a few Maxell Colour discs and this was the last thing I bought: Maxell 5 Sealed Discs with storage box Which I am currently using to house my discs like this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/df47f3a5abb1b58cb8dc397ab9c93c0b/tumblr_mpy09vVzsf1qfil6po1_500.jpg Which actually works really well. It involved some modification and super-glue (obviously whilst the discs weren't in there) but I am already going to buy another since the seller has more. As far as my favorites go ... Hmmm ... The premium Golds I have just look awesome. I also love disc colours like Orange and Red. As far as brands go, at this point I'm not tooooo fussed, since I'm just happy to be getting discs.
  14. It looks to be quite a common design from what I can tell, I mean this is what I found after a quick google: Whilst its not exact, the CD drive, volume minidisc slot and general positions of buttons are similar to the model shown in your post. Good luck with the search
  15. I've seen a couple of people post about issues with Maxell discs, its strange. I have yet to see a problem with them, indeed some of the last discs I bought were sealed Maxell 74 minute colour ones. Beyond that, the rest are Sony discs. I did see someone selling a Sony ES on eBay but for price reasons I said to myself "f*** that!" I did not know that they altered the sound too, so I will try to avoid them. I have come across some MD-RXG discs and I love the design of it too, so I may consider getting some. At this point any sealed disc is fine by me but I have bought some previously just because they look pretty good. Are the last discs Sony released the Neige ones? I've been tempted to get some of them. They are clear plastic discs if I'm not mistaken and they are cheap, they only problem for me is delivery time, they are all from Japan. I also remember TDK colour discs from way back, but I've yet to see any so far that aren't used, which is a shame.
  16. Couldn't have put it better yourself, but I think you did That's exactly it. I'm currently in the process of trying to get more discs, but sealed discs, especially with the storage case (that let you fit up to 10 discs) can be quite pricey on eBay. And used discs, or large collections of used discs, can cost even more. There are sellers selling one disc at a time, sometimes two, which seems somewhat pointless to me, maybe they are easier to sell that way, and I have certainly bough some since they are cheap enough. But of course there are sellers trying to get £10 and up because a disc seems rare. Whilst I know there are many designs, and some are hard to come by, it seems a tad naughty to be charging that much for just ONE disc.
  17. I'd be more surprised if people buy them. There's always one I suppose. On the flip side, a lot of older boards are no longer supported online, so I could see the use in it. Common sense I guess is the way to go haha.
  18. From what I observed when I had the lens cleaning disc in the deck, and the top off of the deck, it simply moves from one track to the next, which is allocated far enough away that the lens will pass under the brush on its travels. As far as the magnetic had cleaner goes, its just a fabric surface on top where the recording layer is. Oddly enough, it doesn't stop the recording of audio in the slightest, but it could vary from one manufacturer to the next, my cleaning discs are TDK. If taken care of, then I believe you are right. As I said the only reason I did it was because I didn't know what state certainly the MZ-N510 had come from, and it gives me piece of mine. I imagine I won't need to do either again for a while.
  19. I've only read that you can't use them in ... oh, what was it ... "in car MD auto-changers" not that I've ever heard of something myself personally. As far as the usefulness goes, I got the lends cleaner and head cleaner on ebay for 0.99p since no one else bid on them haha. I've used them once just because I don't know how used the devices I have were, I mean they both work ok, but I can't speak for the internals, at least on the MZ-N510 anyway. I figured do it once so I know things should be OK and then if a problem crops up, I will use them again. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  20. Probably late to this topic but I had some sealed Maxell XL-II 74 discs with when I bought my MZ-N510 unit and they have worked perfectly on both of my devices (510 and JE440), in fact the majority of my discs are all Maxell, the only one that's aren't are a couple Sony premium gold discs and a couple of 80 minute discs. The rest are Maxell. Never a single problem. Hope it gets solved if it is not already
  21. This is what I seem to have acquired within the last couple weeks of being back into Minidiscs haha. And I still have more discs in the post. Also possibly looking at getting a blue Sony MZ-N710. I have no idea why.
  22. It's always a shame when the price of something makes it unobtainable to those who are interested. If I remember correctly, the Sharp MD MT80 I had back in 04/05 was just shy of £80 from a shop called Argos. Quite a lot of money for a portable music player but given what they -or at least some of them- could do, I don't really feel like £80 was that bad, certainly looking back on it anyway. The sad truth of it is, they would have been ousted either way. Had they caught on, they may have enjoyed more success ... but time kills. Something better always comes along. I just enjoy it for what it is, and for the pleasure it gives me. Making my own discs, the convenience, the reliability. And these days, the cheapness. In that sense, and to the others who feel similar to I do about it, it DID catch on. Collectivly it just wasnt enough it seems.
  23. Yeah, we all gotta start somewhere. I wouldnt even bother to attempt a repair on the discs mechanisms without finding out how and then double and tripple checking. Most of the bigger stuff is simple enough to deal with, like the recent one I did to my Sony deck. Desolder an old power cable and solder a new one. All that required was remembering where the brown and blue live and neutral wires went, which I marked on the PCB anyway. But I imagine, at least in your case anyway, that when you repaired your first device you didnt destroy it in the process like the previous owner of the N510 seems to have
  24. I have an MZ-N510 Sounds like a pain in the backside, but interesting. What boggles my mind though, is how that much damage came to be there in the first place. I mean "Upper slot mechanism and overwrite head - head tampered with and misaligned" That has to be deliberate, theres no way that can happen even with somewhat rough use, or would I be wrong? Hopefully it didn't cost you too much
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