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  1. Thanks ceres, that program really makes up for Nero's lack of any sort of tagging system as far a I can tell. So, logic leads me to conclude that if LAME and iTunes encoded files with gapless options won't play gapless, then my Nero Digital files with the "remove silence" option selected won't either. *sigh* A bit of a tangent, but does anyone know what kind of AAC encoder comes with Sony Media Manager?
  2. So you can't get album art without syncing through WMP? That kind of blows... If this is the case, I hope Sony Media Manager takes care of it. I just ordered a NWZ-A818 and have been gradually re-encoding my music into Nero Digital AAC.
  3. "Calculated on 4 minutes per song @ 48kbps in the MP3 format, not including videos or photos. Other playable audio file format song numbers and times may differ from MP3 format." 48kbps?? Gross. But yeah, footnotes are your friends.
  4. Well, some guy around here was working on getting RockBox to work with his HD-5, was he ever successful?
  5. There's nothing wrong with ATRAC, except for that it's a marginalized format. Sony could have opened it up and released an SDK, but they probably didn't think it was worthwhile. Nero Digital AAC sounds just as good anyway. I know it's a pain to re-rip all your CD's, I have to do it too. But you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
  6. Oh, well that sucks for Europe. Here in the states it's only a $20 difference. The nicer design and a few more sound enhancements and EQ settings are my guess as to why it costs more. As for the FM circuit, I never found that to work very well on an MP3 player and I hardly listen to the radio anyway.
  7. $20 is not a big price difference.
  8. So, for those of you going out to purchase one of the new walkmen, which path will you take? Are you feelin' the Plays-For-Sure love? Or will you take up one of the multiple UMS options? Or perhaps some of both? As for me, I never cared much for WMP 11. It's got a nice interface, but it seems to like doing screwy things to me like not being able to access CD info or net radio even though my internet connection is perfectly open. Audio seems to slide out of sync while watching my DivX files. And it doesn't really support AAC, which I'm finding to sound pretty nice when encoded at 160 ABR using Nero Digital. I'll be using a combo of Nero Digital and MusikCube until they get Sony Media Manager rolling, at which point I'll try it out. It should be good for properly cropping and formatting video files, if nothing else.
  9. From the quick look I took on SonyStyle, the a81x is $20 more than the s61x and it looks like it has a few more sound enhancements and EQ options included. And a sexier design, in my opinion. Now if only it came in red!
  10. WMP couldn't be the only option, since the device supports AAC but WMP does not (really).
  11. How do you know that it's Plays-For-Sure? Does it have to be for DRM WMA?
  12. I think Sony's cutting their losses with DAP's and putting more energy into the Playstation and Sony Ericsson brands.
  13. Both of those phones only operate on one of the two American GSM bands, so they wouldn't work too well here, which is why SonyStyle USA doesn't stock them. Sony Ericsson's got this bad boy coming soon though: z750a. It's not Walkman branded and is limited to 32 MB and Memory Stick Micro for storage, but it does have a media player on it. Pretty cool phone actually, works on every GSM and UTMS/HDSPA network on the planet. But I digress. I saw the two new Chinese players a while back, but I thought they were destined for Sony China only.
  14. So, today while browsing the SonyStyle website, I noticed that the selection of MP3 Walkmans has been removed. Now it's just Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, PSP's, e-book readers, etc. under portable electronics. Not that we didn't know this already, but now it's become obvious that Sony USA doesn't see the MP3 Walkman as a viable enterprise. I guess I'll be re-ripping all my CD's to AAC, and shopping for a Sony Ericsson. I could use a new cell phone anyway.
  15. That being the case, I would first rip the DVD to an image file with AnyDVD running in the background, then mount the image to a virtual drive, and then run Media Manager to convert it.
  16. Akai Kenshi

    NWD-B100 announced

    I won't shed any tears for SonicStage, but the thought of ATRAC getting ditched is rather disheartening. It's a good-sounding format capable of gapless playback and some awesome battery life. I really wish Sony would just release an SDK for it so it could be used with other media players and continue supporting it on their hardware. But if we can get some gapless AAC playback on all walkmen, I can live with re-ripping all of my CD's.
  17. So do walkmans playback AAC files gaplessly? And would the battery life take much of a hit? I too have been considering switching to AAC.
  18. Akai Kenshi

    NEW hdd dap?

    Well, we're talking about a 16 GB chip that can fit into a tiny MP3 player, like a pack of chewing gum size. So why couldn't they engineer, say 4 of those chips into a device the size of most HDD players and have 64 GB of storage? NAND flash memory chips keep doubling in capacity anyhow. No, it won't be long until mini-HDDs are phased out. Now, what I would really love is a 100-120 GB flash drive for my laptop...
  19. Akai Kenshi

    NEW hdd dap?

    HDD's in portable media players and digital audio players aren't going to be around much longer. I read on CNET recently that Toshiba came out with a 16 GB flash memory chip that will start shipping in the fall. So just put a couple of those bad boys into a PMP and you'd have a high-capacity solid state device. There will be no need for HDD's anymore, which is all for the better because they are fragile and use a lot of power.
  20. Storage is key, at least 40 GB would be good. Maybe have a modular hard drive or flash unit assembly that makes it easy for people to get the exact amount of storage that they want. Bluetooth would be good for linking with headsets and cell phones. Finally, something that Sony should be doing already with the PSP: MORE AND BETTER GAMES!!
  21. Looks like Europeans are the only lucky ones here, I can't find the NW-A800 on the Sony Japan website.
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