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  1. Yet another spares or repair, a je440 for not a lot in exellent cosmetic condition, somebody has been inside, looks like nothing damaged, symptom is c13 when reading a disc and spits it out, i installed a belt first thing as there wasent one in there, i then checked with cover off, no activity whatsoever, no spin disc etc, i put another drive in out of one of the 470's i have here that i know works and it did, so that knocks the rest of the player out of the equasion, so ive just left it in there, (so now the thread is mistitled), i suspect the spindle motor, i do have another 7a drive unit that has a broken plastic part on it and i know various electronic parts work on it including motors etc, so i can use it for donor parts if needed, dont think things are as easily "got at" as with the 5 series drives, i have a proper bench psu theat can go to very low output voltage so the existing one can be tested in situe, so i think that will be a good starting point
  2. All in all now ive repaired a few, it always seems to go back to same faults, mostly caused by lack of use for years with odd exeptions, on the mdm7's its the usual belt issues, decks stuck in standby with a disc stuck inside and ribbon cable issues, rarely the laser if ever. on the 5 series drives ive really only encountered problems one way or another with the owh, there is also a problem that crops up with a ratchet mech but i havent had trouble that way yet, so md decks are quite durable as a rule, a common thing on marantz cd 63's is the 5v regulator, in otherwords dead, havent come across anything like that on md decks as yet. onto the next one whatever that will be ???
  3. Bought yet another deck to resurect for not a lot, bit easier than the last 920, but faults, 2 of them were similar to the last one, 1. rec level pot loose, different set up to 930 model as on these its a double pot and unlike 930 its the old world slack nut on a plate syndrome, after disasembly easy enough fix, and switch cleaner to finish the job, 2. owh, the metallic part was under the plastic part that its supposed to rest on, disasembled the drive, 3 screws, and careful repositioning of metallic part to the right position, put it all back together and tested, play and record, all good, so a winner. another saved from the parts bin.
  4. Bought a new plaything to fix for 27 quid inc post, of course it had issues. top cover is a bit scabbled, paint job needed and the mains was cut off at rear of player case, had a md rxg74 stuck inside, so ejected that out manually, its got music on and its ok, next step is to see if it works, as you may all know inside on psu there is a blue socket for the mains, i have a complete mains cable off that scrap 520 from the other week, its wired opposite way round, so swapped them over, i'm not worried about something that cost 27 quid, so plugged it in switched it on, all good, stuck a disc in and it took it, read it and played it, havent tried record yet, i cant see why not as mdm is in exellent condition visually, and to top it off it ejected the disc aswell, onto a winner here, cant complain at that. ofcourse there maybe an issue yet undiscovered, time will tell, my rattle can skills arent the best and never will be, so passable is all i expect there.
  5. have cleaned up the drive unit and lubricated some of the metal sliding parts, installed it in the "good" deck and is now working well play and record, so thats a result
  6. hi kevin, those faults are on the creature from the black lagoon, the 520 its drive unit is going into has none of those problems, in the condition the creature is in, its working parts will be saved and the rest scrapped, thats about all its good for i'm afraid.
  7. some time ago i bought a 520 that was in decent nick cheap, i robbed its drive unit to fix a jb920 which is a far superior unit, that part was a success, so i thought i would keep hold of the 520 until i could revive that, enter the creature from the black lagoon another 520, this one looks like somebody has attacked the main outer cover with a jack hammer, there is a hole in the front display outer part,the front panel looks like its been in a hedge and the analogue output dosent work, under the wreckage everything else works, it plays and records writes toc and the display itself works, there is no playtime/record history on it, so its going to fullfill its requirements, drive is a little stiff on eject so a bit of lubrication required, so will do a drive transplant at the week end.
  8. interesting will have a read on that, will get back to everybody in due course, i think the 520 repair will come under another thread, part 42 !!!! seller is posting the "s&r 520 thing" on monday. if its got good parts for what i want, by looking at it i will probably scrap the rest.
  9. yeah i knew that, dont see the point myself, i got a spares or repair 940 a while back, it was the same
  10. ok so somebody must've had the knowhow to reset total rec and play times , i will have it on soak test for awhile and build up a few hours and see what happens in time. i did record two albums with it today so thats a start, i even edited it on one or two tracks where it missed the gaps, all good.
  11. so are we saying that if the player isent used for a long time and the battery is shot all settings will revert to default might have been 10 years or more since this player was last used in anger, just guessing, i dont know its past.
  12. i wonder what is bt701 lithium battery on what is called the bat board used for, i looked on the downloaded service manual, if you see internal pics, its to the front right of the drive unit, looks like a large watch battery with a purple surround on it
  13. just bought one, got it today spares or repair, its ok folks, it did have a problem and i have fixed it. it concerned the record pot, take the knob off and you could push the shaft all the way through, there is a small pcb contact set up on the other side that is held together with 4 metal clips, the clips were bent back so repair is needed, its very easy, wish they were all like that, simply put the two parts back together and push the 4 clips back into their places with a small serewdriver, re attach with the two screws and thats that, luckily its the only part that is seperate from the main board behind the front panel so nothing broken, it now does everything it should do, so a good buy, there is no info on rec and play time on this one so i guess the internal battery is shot, as a lot of them will be after 20 years, next thing is i still have that 520 with the knackered owh, so ive bought another very cheap that looks like its been dragged through a hedge, fingers crossed, seller says it works !!!!!!!
  14. NGY, beat me to it !!
  15. shame he hasent access to another player, eg a working 480 to swap the drive units to see if that cures it, looks like he has been round the tecnically difficult, maybe time to try the simple ideas, in players in the past i found that originally there was a disc stuck inside and if it tried to eject because of a knackered belt and moved the disc a little and cannot reset it in play position, the result is deck is stuck in stand by, when ive seen a deck for sale with a mdm 7 unit and the seller says stuck in stand by, yep i know whats wrong with that, buy it take the lid off, push the disc out using the two white parts, the broader one first, only push about half inch or so then push the narrow one, the disc will come all the way out, replace belt and all is well again, its just a long winded way of saying the problem may not be as deep as you all think it is.
  16. M1JWR

    Favorite discs?

    the xsiv's yes they were fancy, got one or two of those. dont have any black shell mdrxg's, a mate of mine has a few though.
  17. M1JWR

    Favorite discs?

    Has anybody got a make and model they like best, i am well aware to the most part they are as good as each other, well apart from memorex which always got bad press, dont have any of those, i have mostly maxells, they were most easily got around here back in the day, you used to get md80 pro's in asda, the ones in the green packets, they have actual gold coloured discs, info at the time was that the ones with actual gold coloured discs were the best, probably sales hype, so the jury is out on that one, have quite a few md 74 golds aswell, now before you all go checking tdk mdrxg's and early sony premiums/prism's, they are standard, shall we call it silver, the plastic on those is made to look like they are gold coloured, i have 3 es discs, nowt special about those if you can call it that exept the cases are white, but they look and feel the same as standard sony colour series etc. still have some xl2 pros unused about 30 or so and mdrxg's about the same, 74's and 80's keep me going for awhile incase i ever need to break out a new one. one more or less sounds as good as the other really, everybody will have a make and model they like best, always had a soft spot for those green md 80 pro's myself, they can go for decent bucks on the bay nowadays, new or used. take care everybody.
  18. M1JWR

    Sony MDS-JB980

    my first one was a 930 in 99/2000 and i sold it to buy the 980, you are right though the 940 is an exellent choice, i have a ta f540e that i bought for next to nowt as it was down on one channel and i fixed that, and a tc k870es that i got again about 15 years ago when they were cheep, they are not now, it replaced a 611s that i had from new that was knackered.
  19. M1JWR

    Sony MDS-JB980

    when i got my 980 it was about 15 years ago, net md was of "some" use back then and type s is different, but apart from that the build of the 920/30/40 blows it out of the water, and the price value, thats crazy, if i was looking for a deck now i wouldent go for a 980 with all that in mind, the 940 is catching up, thats why i would look at a 930, even though it hasent mdlp, and that isent everything is it, its a high build quality machine that does the job.
  20. dont think i would go 770 either, 480 would be a better bet, even though that model is not net md, its from the same line up, just need to see if it has the s1a varient drive unit.
  21. what i should have said is that i use it on things like sleds, thats about it, however i dont know how far the tape deck man goes with it, i would say he is doing lots of metallic parts which cassette decks are full of, he did say he used it on the odd cd player sled aswell when he gets to work on those and has done for years without issue, handy man to know if you have tape decks, but his interest in md decks is limited to nil unfortunetly
  22. obviously that would be better than the minidisc's dac, although i have heard of people using redundant jb930's etc as dacs for cd players because they are rather good, ive used the 980 as a dac for a marantz cd 63se and it improves it no end.
  23. i did have a 470 drive with a knackered owh once and put on a good owh from a knackered drive with positive results, however in the knackered drive i dont think the bd board was at fault, it was mechanical, dont know it that counts. diddent kinow the 920 had 2 current pulse dac chips in there, no wonder md sounds better than you think it would. yes i swapped the whole thing over, maybe next time.
  24. thought you had a 530 kevin, anyway transplant complete, now have a 920 in full working order and 520 will remain as looks like play only until summat crops up whenever that may be, also the 920 shows the 520's record and play time totals, i did not think it would do that. got an old cdp 970 cd player to look at next, skips if you tap the top of front facia, its a big heavy old beastie, the cd tray is made of aliminium, dont make them like that anymore !!
  25. 520 has arrived, brief check 1 hour rec and 58 hours play total times, it plays and ejects, havent tried record. looks like its been on a loft for years, will get into it after work
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