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  1. also i sill have the remenants of that mdm 7 drive and as far as i can remember the laser works, kms 260 b version, 520 has the a version, nowt nor summat, worth a go as in this position i dont have a lot to use, gonna test the spindle motor first by applying a small voltage to see if it spins, if it dosent then there may be a clue.
  2. quite strange that, the rest ie where the op is and the mechinical parts look the same, and for all the world you would think you would be able to do that, swapping the bd's, then the cheap way would be to swap lasers, but i dont have the gear, lpm's etc, having said that, with 2 drives with interchangable parts i wont have a lot to loose will i. after that i think the 530 is the only common model that the 930 is compatable to drive wise, ofcourse there could be somthing else causing it, not ribbons this time, will look that way first before i take anything to bits
  3. got that deck working, well sort of, cleaned laser and contacts etc, laser looked a bit cloudy, anyway still c13, no activity whatsoever nowt, its working with a drive out of another 930 inside, so rest of player seems good, knock that out of the equasion. i will have another couple of goes cleaning laser whilst drive is out. as its sat for years things may be cloudy below the lense, i am not changing lasers as thats frought with problems. then two possible routes of attack after that, one costs nowt and the other will cost a few quid. the nowt one will require work and i dont know anybody thats done it before with two varients of the same type of drive unit. i have a 520 spare drive thats laser is good, so the idea would be to change the bd boards as the 930 is type r and the 520 is not, the rest of the drive looks identical, would need the 930's owh as the 520 one is shot, biggish job then. the other is to wait for a 530 to come up, cheap thats is rough on the outside but works, easy peasy after that. suppose if nobody tries it then nobody will ever know this deck is in near mint condition and came with the original remote, and thats a plus, they can sell for lots on their own buy a remote get a deck free
  4. Got a 930 coming, seller says c13 or words to that effect, so this one may be a bit more of a challenge, more when ive had a look at it, due next early week
  5. the 440 admittedly has a smaller board inside, but with better quality proper components on it, the 470 has a larger main board with lots of jumper wires, the 470 board itself is more flimsy, diddent take much notice of chipsets themselves, i forget the psu section and the drive unit is the same obviously, outside the 440 cases are thicker material and the front panel is a more solid construction and overall the 440 feels a little heavier than the 470/480, display functions are similar though the display board is very different as controls are in different places, its a bit like the thread on the 980 vs 930/940 etc, in that case the 980 is the same as, say, the 940 on the outside, for example the 940 has a proper toroidal psu and the 980 has a nastier standard iron core jobbie, which looks like the 470/480 one, so yes as the years went by , cost reduced to hell and back.
  6. anyway after all this, its my opinion that overall the 440 is better build quality than the 470/480 models despite the odd bell and whistle that the other two may have.
  7. it had no sliding door on it kevin, i do have a sharp one somewhere that may qualify that came with a 440 a while ago that i have to blank sometimes as it can cause c13
  8. That other 470 arrived, usual issues, eject belt and as it seems with this model and the 480 no doubt, a slightly sticky ams function, switch cleaner only this time, chalk another up. the stuck disc was fubar though it went into the bin
  9. no spare drives as such, just a 7 drive in many bits and a 5 drive with knackered owh at the moment, 1 x 520, 1x 940, 2 x 930, 2 x 920, 1 x 480, 2 x 470, 2 x 440, and the 980 i have have had for a lot of years, 1 930 had nowt wrong with it when the guy thought it had, it was 35 quid, thats the price area i look at, might double that for a 940 faulty, a mate of mine does tape decks, he has about 20, then has a clear out every so often, he likes nak's, loadsa money for those, he has all the test kit for them, fixing them is his hobby, you could get a 470or similar , stuck on standby guarenteed it will have a disc stuck inside for around 30 quid or sometimes less, cheap enough to have a bit of fun and not loose any sleep over it, have a go, dont go for that 470 thats on there just now with 4.99 start with c13, that one is a dog, i sometimes vary out into marantz cd63/67 cd players, plenty of parts and easy to fix, even ones that are totally dead.
  10. nah a black one, and remotes are rare and expensive, i bought a rm-d13m not long ago for a tenner inc post, bargain, it would be for a ja20es, its like a master remote as everything is on it. the only player i got spares or repair with a remote was a 440, it came with a rm-d7m a while ago, remotes are sold seperately most of the time as they can be as much as the player. i saw a remote for a 930 not long ago and it made over 60 quid, crackers !!
  11. another deck on the way, a 470 with a disc stuck inside, i like it when they are like that, you get a free disc
  12. M1JWR

    tc k611s

    hi does anybody have or know where i could get a main capstan flywheel for a tc k611s regards to all
  13. on the 470 further investigation revieled a hairline through a track next to ams connection, soldered a bridge to start with, but wasent confidant so ended up with a wire link, all good, working now
  14. all good stuff, looks like some switch cleaner into the ams on that 470 now, looks like a front off job to get at it properly
  15. no problem with chipping in, its all good education, with us as amateurs lots of things are discovery and trial and error, i never even thought to check the iop originally, i thought as the drives as being 7a varient would be all the same and i couldent change that coil, and went ahh yes i have a replacement part, i wonder if that will work, and so far it looks to have done. the problem with that old 940 drive was that the clip that holds the top part was broken off, and basically in that case i would imagine your screwed, ive seen people changing the belts on youtube and when they get to that part, i think is he gonna break it because i would imagine it would be easily done
  16. thats exellent kevin, i had to find out how to recognise number, its on a sticker on rear of drive unit, the ex 940 drive said 518 and sure enough in the menu it is 51.8, this drive has a sticker that says 505 so will change to that figure 50.5, followed procedure, had to swap drives back as ams on 470 needs cleaned as no contact when pressing it in with stop on service power up, cheers kevin, something else ive learned
  17. have now swapped bd boards from the ex 940 broken drive to this one, it involves 1 screw, several solder points, mostly motors and a thin ribbon cable for laser to bd board, had 1 switch to align behind a plastic part and then re solder, if anybody wants to see the underside of mdm7 bd board here is a pic, i now have a working machine, not tested on record as yet
  18. L141 on bd board has no contact and looked iffy on close inspection, soldering smc's is not my forte
  19. i actually put it into the 470 using its ribbons, they are different, one is much longer, same result the 440 has the 470's drive inside with the 440's ribbons and works spot on issue is with the drive unit itself, will investigate further later could even be the connections for the ribbons on the drive itself
  20. just a suspect kevin, if it dosent work ive got to find out why, i am aware it will probably lead elsewhere, got to start somewhere
  21. Yet another spares or repair, a je440 for not a lot in exellent cosmetic condition, somebody has been inside, looks like nothing damaged, symptom is c13 when reading a disc and spits it out, i installed a belt first thing as there wasent one in there, i then checked with cover off, no activity whatsoever, no spin disc etc, i put another drive in out of one of the 470's i have here that i know works and it did, so that knocks the rest of the player out of the equasion, so ive just left it in there, (so now the thread is mistitled), i suspect the spindle motor, i do have another 7a drive unit that has a broken plastic part on it and i know various electronic parts work on it including motors etc, so i can use it for donor parts if needed, dont think things are as easily "got at" as with the 5 series drives, i have a proper bench psu theat can go to very low output voltage so the existing one can be tested in situe, so i think that will be a good starting point
  22. All in all now ive repaired a few, it always seems to go back to same faults, mostly caused by lack of use for years with odd exeptions, on the mdm7's its the usual belt issues, decks stuck in standby with a disc stuck inside and ribbon cable issues, rarely the laser if ever. on the 5 series drives ive really only encountered problems one way or another with the owh, there is also a problem that crops up with a ratchet mech but i havent had trouble that way yet, so md decks are quite durable as a rule, a common thing on marantz cd 63's is the 5v regulator, in otherwords dead, havent come across anything like that on md decks as yet. onto the next one whatever that will be ???
  23. Bought yet another deck to resurect for not a lot, bit easier than the last 920, but faults, 2 of them were similar to the last one, 1. rec level pot loose, different set up to 930 model as on these its a double pot and unlike 930 its the old world slack nut on a plate syndrome, after disasembly easy enough fix, and switch cleaner to finish the job, 2. owh, the metallic part was under the plastic part that its supposed to rest on, disasembled the drive, 3 screws, and careful repositioning of metallic part to the right position, put it all back together and tested, play and record, all good, so a winner. another saved from the parts bin.
  24. Bought a new plaything to fix for 27 quid inc post, of course it had issues. top cover is a bit scabbled, paint job needed and the mains was cut off at rear of player case, had a md rxg74 stuck inside, so ejected that out manually, its got music on and its ok, next step is to see if it works, as you may all know inside on psu there is a blue socket for the mains, i have a complete mains cable off that scrap 520 from the other week, its wired opposite way round, so swapped them over, i'm not worried about something that cost 27 quid, so plugged it in switched it on, all good, stuck a disc in and it took it, read it and played it, havent tried record yet, i cant see why not as mdm is in exellent condition visually, and to top it off it ejected the disc aswell, onto a winner here, cant complain at that. ofcourse there maybe an issue yet undiscovered, time will tell, my rattle can skills arent the best and never will be, so passable is all i expect there.
  25. have cleaned up the drive unit and lubricated some of the metal sliding parts, installed it in the "good" deck and is now working well play and record, so thats a result
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