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  1. and the 940 too, buy a posh one in good nick with issues then buy a basic one that works for not a lot to fix it, then fix the cheepo one if you can and if its not the actual laser itself you are laughing. good luck will be required with the 470 !!!
  2. yes ive seen replacement lasers on a well known auction site they work out about 35 quid each, wont be interested in any of those, would rather scrap 470, as you say its a low end model, no harm in experimenting, i did not want to buy any more low end decks to fix low end decks, a guy was selling a 7a drive on the well known auction site so i thought why not, he did discribe it as not reading discs, we will see about that, fingers crossed.nowadays i need about 10- pairs of specs to see what i am doing !! anyway might be lucky , fortune favours the brave eh ! i switched the 930 on today and put a disc in that said sp1 on it, as i have recordings on both modes and usually wrote what mode on the disc, it wouldent play it, then i looked again and it had 124 mins of music on it, put another in that i knew was sp1 and away she went, when the other was in the 930 did exibit the things discribed with a mdlp disc
  3. pleased to hear about your 530, mustve stumbled on a kinda cure for some issues shame we cant stumble on a cure for the big headlines thats going on just now. well the 930 is still playing, i checked its life play time etc 10hrs record and 92hrs play its done nowt, ive recorded a track with it via optical so thats good. got it on soak test for awhile. 470 next, that will take a bit more as that ex 940 drive aint too heathy, i am sure its got a broken bit in it and thats not the laser, summat else is not right, found another on fleabay will see how i get on with that, its possible it may need lasers swapped, not for the faint hearted !! yet again its not always the laser is it !!!
  4. i have now re installed the 2 missing optical jacks and the rca coaxial jack, tested in and out with cd player and 980 and all is good. however as i may have said 1 rx optical remained originally, it did not work anyway, i replaced it too, it still dosent work, ahh well i am not messing with surface mount resistors my soldering capabilities dosent extend to those, i know how to search for faults etc betcha it will be one of those and not the thru hole cap that is inline, still ini 1 works fine. so that completes that next, i bought a 930 that apparently has no sound most of the time, out with the transport cleaned laser re inserted ribbons a couple of times and power connection its a 5d drive, no belts to bother with, re assembled and put in a sp1 disc and away she went, up to press everytime. wonder if the previous owner tried mdlp discs,as this player would read disc and appear to play as counter will go round so to speak, no sound will be emitted. if its as simple as that, bargain !! its playing as i write this.
  5. i used mono for 1 job when i had the 930, it was to record a morse code tutor coarse for a friend about 20 years ago it was on at least 4 c90 tapes, it went onto 2 74 min md's, its only spoken word and dots and dashes but it did the job the tapes died long ago the md recordings are still alive
  6. ive had md since 99/2000 , still got the md gear, i come back to it from time to time, it can spend months and not get looked at. back then i moved on from cassette tc k611s, dont get me wrong tapes can sound fantastic but you need good gear and good tapes. i found md gave great sound for a compressed format, its very clever, its much easier to record to etc than cassette. suppose md decks have better sound than what you may think because they have very good dacs in them, especially the higher end ones. addiction in my case, not sure but i have a friend that has 22 cassette decks sony es, naks etc and loadsa unused and used chrome/metal tapes. now thats an addiction !!!
  7. well look at that, somebody new visits the site and stumbles on a possible cure looks like c13 is not always the laser, if it does c13 all the time then probably laser if ribbon cable suspect just to say they can get broken if handled roughly then you are sunk then you are looking for a donor just for the cable.
  8. anyway i will get back to the 470 experiment md player in the near future i think its just connectivity probably with the 940 drive sitting for years ive still got a couple of jobs to do to the 940 they will need a soldering iron to sort i am quite compliant with one of those, not on those microbe bits you get nowadays its ok its got nowt to do with playback or record its just that two of the opticals have had a knock over the years, there is no damage to main pcb they have been removed prior so i will replace them when replacements arrive, there is 1 in and 1 out affected they are the older type with trianular locating lugs modern variety have just two lugs, as optical plugs are either rx or tx 1 of each was required. dont need to remove main board as with back panel off there is plenty of room for the iron.
  9. yeah just had a problem with that on the 470, it went into the constant toc writing stage, it would probably do that forever so off with the mains, there are two, looking from the back broad ish whits slots, when its off give the broader one a wee and i mean wee push first the stuck md will go towards out for about quarter inch then give the outside one a wee push keep going till disc is all the way out no harm done as i switched on and put disc back in only difference is the recorded track the toc hasent wrote isent there anymore it played the other two tracks normally still must be some crud on that drive connections, somewhere down the line i will give connecting block a smite of switch cleaner or ipa and see if that helps dosent help that 530 you have in that respect i suppose
  10. yep, the 470 has just recorded from vinyl we will put it down to age and oxidisation forgot to say the 940 is not a uk tuned model if that makes any difference
  11. did it still have a disc inside, ive had that problem before
  12. it was last night when i did the swap so when test the 940 played 4 of the 17 discs i put in that would not previously including the californication one thats shop soiled. havent tested with the other 13 yet. includes 2 maxell golds and a sharp disc they played no problem this time, a lot of my discs were recorded 20 years ago from vinyl with the 930 deck i had then in sp fast foreward to now, i have put it back on, put the sharp disc in and away she went no problem i will soon test the 470 and do a recording from vinyl and report back
  13. Hi i can now report the results of the drive swap as per kevins recomendation i retained the jb gromets and screws i am happy to say the 940 is playing all discs, it does now also record from analogue, as in the recent past it only showed up on vu meters and no sound actually recorded, however it did previously record from cd player direct via coaxial input. however there is a suprise here the 470 with the 940's drive in it also plays all discs, so the 470 still lives !!! wonder if all that was wrong was slightly iffy connections on ribbon cables into drive itself, we will never know. cheers guys i have one more job to do before it can be put into front line service. its possibly typical of a machine thats been out of action for a long time as many will be hmmm what now to do with the 470, now i know the drive is ok regards john
  14. ok, will do the swap over the weekend and report back when complete
  15. hi yes i did try some laser adjustments on the jb it was originally at 10, i tried it 2 steps either way, no change, on the jb there are the two ribbon cables and two what i would call earth straps, the 470 has only one, the screw hole is there for another, i did not see any flying lead on either, not shure i know what you mean by that, i take it thats these earth straps, they screw onto the drive and clip onto the chassis, are the mounting bushes the rubber parts where the four main screws go. my minidisc history goes back 20 years when i moved on from tape and bought a new jb930, several years later i sold the 930 and bought a nice 980 for £100, those were the days it seems, you cant get those for that now, it was for net md at the time, i still have the 980, at around the same time i also bought a mint mzr 909 for £20, also bought heaps of unused discs, around that time 2007'ish it was boom time if you wanted any md releated gear.
  16. i have a mds jb940 that has a weak laser, well thats what i suspect as it will play some discs and not others, its not disc make spacific, or how the disc is recorded eg sp or mdlp, it just dosent like some discs, i have 1 shop soiled one that i bought 20 years ago new, californication by the chilli peppers, it wont play that it gives c13, the ones it will play, it does each time and the ones it dosent well no cigar every time, i did clean the laser gently and have replaced the belt. all discs play no problem in the other player which i will get onto, i realise that replacing the laser is not easy, the other is a mds je470, i know they have the same disc drive, after some reading in the two service manuals, i checked the pin outs on both players to see if the bd board connections are compatable, in the service manuals the pin outs do the same exept they are numbered opposite way round, i would like to swap disc drives as the 940 is far the better machine, and i will experiment with the 470 at a later date, has anybody done this swap or encountered any issues doing so. regards john
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