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  1. I prefer the gumsticks (NH-14WM and look-a-likes) (MZ-RH910, MZ-N1 and MZ-N910), I have 8 of them and always some of them are charged. Sometimes I use AA (MZ-NH600 and MZ-NH700). I dislike most the LIP-4WM, short live and very costly to buy a new one. But replaceble is always better then build-in as is the case with my mp3-players.
  2. Best is to use the AC Adaptor while doing that. See page 54 of the User Manual: http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/Sony_MZ-RH1_user_manual.pdf
  3. I own (and don't use any more) a CD Walkman D-NE800 which use 2 gumsticks and plays very very long until a new charge is necessary.
  4. Yes, indeed but the others don't act like spammers and they are not the reason of this poll. For most members it is a hobby and you try to make money out of it, that's okay but use Ebay for making money and this forum to exchange information about minidisc with other minidisc lovers.
  5. My opinion is that anybody can post a sale in the classified section to give the md fans here the chance to buy the stuff for a reasonable price, after some time without a deal he/she can tell I put the sale on ebay now. In that case there is no need to give the link to your own ebay sale because nobody here wanted to buy for that price and on ebay you can expect the price will be much higher. If you want the highest possible price as Sony-Fan do there is no need to post the sale first in the forum because we are not rich enough I think. His priority is to earn some money and not to make somebody happy and of course that is his good right. In the case of Sony_Fan it is clear that he sell not outside the USA, that is his own choice you can't complain about that fact. But if a forum member see a good md offer on ebay he/she can attent the fellow forum members to that auction and give a link, I think there is no need to do that in the classified section. My English is not the best but I think your Dutch isn't better.
  6. Sony_fan buys md-stuff international as cheap as possible and sells national as expensive as possible and uses this forum to succeed. Some members (music lovers) don't like that, I am between them but he has the right to do that in the classified section. When you don't like his behaviour then don't read his posts. Maybe he must change his name in Money_fan.
  7. Look in Sonicstage Help, you can find a lot of info. Click for example on File>Import>Scan Folder>Settings to see which files you can import in SS: WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and of course Atrac. In the Help you can find the following message: Playback and conversion to OpenMG Audio format of imported MP3 (and WMA) files is only guaranteed for files with a constant bit rate (CBR). When transferring to Hi-MD, Net MD or Atrac Audio device you choose the settings to convert. You can also see and change the settings by clicking: Tools>Options>Transfer>Hi-MD (or MD)>Transfer Settings. There are two possibilities: Standard transfer mode in combination with the Advanced button to choose the settings when conversion is required Specified bit rate transfer mode, here you choose the Atrac3 or Atrac 3 plus bitrate SS must use when transferring the track The resulting files of the conversion are saved in the Optimized Files directory, you can also choose to let SS delete the files after the conversion. Look in the Help of SS for a lot more information.
  8. You can import the mp3's you have directly in SS and convert them while tranferring to (Hi)MD, you don't need to convert them to WAV. Some VBR MP3's are not converted well by SS and that's the reason I convert VBR MP3's to WMA-lossless 44.100 hz 24 bits, I use MediaMonkey to convert this MP3's to WMA-lossless. This way the tags of the MP3's are kept when importing the WMA's in SS. After succesful transfers I throw away the WMA's and the optimized (OMA) files and keep the original MP3's (and back-up them). I use MediaMonkey as my main musiclibrary (>10.000 tracks) and I import only the files I want to transfer to Hi-MD in SS, after that I empty SS and the optimized files directory. This works well for me. English is not my native language, so there will be some errors in this text.
  9. Did you already try Database optimization in SS, I get sometimes the same message "Transfers are not allowed" and after optimizing the database the tranfers succeed without any problem. Tools > Options > Advanced settings > Optimize Give it a try, you never knows.
  10. 1. 50 2. No 3. Yes, regularly use 4. Yes, new and old music 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Both
  11. Hi, The databases used by SS are Microsoft Access databases, the location in my case is: The path is: C:ProgramDataSony CorporationSonicstagePackages The files are: MtData.mdb and MtType.mdb I use Microsoft Access sometimes to change the data or to repair and compress the database. Make a copy before changing something. Jan
  12. Hi again, MP3 and WMA cannot be transfered to your HD1 directly, SonicStage convert these files to atrac, you can choose the ATRAC format and bitrate. Unless your HD1 has been adjusted for MP3 in that case you can transfer MP3 directly. I remember that I could sent my HD1 to Sony to rebuild my HD1 to play MP3-files, but I didn't do that because of the amount of money they asked for this adjustment, my HD1 can play ATRAC and ATRAC3 and I think also WAV but I didn't try that. Bye, Jan And yes I can sync my HD1 with the SonicStage ultimate version downloaded from this forum. I use the HD1 not so often nowadays because of the short live of the battery.
  13. Hi, SonicStage cannot import Flac-files. I use MediaMonkey (there are other programs you can use) to convert my flac to WMA-lossless and these WMA-lossless files can be imported by SonicStage and then you can convert these files to Atrac. I don't convert to WAV in MediaMonkey because in that case I lose my tags and I don't lose them when I convert to WMA-lossless. If you don't use wma-lossless but for instance mp3 it is better to use CBR and not VBR, because SonicStage sometimes handles VBR-files not good. For me this method gives a good result. Bye, Jan
  14. The most important question is: Are you enjoying listening to your music the way you use your equipment? I think your answer is: Yes! You tried different settings and choosed what you prefer most, both for sq and for discspace. It is a matter of taste and everyone will try different settings and choose the setting he or she like the most. Believe your own ears and not the ears of somebody else. So, be happy and keep enjoying music!
  15. My ranking of the units I own: 1. MZ-E900 2. MZ-NH700, MZ-RH710 and MZ-NH600 (not much difference in SQ) 3. MZ-NH1 4. MZ-RH910 I use the MZ-RH1 only connected to my PC to put music on the discs. The MZ-DH10P has good SQ but the battery is very soon empty and the nice screen is mostly dark so I almost don't use this unit.
  16. Qualia, Very well done, it is a piece of art. It's worth all the effort. I'am jealous. Jan
  17. A few days ago I bought a "new" md player. I already own 7 hi-md units but I could not resist a mdlp walkman MZ-E900 (15 Euro on a car boot sale). After some cleaning the player works perfect. What a nice little player that is, my favorite player at the moment, very good sq and the battery seems to last forever. I also have a lot of mp3 players (11) but I prefer my md-player/recorders and especially this new oldy.
  18. Hi, Is it not possible for you to start your nw-a1000 and choose in the menu settings and Initialize Disk? If not then try to format your player in windows be careful and choose FAT32 as system, after the reformat start SonicStage and try to transfer some music. Disconnect your player and as all is well you see Creating Library on the player, may be you get a message after that but your player must be working well. I tried this with my NW-A3000 (Format in windows as FAT32 and after that SonicStage could transfer music to my player) and my player was working, to be sure I also choose Initialize Disk on my player in the settings menu after this operation and loaded my player again with music via Sonicstage. I hope this is helpful for you. Greetings, Jan
  19. Hi Jenna, The only software I know about with the possibility of converting .oma to .mp3 files is Switch Sound File Converter. You can free download this software from www.nch.com.au/switch I just tried a conversion directly from my A3000 to my hard disc and it succeeded. The .oma file must not be DRM'd I think. Start the program (first connect your A3000), choose Add File(s) and change Audio Files to All Files. Now you can browse your A3000 (the maps below OMGAUDIO) and search for the files you want to convert. Of course you can also convert .oma files which are on your hard disc. I hope you have good luck . Jan
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