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  1. Has anyone experience with the language setting on X series? Can it be changed to japanese?
  2. Hi guys, I just got back from my Japan trip and I've acquired a rare Pansonic SJ-MJ500 MiniDisc Player. Everything is in like new condition with all accessories, pouch, docking station/speakers, pouch, box, etc. Apparently this is the last generation of Panasonic minidisc players (read: rare) and looks/sounds great. the unit you are looking at is the orange in the center. asking 200 USD + paypal fees
  3. congrats on the successful move! why not post a pic of your new house? =P

  4. just wanted to second that delivers as promised!
  5. I was curious, why did you decide to let go of your units? I have both an iphone and ipod, have music on there but you know what when it comes to quality, I just don't sense the depth of field in music coming from an ipod. I understand the simplicity and ease of use with the ipod, and I admit I manage my music collection through iTunes, but what if the hard drive goes bad? I doubt we can go anywhere without minidiscs. If only mac support could be improved some how. It doesn't look like legacy md went anywhere with that... PS. You should keep the silver NH1 =]
  6. Hey, just letting you know that I received the package today. The NH1 is VERY impressive. I never imagined it to be smaller than the RH1. Thanks again!
  7. good luck.. The nh1 is a great player, although not quite up to rh1 levels, I mainly got it to match my lam-x1. But still an amazing design. I sure hope the case is magnesium like the eh1 Btw: OP should edit the post to gold player sold
  8. That's interesting... considering mds are not waterproof in anyway. I think your clothes must have cushioned the fall =]
  9. great choice! let me know how that works out. And i apologize for the mistake.. when I read Denon somehow Onkyo went through my mind.
  10. Atom processor?? Come on Sony, we know u can do better than that if ur going to compete up against the mba
  11. Has anyone with a Japan domestic Netjuke system that has tried linking to a US market walkman player through its WM-PORT? I'd be bummed if I purchase a walkman mp3 player that can't connect
  12. What unit are u using? all hi-md recorders can do legacy mdlp recordings...
  13. based on brand, Sony has the habit of bringing their top of the line audiophile products through Denon, so I would go for that
  14. i'd like to have a place of my own too.. good luck!
  15. wow... i purchased this from them 2 years ago and they were out of stock ever since...
  16. do u think u could cut me a deal if i take ALL your blanks (those with unused labels) the shipping would probably kill me, but quote please and shipping to SAN DIEGO, CA 92122 thanks!
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