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  1. I had made a copy of my 'tmp' sub-folder in GYM and copied it to my work computer. Tracks still don't play. Not sure what it could be. Any other suggestions? PS - Thanks for the help. JSP
  2. Hey with SS 3.4 coming out, which does not require DRM licenses, can this be resolved now or still the same thing..."Tough luck" ?
  3. Thanks, that worked...partly though. NOTE I think I might not have generated enough keys. Thus far I have about 10GB of music files loaded onto my 40GB Sony Vaio Pocket. When I created the keys I used 'not more than 10,000' (it was the one before entering a value selection). I took a look at how many files my 10GB is currently using, but thus far I only have 2,282 oma files (REF ENCLOSED PIC)....seeing this, I don't think it can be the key gen wizard. I am kinda confused now, cause I don't understand why some tracks can be saved but others cannot. I know all formats are in MP3 with bitrates of different values (128, 132, 320 etc), but I don't believe this is an issue. This is also the same as with playing the tracks through GYM, some work others do not. Does anyone have any suggestions? PS - When I return home, I will have to check to see if I can save all tracks, since this issue is happening at work. Thanks
  4. Can anyone answer if the GYM Key Wizard must be run on each computer for which you install the GYM software ? I have successfully loaded GYM and able use AND save tracks on my home computer. BUT, I cannot get GYM working on my computer work. I can load the software, I can start the software, BUT I cannot play tracks, nor can I save tracks. Anyone have any troubleshooting tips ?
  5. I have done a google on this issue last week. Interestingly I found a link that discusses this issue and had a possible resolution. ref: http://www.blazemp.com/convert_oma.htm Things are busy and I have not had a chance to try it out, but plan on giving it a shot in the next 2 days.
  6. Ishi-san Okay so if someone upgrades...there is the risk of reinitializing. If I understand correctly, reinitilizing, means total memory wipe...EVERYTHING ERASED, is this correct? Let us assume that it will always ask for re-initializtion when upgrading, how does one keep all songs(or whatever else) from being erased? Would it just mean a simple process of making a back up (back up tool in SS or copy the OMGAUDIO folder <---sony VP) then uninstalling the newer version and put back the original version, and then finally place back the backed up songs ? I am debating whether or not I will upgrade to the 3.4 with my Sony VP. **edit** I forgot to mention there is nothing in my SS library =). I transfered all my songs using the Vaio Pocket Transfer program. I thought it best that I do not depend on SS to upload songs. Thanks
  7. Update, I can get GYM to work, I am not sure what I was doing wrong. I was able to get it working after a 2 month hiatus of not dealing with it. NEW PROBLEM, can't get files to play on GYM at work!! UUUGGGG!
  8. Other than just you Ishi, seems like some one is having problems with the VP being reconized by SS 3.4. Can anyone else confirm / deny the results of the upgraded 3.4 version with Sony Vaio Pockets?
  9. See that is what I am thinking. Even though it is in MP3 format, perhaps it was done so through SS and DRM was upheld. I just need to find someone in the same situation.
  10. Stuge, do you by chance see anything that I am doing wrong?
  11. Hello everyone. I am one of the people who is having trouble with getting GYM to work. I have been troubleshooting the issue and found some intersting things. I am still learning how to use GYM, MP3 FM and a few others. I just got my hands on a used Vaio Pocket (VP) and there songs that I wanted to keep. I thought installing and using the GYM software would help allow me to transport the files onto my PC. I have confirmed the songs on the VP are in fact MP3 format, according to SonicStage 3.3. For some reason GYM does not play these songs, but instead freezes. Now I had tested and did the same exact processes with MY OWN songs from my PC transferred to the VP via "Vaio Music Transfer" software and repeated the GYM/MP3FM process. Low and behold MY SONGS played on GYM. This being said, does this mean the songs that were not originally mine cannot be transfer to my computer via GYM ??? PS - I am really hoping someone with a VP can help answer this question for me. PSS - I have put off making a post cause I was determined to figure this out, but after 3 days of troubleshooting I am throwing in the towel.
  12. Thanks Stuge, that clears some things up for me.
  13. I am suppose to put the crack files (which are located in the GYM/tmp folder) on my VP ?? MP3 FM asks for this?? I am confused, am I too switch the current files in my OMGAUDIO folder and put the files from my GYM/tmp folder in there in order to get GYM working?
  14. xispe: can you save tracks back to your harddrive ? I can go into the VP drive and drag&drop the OMGAUDIO folder onto my PC. But how do I distinguish what file is what track? I think there is a post in this forum about that right? Someone cracjed/solved the namign method right? Stuge: In which Format you are using your files in VP ? The tracks that were on it (I bought the VP second hand), according to SS, specify that they are MP3 format and they are all different type of bitrates. How would this prevent my GYM from operating?
  15. Can anyone tell me why we should be installed MP3 FM on the portable device? As you can see on my profile I use a VP not that it matter. I am confused as to why it should be installed on the device as opposed to the PC. Do we need to have it installed on both the PC and portable audio device (PAD)? Thanks
  16. ***UPDATE*** I am amazed at the power of google. Seems I found another site that talked about this. I just found out that there is a manual reset button on the VP. It is a tiny hole on the bottom. Hope this helps someone that has the similar problem. I am still interested though in understanding why the mp3 transferred with title "aaaaaaaaaaa". So if anyone can answer that I would be a smarter cookie.
  17. Just to bring this old post alive, seems I am having the same problem as you guys. I transfered 1 track as a test onto my VP and it transfered okay. BUT the transfered file was read by MP3 FM as "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", so something bad happened and perhaps just the title was messed up. I tested even further and checked to see if my VP would play it. I found the track and it showed as "aaaaaaaaaaaa", what is even worse the VP froze just like you guys. But now I cannot even erase the track through MP3 FM or SS, because my PC doesn't show that the device is connected. I cannot shut it off and all is says is the "Switching to Data Transfer Mode" So now I think I am in big trouble. Can you guys give me some advise? PS - the track is 192kbps and is mp3 Frustrated, JSP NOTE: I just noticed and I made a unconcious mistake when I transfered the track. I didn't even realize that the track had '+' character in the title. I know I saw some post that said certain characters cause trouble, right? What kind of trouble? Is this reason why I just froze my VP and cannot unfreeze? Still fustrated, JSP
  18. Hello, I am hoping that someone has some suggestions on how to solve my problem. 1) I am having problems playing songs through 'GYM'. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong. Seeing that I am still very new to this all and just recently purchased my Vaio Pocket (VP) , I apologize for my lack of knowledge. I believe I have installed all the relevant software in order to make my VP work with GYM - installed Sonic Stage 3.3 - installed MP3 File Manager 2.0 - installed MS .NET 1.1 - installed GYM 1.2beta - already have DirectX 9.0c installed Now I am unsure if I have to instal in any particular order. Perhaps this could be an issue. Now I had followed the directions for GYM and ran the wizrd and made cracks. I let the wizard finish and opened up the software. GYM recognizes all my tracks, but for some reason I cannot play them. I hit the play button and it just seems to stay in limbo and show the hour glass. I can stop it if its relatively quick after tryign to play, but if I leave for more than a minute or so, the program freezes. I am open to any input or ideas to trouble shoot. Thanks
  19. Pretty much so. In short, "Good luck we know our software sucks, but we are not doing anything"
  20. I did finish the wizard...took me an hour, and it completed and acknowledged the notice of delete files. I forget which ones it said it would delete, I am at work now and will have to check when I get back home. I did read somewhere about the Direct X, I checked last nite and saw I have 9.0c. FYI - After the MP3 FM finishes am I suppose to leave this open? I exit out of it thinking that I am finished, perhaps this is where I am making a mistake. I am 1 day into this stuff and my new player, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge of this software. I am taking time to study up on this to understand. Thanks again
  21. Hello, as with everyone, HATS OFF TO YOU for coming up with and more importanly going through with the creation of another program that performs most/all functions of SS. I have joined this forum for just this type of information of what I was looking. I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem we have with Sony. Provided that I may get this program to work I shall most definately donate to this AWESOME CAUSE!!! I am unsure if I should slow this momentum down and post in this thread or make a separate thread. (hopefully the Admin can decide), but I seem to be having a problem with playing the music. Do anyone have any input for me to troubleshoot? Let's see, I installed GYM 1.2beta ; installed MP3 FM 2.0 (on PC and on player) ; installed MS .net 1.1 ; and ran the wizard.
  22. Hello to all, I am new to this forum and thus far I am happy to have met and find a forum about this area of music play. To help with your question about if buying one is right for you. Perhaps it is best that you state what you are looking for, no? PS - I wish we could play video on it...though I have heard it can be done...just haven't found out the way....yet!
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