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  1. Hey h3xta, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium. Hope you enjoy your stay Did you CDDB for the song titles or did you input them manually? If you CDDBed for them, check to make sure that they had made the title the same. For example, "The One" and "The One " (a space after the last word) yields two different albums. When you rip, it'll all be in the same directory, but when you transfer it, the player takes those as two separate albums. anyway, hope that solves your problem.
  2. Hey rocketor, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, and hope you enjoy your stay Like what Stuge said, you should charge via the AC adapter. As to answer your question about how long to charge it, when you charge it, the data cable has a red light that lights up. When the charging is done, the light will be off, and you'll know that it's done charging. Personally, I'd go with installing SonicStage CP, since Connect player is more or less DOA. I think they might have a few more updates for Connect, but it looks like the horse that they tried to kill (SonicStage) will be here for the long haul.. haha
  3. A major complaint from a lot of people that I too would like to see in upcoming versions of SonicStage CP would be to have unicode support. The player themself supports it, but because of sony doing things differently in different regions, some regions aren't able to show certain languages properly.. so Unicode support would be a major plus Another thing that I wouldnt mind having is an equalizer. Anybody remember OpenMG Jukebox? I remember how I used to like to fiddle with the equalizer settings and change the pitch of the songs and stuff, haha (yes, i'm easily amused =P ) Lastly, I think that the software engineers at sony need to work more on stability issues. I personally havn't had any [major] stability problems, as I only import CDs and rip them directly as ATRAC3plus 64kbps. My sister on the other hand has her stuff all in MP3 format and she complains of slowness and crashing sometimes while transfering files to the player. I think sony should have by default transfering files "as-is", since new users of the software will probably not take the wait of converting files lightly. At least that way, it will be more like the rest of the players out there, and if the consumer themself want to maintain sound quality and be able to fit more music on their players, they can do it at their own discretion. Off topic but.. Man, we have come a LONG way since the original incarnation of sonicstage/connect (OpenMG Jukebox). That thing was prone to crashing, not as user friendly, and was much more strict with the DRM. For example, even if you ripped music from your OWN CDS that you purchased, you were only allowed 3 transfers! Now, if you rip on your own or obtain music files don't have any DRM restrictions (ie. MP3), you can transfer it out on as many things as you want! Though progress has been slow with the changes, I find that with each major upgrade to SonicStage, the end-user experience has gotten better.
  4. aznbro85

    S2 Sports MP3 Player

    though all the fitness-related features seem interesting, i really think that the nike+ipod one would be much better (function and sales-wise). That project has the backing of two big american corporations that "can do no wrong" :\ I havn't seen either in action, so i won't comment on that aspect of it. I would agree with you pata2001, except I kind of like the styling of the sports one and find it to be nicer than the E00x series. It's the first fitness walkman that I can think of that (1) looks good and (2) doesn't have a funky color scheme (at least IMHO) I'll be at SonyStyle San Francisco to nab one when it's out, even though I don't really need it (look at all the HD/MD/Flash walkmans i've gotten through the years @_@ ) P.S. Great tagline Pata! Every time I see it, it makes me chuckle.. I've learned to love M$'s Applocale because of Sony USA's thinking that "kanji is the source of all evil" :-P
  5. aznbro85

    No more NW-A3000B?

    nepsa, if you read my post carefully, i stated that sony japan does NOT sell the NW-A3000/NW-A1200 in black anymore. So using that as a benchmark, I was saying that since their "primary market" stopped selling them, it was reasonable that all the rest of the countries would stop selling them as well.
  6. aznbro85

    No more NW-A3000B?

    Yeah, I reckon that Sony did discontinue the NW-A3000 in black. I checked out sonystyle japan's website: http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Walkman/Produc...h_navi#nw-a3000 and under the black NW-A3000 and NW-A1200, it says: "販売を終了しました " I altavista translated the whole page, and it said: "It ended sale" So based on sonystyle japan's site, the black versions of the NW-A3000 and the NW-A1200 are indeed discontinued Good thing i snabbed one when i had the chance I agree with dura.. I have the NW-A1200 in purple, and i really love it. It's one thing to see it in pictures, but to see how classy it really is, you need to hold it and see for yourself just now nice the purple looks. Anyway, I can't wait til october to see what's up Sony's sleeves
  7. aznbro85

    S2 Sports MP3 Player

    Taken from the Sonystyle USA website: http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....specs&var2= Weights & Dimensions: Weight: 0.9oz (26g) Measurements: 3.79x0.78x0.59" (96.5x15x15mm) i checked the specs for both, and they are both the same size and weight
  8. aznbro85

    S2 Sports MP3 Player

    The links are working now As previously reported, the NW-S203F (1GB) will set you back $119.95, and the NW-S205F (2GB) will cost $149.95 I checked the specs page and sony is really supplying an armband for this player, haha "Expected to ship on or about Semptember 15, 2006" haha.. semptember... anyway
  9. Hey Colin, Welcome to the ATRACLife Colloquium.. Hope you enjoy your stay Where in the world are you located? I don't know how Sony Connect Music Service works in the rest of the world, but I know that for Sony USA, in order to use the player on multiple computers, you need to register it first with their online music store. When you do that, you have one account that can be used on up to 5 computers. When your computers are "registered" to the music service, you can transfer music to and from the player to any of the (up to) 5 computers that you have it registered for.
  10. Hey danfromabove, Welcome to the ATRACLife Colloquium. Hope you enjoy your stay What file format is the song that you are trying to transfer into SonicStage? Are they MP3s, WMAs, AACs, etc? If it's a WMA or AAC file, check to see if they are protected files or not. If they are protected WMAs or AACs, SonicStage is unable to transfer them over to the player because Sony's license for the WMA/AACs are only for the unprotected type of files.. It is unable to "read" the license and send em off to the player. (you'd need to use players that work under WMP for the secured WMA's and iPods for secured AACs) If it is an MP3 file, what is the bitrate? I've had instances where I've had like three variable bitrate MP3s when transfered 'as-is', they dont want to play. After i converted them to ATRAC3plus and sent them to the player, it played. Anyway, keep us posted on if you're able to get it to work and if so what the problem was
  11. aznbro85

    New A3000 Screen ?

    Hey ub_ I don't think you're able to buy a cover screen for the a3000. In order for you to get it "fixed" I think you'll need to send it in to get it serviced. How bad are the scratches? I've had my NW-E507 now for about a year, and my NW-A3000 for about 4 months. They're both made of the same type of plastic/cover, and I thought they were pretty durable.. I have two hair-line scratches on the A3000, but i dont see anything on my E507. i DID however, manage to break my screen for my A3000. My room is very messy and somehow an ant had found it's way into the player through the audio output jack Seeing that it had no screws, I tried to pry it open. I was about to leave for school in 10minutes, so I wasn't thinking straight and was freaking out. I did stupid things.. Long story short, I broke the two hinges of the cover screen on the left side of the player. My friend had helped me buy it when he was in Hong Kong in January of this year, and he just went back last week. Hope he's able to help me get it replaced. And yeah, i agree with you ub_ I reckon it'll be an expensive replacement, since the damage isn't part of the warranty..... "Self-servicing due to ant invasion" I gave him a spending limit.. If it's less than $50USD get it fixed, if not, just bring it back and i'll continue using my "damaged goods"... lol So sad, after I gave it to him to bring back, i saw the new firmware 3.0 for the A3000. I dont get to test it out now until late august well, hope you guys have a good laugh at my expense
  12. That sounds quite odd. I installed Sonicstage CP on two computers, and both seem to run fine without eating up all of my computer's CPU Usage. I'm running a 2Ghz Celeron with 512MB RAM, Windows Media Center Edition laptop. After installation and after the reboot, when it came time to "convert the database", i was a little bit concerned.. I only have ~2500 songs in my database, and it took half an hour for it to do so! But after that first time, SSCP starts up as fast as SS3.4 for me, which is less than 10seconds It's using A LOT LESS RAM/CPU power compared to Connect Player 1.0 I think this version of SSCP is running about the same as to when I was using SS3.4 I'm running the (unofficial?) USA release. On Connect.com it's still Sonicstage 3.4, but I found the download to it on Atraclife's homepage about the announcement of the new SSCP. Guess it'll be finalized soon or something. It goes into the Connect USA site and I have no problem buying music and what not. Anyway, sorry to hear about both of your problems
  13. aznbro85

    Sony`s NEW DVD Walkman`S

    I just found these on sonystyle USA's website.. BOTH the D-VE7000S and the DVP-FX810 will be $199.95 MSRP The D-VE7000S is already on sale, and the DVP-FX810 is "Pre-order today. Expected to ship on or before May 30, 2006 " Info on the VE7000S: Sony's DVD Walkman® Portable DVD Player offers the features and precision engineering for entertainment to keep you moving. It's 7" Widescreen LCD brings out the full scope of your movies in an ultra-slim, remarkable design. The Speaker Cradle turns any space into your personal theatre, delivering exceptional and dynamic digital sound. Perfect for travelling or home, it also charges the DVD Walkman Lithium-ion battery as you watch. When fully charged and disconnected from the cradle, the rechargeable battery also provides up to three hours2 of stand-alone operation. Its multi-format DVD and CD compatibility gives you the power of choice. Enjoy your favourite sounds with MP3 playback and high-detail JPEG imaging with slideshow display. Connect your game system, digital camera, or VCR and use the unit as a compact external monitor. Share the moment with someone close with the Twin Headphone Jacks. The D-VE7000S DVD Walkman from Sony offers full DVD entertainment in a slim, stylish and ultra-portable design. 7" Widescreen1 LCD is large enough to view movies in theatrical 16:9 while still being portable. Unique slim one piece design allows you to easily pack and take anywhere you go. Built-in Lithium-ion Battery gives up to 3 hours2 of battery life on one charge and is un-obtrusive. Multi-Format Compatibility3 Able to playback multiple formats of both audio and video discs. Supported formats includes both dual and single layer DVD-R/R DL/RW, DVD+R/R DL/RW, Jpeg CD’s, MP3 CD’s, CD-R/RW. High power speaker/charging cradle has 450mW + 450mW of power which can turn any space into your own personal theater. Selectable Video In/Out allows you to connect external video sources such as your game system, camera or VCR and use the unit as a Monitor. The video and audio out ports allow you to hook the DVD player up to a full size TV and sound system. Twin headphone jacks make sharing a movie with family and friends easy by allowing two people to listen to the same audio at the same time and share the enjoyment. Wireless Remote controls playback and volume functions. Kick Stand and ergonomic grip add convenience and ease of use while on the go by providing a comfortable and easy way to hold or display the unit while on the go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ DVP-FX810 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sony’s DVP-FX810 8" Widescreen LCD boasts a rugged design with sophisticated features. The swivel and flip screen offers multiple viewing angle options whether you are in a car, train or plane, or at the beach or the park. Watch a regular full-length movie with its up to 5 1/2 hour battery capacity1 or plug in the supplied car adapter for extended viewing. Control buttons are located on the screen bezel for ease of use. Skip or fast forward a scene is so easy to do either with the control buttons or with the dual-sensor remote control. The special dual-sensor for remote control is a very convenient feature to have especially for the ones that are seated farther away from the screen. It gives them an extra angle to control the DVP-FX810 remotely. This portable DVD player is lightweight and compact that you can carry it anywhere you go. Though it is designed for adults, its durability is certainly built for kids. FEATURES LIST: Dual Sensor for Remote Control The special dual-sensor for remote control is a very convenient feature to have especially for the ones that are seated farther away from the screen. It gives them an extra angle to control the buttons remotely. 8" LCD Widescreen Monitor Swivel & Flip Screen Offers multiple viewing angle options. Removable and Rechargeable Battery up to 5 1/2 Hours of Battery Life1. DVD, CD, MP3, and JPEG Playback3 AC and Car Adapter Included Anyway, hope this information helps
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