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  1. Hey fadigt, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay After reading your post a few times, I'm still a little confused. Are you using it on ONE computer or two computers? From the way you said it, it sounded like you have one computer, and you had to reformat it. Did you mean that sonicstage is asking you to reinitialize the player before you can use it again on the computer that you had to format and reinstall sonicstage on? Also, what country are you in? Appearantly different countries have different usage rights.. EDIT I forgot to mention.. when you De-Authorize your PC, the files still stay there, you just can't play them because you dont have the license to. After Re-Authorizing it, and obtaining the proper licenses, you should be able to play em. So if you're worried about losing your files when you de-authorize your computer, don't worry, they shouldn't go anywhere.. And I think this only happens with songs bought off Connect. If you ripped em yourself and disabled the copy protection, the songs should still be able to play if you de-authorize the computer
  2. Hey drmoze, The Atrac files are still in your computer. You can do a windows search to find all the *.OMA files on your computer. OR you can open up Sonicstage, go to "Tools" then "Options" and under the sub-tab "Location to save imported files" and then you can see where the files have been saved. When you rip CDs on your own, you can select to have them not add copy protection DRM into the files. I havn't checked whether the files that are from MP3 => OMA can disable copy protection or not. Feel free to install SS onto a different computer and try to play one of the OMA files to see whether it is copy protected or not.. but for sure the tracks you rip from CD and you deselect Copy Protection those you can play on any computer
  3. Hey yazuka, They will probably ask you to tell them the symptoms that you are exhibiting. Since the HD-3 has been out for a while, I'm sure the warranty has expired by now, so they can offer to repair for a price or something.. As for the phone number, where in the world do you live? You can probably go to the corporate sony site and then do a search for a tech number for you to use.
  4. Hey Walker, that doesn't sound good at all. You should be able to get into the player as a removable drive. If it's showing that it's not ready, that means that the format probably didn't go well. I'd say to reset it again.. then within the player go format the device again. Try to upgrade the firmware using the Asia-Pacific firmware file. My friend bought his at SonyStyle in San Francisco, and the firmware file on esupport USA didn't work for him. We tried out the Asia-Pacific one, and it worked. Here's the link: http://www.css.ap.sony.com/consumer/templa...p;Model=NW-E507 Hope it works for you. Goodluck!
  5. CP just stands for Connect Player. Since you have SonicStage 4.0 then you do have the forementioned SSCP 4.0 When you hit the format, it cleared out everything in the player, so i guess you can say that it is "new". As for windows being able to see the drive but not sonicstage... are you able to try the player on a different USB port of your computer. When you do it will most likely reinstall drivers because it's on a different port, and hopefully sonicstage will be able to detect the player after that. hope it helps -- keep us updated
  6. Hey no_alibi, I don't know if this will work or not, but have you tried to plug the player into a different USB slot?
  7. Hey yazuka, does the NW-HD3 have that built in battery on/off switch like the HD1? If so, turn it off for like 10-15minutes and then turn it back on. Also, upon start up, put your ear towards the player and listen and see if there is any activity going on. Check to see if you can hear any "clicking" noises, as that may be a sign on the harddrive going bad..
  8. aznbro85

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    It shouldn't it doesnt eat up THAT much battery in that short amount of time.. lol And besides, it can help you prevent accidently pressing play and draining the battery when you're not using the player. AND to answer your question about the fragmentation... i reckon Sony didn't really do it per-se.. cuz you initialize your player before using it. When there's nothing on the drive, it technically cannot be fragmented since there are NO files on the player to be "out of place" I think it's when after you transfer all your music and start listening to it is when the bits of data get all over the place and it takes longer to "track them down" or something like that.. it's a harddrive after all.. and all harddrives will get fragmented. What sony should have done IMHO I think was to add more RAM/utilized it better to buffer the track listings into the RAM, instead of loading it up each time from the Harddrive EACH time you are performing a search action. I've noticed that "slowness" since the NW-HD1.. I'm kinda surprised that they haven't done something about it yet...
  9. correct ID3 tags for the track numbers can solve the problem too if you transfered an album and it doesnt play em in the album's track listing
  10. Hey yazuka, I'm thinking that the HD3 is very similar to the HD1. Have you tried to pressing and holding down the "Menu" button until the player turns off? Also, on the bottom of the player, is there the "Built in Battery" On/Off switch? If so, you can try switching the battery to "Off" for a few minutes to kill the electric signal going into the player. Hope these suggestions work for you.. keep us posted!
  11. Hey asianmoomoo, sorry to hear that you werent able to get the one you wanted to get, but congrats on getting the e507 for so cheap! I bought it when it first came out and I think it was like $199. Anyway, to answer your questions: 1. I PMed some instructions on how to use Applocale. That should work -- if not tell me 2. They used to sell a caribiner for it, but they dont anymore. My suggestion is to look on like e-bay or something online for 3rd party accessories, as they arent readily available in-stores 3. SonicStage CP 4.0 is the newest, and I think it'd be best to get that one. You can get it at http://www.connect.com 4. One way to have more life (err.. make it close to the rated 50hours is to transfer music thats in the ATRAC format onto the player. At 64kbps Atrac3plus *ripped from cd -- not converted from MP3s -- THIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE* it sounds pretty good. As for prolonging the battery itself, i don't know. I generally use it until it shows the "low battery" and then recharge it to full. My battery still is problem free. There's a good website that tells you all you need to know about all the common batteries out there. It's worth a read if you're interested.. http://www.batteryuniversity.com/ hope this helps EDIT: Here's a direct link to their section about Lithium based batteries: http://www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm
  12. THANK YOU! Sometimes I think SonicStage gets an unjust bad reputation for no reason. I'll admit, I've had my gripes with OpenMG Music Management software and earlier versions of SonicStage, but I feel that SS 3.0 and up have been really good. So many people are hesitant to get Sony based MP3 players because of the horror stories they hear about SonicStage. I've told a few of my friends who were hesitant about it to download sonicstage and try it out before buying a Walkman, and so far I've been lucky to have converted most of them onto the Sony side of things
  13. aznbro85

    get nw a3000 or wait?

    If you see the size difference then you'll know why.. with how thin and small the nano is, I can see why the battery life is just 20 hours, esp with the color screen and picture capabilities... the a3000 is so "big" that it BETTER have a BIG battery for long battery life! but yeah, if you plan to be very active running around and stuff, a flash based is probably a better pick. If it's just to bring your entire music collection with you whereever you go, then I guess a HD based one would be better. Here, check out this guide that's on sonystyle USA's website: http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....es%2fmp3%2eisml Hope this information helps you out!
  14. Hey Kbadone, Congrats on your purchase, and glad that you really like it. Before trying it outside, I recommend going into the options and making sure the brightness is at full. When it's at full, I am able to see the screen sometimes while i'm outside during the day sometimes it's easier to read it from an angle too, instead of looking at it head on.
  15. aznbro85

    get nw a3000 or wait?

    since hard drives have moving parts, a drop can kill the drive, despite the fact that it has the G-sensors and stuff. Hard drives WILL fail. It's inevitable.. it's just a matter of when Hard drives also increase the weight of the overall player, and eats up the battery much quicker. since flash has no moving parts, the thought is that they will last longer. And since it doesnt have to "spin-up" like harddrives, there is barely any lag between pressing a button and the corresponding function. For example, my HD based walkmans take up to 20 seconds to boot from a cold boot. My flash based ones start up playback instantaneously
  16. aznbro85

    get nw a3000 or wait?

    Hey lodore, here's the link: http://www.atraclife.com/2006/08/28/sony-a...teer-chip-boom/ In one section, it says: According to iSuppli’s Mr. Kim, Sony is also expected to launch a flash-memory-chip-based portable media player and a new version of its Playstation Portable game player. He said the new products will have as much as eight to 10 gigabytes of NAND flash memory per system.
  17. Yep, you are correct The R-W!N8r. It'll delete all OMA files that were made in the process of transcoding and transfering to the player. If you ripped CDs in ATRAC or purchased music from Connect music store, it will not touch those OMA files, as it won't touch any of your wma/aac/etc.. only OMAs created during conversion & transfering to your walkman
  18. Xufar, these four come in one file directly from sony. In order to have other ones, i think somebody will have to make them I guess we'll just have to wait for some creative people to make some and share them with the rest of us.. haha
  19. Hey Dvno1, hey there, from the sound of it i think it is the hard drive that has gone defective. If you're unable to look through the drive via Windows Explorer that's a sign that there's an underlying problem. If the database was corrupt, it should still be there when you dig around using Windows Explorer, but since you cant even access it, I have reason to believe that it's the drive that's gone bad. Do you notice if you hear slight "clicks" when the drive is spinning up/accessing info? P.S. In the future you should always back up your music files. The same applies to all your data files as well. A hard drive will *always* die, no-matter what. You should back it up on a removable medium..
  20. Hey granbajo, Thanks for the heads up. I've tried that function before, and yeah, it's not the same.. hehe but it does the job when i want to listen to all the tracks from one artist and stuff. Sometimes i just like more variety.. like how if you have a 100disc cd-changer, after it finishes one, it'll go to the next, it might be the same artist, it might not. thanks again for the little tip though!
  21. thanks for responding doclloyd and JSP62. I agree with both of you. I was surprised when I saw that the files on psp.connect.com were ZIP, instead of being in a MP4 format or something that can be transfered directly from connect to the player. I do believe that eventually you will be able to connect into CONNECT via your wireless devices and transfer purchased material onto the device remotely, without the use of a computer. I think progress is slow, but moving. I tried http://ebooks.connect.com , and there seems to be a place holder for it. Just to make sure, I tried http://ebook.connect.com and http://movies.connect.com and http://downloads.connect.com, all of those yielding 404's. So who knows.. maybe by the end of the year, all of the portables will be somewhat more connected via this CONNECT portal..
  22. Hi totesz, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium. Hope you enjoy your stay. For now, the four that you found on the Canadian support site are the only four that are official ones from Sony. Sony support for Europe, Asian-Pacific, Japan, and USA, all have this file as well. http://esupport.sony.com/CA/perl/swu-downl...57&os_id=16 In case others didn't know about it, the file gives you these four screensavers: Galaxy Rhythm: Dolphin: Rabbit: I installed them onto my players.. I think out of all of them, I like rhythm the most, but I think the dolphins are kinda cool. I especially liked the clock and calender that was given in the newest firmware, though
  23. Kinda random, but here goes.. Hey all, I just opened up SonicStage right now and it went into the connect musicstore, and I noticed it have a new design to the connect music store. It now follows the color-scheme/styling of the others, and the redesign makes it seem to flow more with the "Connect" layout, as opposed to the orange/white-ness that contrasted the color scheme of SonicStage CP. Anyway, I was wondering.. do you guys think this is the supposed RELAUNCH of CONNECT? And do you guys think the ebooks and the downloadable PSP games/tv shows & movies and other stuff will be coming out in the near future too?
  24. I think if the "HOLD" was on, the screen would display "HOLD" Have you tried to reset it by shoving something into the "reset" hole?
  25. Yeah, me neither I guess if we really wanted, we can all band together, rip our CDs in 352kbps Atrac3plus, and then share em with each other
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