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  1. Hey metal, like i had stated, I rip all my own music from cd, and from what i could hear i couldn't hear obvious 'gapped' playback. Before when it was gapped it was very noticable, but when i tried it now, i couldn't hear an obvious pause between tracks, but i *think* i might have heard a split-second break, but i could be wrong though.. can you point me to a cd or some files that has continous playback?
  2. So, after finding out about the new Network Walkman and the discontinuation of SonicStage and the ATRAC format, I had an itching to try out one of the new players. Being the Network Walkman whore that I am, after finding out that they were released on Wednesday in the US, I gave my local Sony Style store (San Francisco, California) a call, and indeed they had these new players in stock! So the next day I made it a mission to go check out these players. And check it out i did! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEFORE I START: I noticed that people here on Atraclife wanted to check out the user's manual, and it wasn't on sony's e-support site. I extracted the one off from the software CD and here it is to anybody who is interested in it =) http://www.mediamax.com/aznbro85/Hosted/A810_GB.pdf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, let's let the games begin! the new sonystyle bag... looks so cool to me for some reason.. that HDNA campaign they have going on is getting to me... The box Manual and other papers, Software CD Headphones, Extension Cord, WM-Port USB Cable, Cradle converter for those with the dock And the NWZ-A818 in Black Bottom view, WM-Port and Headphone Out Side view, Volume controls and lanyard hole The back of the player Home Screen EQ Settings Shot of the Music Settings Shot of the Video Settings Shot of Photo Settings Brightness settings... i had the screen at "1" brightness earlier.. this is full brightness Shot of Common Settings Shot of Language Settings Time and Date Screensaver.. Walkman at work! Walkman at rest. Plugged in the Walkman, and Windows Vista detected the player and installed the drivers for it, no problem Player in the Control Panel File structure of the player The music folder. All the album folders I DRAGGED AND DROPPED INTO THE PLAYER. The individual files were the pre-installed sony ones Windows Media Player 11 discovers player, wants to sync Song I transfered via drag and drop. Lost album art and year Song I transferd via WMP11. YES! IT SUPPORTS UNICODE / NON-ENGLISH CHARACTERS! ----------------------------------------------------- I also scanned all the documents that I thought you guys might be interested in... The software cd Napster trial card, with 14-day free code on back.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sound Quality: Great! I'm using MP3 files @ 192kbps ripped from WMP11, and it sounds a lot better than my usual 64kbps ATRAC3plus. Battery Life: Great! I've used it for a few hours, and the battery indicator still shows as full bar. Build Quality: Good The player feels sturdy, but it feels kinda small and light in my big hands (haha)... The NWZ-S6xx series seems a tad heaver and more 'rugged' when i tried them out in-store Misc: - Finally, it reads kanji without the use of AppLocale! - I don't know if I'm tripping or not, but I feel that the player seems "quieter" than the other ones I own.. when I blast it at max volume it doesnt seem as loud as my old ones. - GAPLESS? Not sure [sorry you guys ] I couldn't tell if this player played MP3 gapless or not. I have some tracks I thought were gapless, but i couldnt tell if it was truely gapless or not. There didn't seem to be an 'obvious' gap, but i think i might have heard like a split-second 'gap'... i'll have to look into it, i guess, haha - WM-PORT - The bluetooth adapter WLA-NWB1 does indeed work with the player. I used it with my DR-BT50 bluetooth headphones, and sound quality was excellent. - The recording cable that was released with the NW-S7xx series WMC-NWR1 DOES NOT work on this player. I plugged it in, went to home menu, and looked around, and found nothing to allow me to record onto the player directly - VIDEO: The quality of the included Spiderman 3 trailor looked really well. I tried to convert my own file to put onto the player, but I still haven't been able to have one that worked yet. Having fiddled around with this for about a day and a half now, I really am enjoying this player. It looks nice (Looks like a PlayForSure version of the OpenMGed NW-A808 that I was about to get imported) It supports drag-and-drop, so people other than those who use windows can finally enjoy Sony's Network Walkmans But, when you use software, you get the album art and 'more functionality' out of the player, haha.. I can't wait til that "Media Manager for WALKMAN" software comes out, maybe that will help me out with the video transfer problem. but other than that, i really love this player. Good work sony! EDIT: I forgot to mention, the player indeed does NOT show up in SonicStage. It shows up in WMP11, and in Windows Explorer, but again, it does not register in SonicStage.
  3. I got a similar e-mail from Connect USA as well: August 30, 2007 Subject: Future of CONNECT Music Service To Our Valued Sony CONNECT Music Customers: Today Sony announced its intent to move to a Windows Media Technology platform for Walkman® products in the United States, Canada and Europe. We strongly believe that the decision to embrace a more open platform for these devices will enable us to provide you with a better overall experience. As a result of this change, we will be phasing out the CONNECT™ Music Service based on Sony's ATRAC audio format in North America and Europe. Specific timing will vary by region depending on market demand, but will not be before March 2008. We are fully committed to helping you through this important transition away from the CONNECT Music Service and providing you with the best possible guidance on how to successfully transfer your music library to an MP3 or Windows Media-compatible format, should you wish to do so. We recommend that you use any outstanding promotional codes, account credits or gift certificates available in your music account prior to March 2008, but even after the store closes you will continue to be able to play, manage, and transfer the music in your SonicStage library and on your existing ATRAC devices. If you obtain a new device, all of Sony’s new Walkman music and video players will support MP3 or Windows Media Audio format. In the coming months we will keep you informed of the status of the CONNECT Music Service phase out in your region. Periodic updates will be posted on the CONNECT music store and on the Sony Electronics customer service site, http://esupport.sony.com/EN/news/article215. Please note that the CONNECT e-book service for the Reader in the U.S. will not be affected. Thank you for your business and for your continued support as we work to complete this transition with as little disruption to you as possible. Sincerely, Sony CONNECT Music Team
  4. quick come, quick go engadget seemed to have posted a link to the specs on sonystyle's website as well, and now when you go to that link (at least for me @ 10:15am PST) the link brings you back to the home page, and you can't locate any MP3 players on the drop down menu under "MP3 & Portable Electronics" hopefully the specs come back up soon!
  5. Hey Zizone, Were you referring to the AC-NWUM50 (the one posted up on Atraclife Blog a little while back)? I don't think that they are selling this one here (at least not yet). I do have the AC-U50A. As you can see, it's not as good looking as the AC-NWUM50, but it gets the job done. The only thing is that you need to take your USB/WM-Port cable with you, or find a spare one that you can take around with you. Then you don't have to charge the player through the computer.
  6. jonny mac, seriously.. 15"? I have a laptop with a 13.3" screen, and when I'm sitting in front of it watching video clips and/or movies, I find it to be quite sufficient. I do agree that portable DAPs with video capability can be kind of 'gimmicky' but I think when you're on the road, even the 12.1" laptops are great. 2"-5" not so much, but 12.1" is good
  7. I use my NW-S205F as my "beater" walkman (well, that, and my 2nd gen iPod Shuffle) The pedometer and all that other stuff are nice little fluff features, but it really drains the battery quicker than if you were to disable it all.. For regular day to day listening, I'd use my other ones, but when I decide that I want to be "active", i'll use this one. I guess I'm just paranoid about scratching up the other ones, with the plastic cabinets and all... with the 205F there's just that small area for the one-line OLED screen, and the rest of the player is more metalic and i guess less 'prone' to getting scratched up, heh..
  8. Hey Shinji Ikeda, Thanks for the heads up. I think you misintrepreted LG1's comments. They seemed really upset that Sony decided not to put one of the old line-out connectors with the remote port into the player, and how their old accessories will not work with the new A800 series player. LG1, I can't see where you are located, but I'm guessing you're not from the United States, correct? In the USA, the HD1/HD3/HD5/A1200 did come with the line-out jacks with the remote connector, but you were never able to purchase the optional remotes from anywhere, unless you decided to get it overseas or through a venue like ebay. It was only recently (a few months ago i think) that Sony USA brought the RMN-WS1 over to here. The only thing here in the States that did have remotes were the MD players, and some of the high-end CD players. None of the HD based or Flash based players have a remote port (except for the VAIO Pocket 40GB player). So I guess for us in the US didn't notice it as much.. I do have the MZ-N1 and MZ-N10, both of which have remotes, and I've tried both remotes on my A1200 and my two A3000s, and to me, I think the remotes have very limited functionality... and that new one that was made especially for the NW-A1000/NW-A3000 series (shown above) has even less (no LCD screen, etc)... I do also own the S705F and have the recording cable, and I find it to be really nice. I still have yet to get the Bluetooth adaptor or the Bluetooth headphones that I posted up in my previous post. They don't have them at the SonyStyle store in San Francisco, so I'm waiting for SonyStyle.com to have one of their free shipping days to get it... And anyway, holding the player and admiring it's beauty aint all bad either..
  9. I don't get the double standard here.. the S7xx series is 'okay' because it's shaped like a remote, but because the A800 series doesn't, and it doesn't have a remote, that's 'bad'? For my NW-S705F, I have it in my pocket. When I want to get to a particular song, I still have to take it out to look at to switch it to the song. It's not like you can [natively] clip it onto a shirt opening or a coat and just change tracks like that. You still need to bust out the player and change to desired song. Anyway, since it *is* a 'video capable' walkman, one would think that you'd be wanting to look at the screen anyway And I think a lot of you are forgetting about sony trying to unify all their connectors into one proprietary one (like how all the iPods (minus the shuffle) have the same connectors..) the WM-Port, first introduced in the NW-S7xx series, is the same one that is in the NW-A800. With this standardized connector, I'm sure you are able to use the many new accessories that Sony has made for the WM-Port To give your unit bluetooth functionality... there's the WLA-NWB1 A bluetooth headphone set... the DR-BT30Q/S The headphones has buttons on it to control playback, so in essance, that can be your 'remote' while your players out of sight.. And there's also the WMC-NWR1 for line-in recording.. It's still early in the game (for the WM-Port, i guess i'm referring to), and I think/hope they'll have new innovations and a greater selection of accessories to accompany their players..
  10. Hey mdmania, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here! Stuge is correct. If you want to buy one here in the US, you need to either buy it from Sonystyle(.com) or find it off of a site like ebay. I think they did this because they consider it a 'high end' product (which IMHO it sorta is ) so you have to get it directly from them. Sort of like a sony exclusive or something of that nature.. I have seen the E002/E003/E005/S203F/S205F/ and A1200 in-store and in circuit city's website. Best Buy doesn't even go near Sony DAP's anymore... and I dont think CompUSA really is either, which is kinda unfortunate. I personally bought my NW-S705F at the SonyStyle in the Ceasar Forum Shops in Las Vegas... I was on vacation and wanted a SonyStyle Las Vegas receipt Otherwise i would have just bought it at the Metreon in San Francisco (where I purchased most of my other players )
  11. ssasha, I'm not exactly what you're saying.. are you furious that it leaks sound into both channels or are you mad that "stereo" sound isnt really "stereo"? I think it depends on the song itself. If it was produced IN STEREO it will reproduce it in stereo. If the artists/band puts different sound onto the different channels, then it will reproduce it accordingly. Taken from SonyStyle USA's website for the NW-S705F: "Clear Stereo and Clear Bass Clear Stereo reduces leaking of the audio signal from one channel to another. Clear Bass enhances the bass sound minimizing distortion " I didn't see this feature specifically in the A1200, but im guessing it has similar technology (Clear Stereo at least) I have a song on all my players and it utilizes the two channel-two sounds thing. If you want, go find Psaap's 'Cozy in the Rocket'. Listening from a stereo system, it sounds fine.. but when you have it as earbuds/headphones, it sounds funny since there are two different sounds coming out from both speakers.
  12. Hey sunking101, Did you try to see if regular DVD+R/DVD-R discs will work or not? If not, is it possible to update sonicstage to version 4.2 before you do the backup? In SonicStage 4.2 I went into the backup utility and it looked like I was able to use a DVD to do my backup. (It warned me that I could not add anymore files to the disc after backing up). I didn't try out the backup, but it looked as if it did allow the use of DVDs to do it..
  13. I live in the US as well.. though I live in San Francisco, so I nabbed one from the Sony Style store that is in the city. And yeah, sony players aren't as easily obtainable as compared to a lot of other brands. Besy Buy only carries their CD Walkmans, and the only other 'big' retail outlet (Circuit City) only sells the NW-E00x and the NW-S20x series. The NW-S70x series is considered a "higher end" model, and I think the only place you can get it is through Sonystyle.com, or at a sony store. or ebay. ebay is a nice source though, if you look around. http://cgi.ebay.com/SONY-NW-S706F-4GB-MP3-...tem110082793533 this for example.. for $50 more than the price of the 2GB American one, you can get an overseas one that has twice the capacity. And more color options too. The only downside is that you need to ask about the radio frequencies with the seller.. The overseas ones have a different radio frequency scale than the American one.
  14. Hey fredjones, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, we hope you enjoy your stay here Yes, the new NW-S600/700 model MP3 players DO in fact let you transfer your recordings back to your computer. AND, not only does it let you do that, but the files that are sent back to your computer are NON-DRMed, meaning that you are able to convert them to WAV and back them up or keep the files as ATRAC3plus ones and transfer them freely without any restrictions. i purchased the WMC-NWR1 cable off of ebay a week ago, and it just came in on saturday. Your question post has compelled me to try it out and post the results. And here are the results: Notice that an "Import" button is one of the tranfer options, and the button's pop-up help says "Import Tracks recorded directly onto the device/media" A notification window showing you options of what you can do... The transfer in action ATRAC3plus @ 64kbps, no copy protection ATRAC3plus @ 128kbps, no copy protection ATRAC3plus @ 256kbps, again, no copy protection and lastly, OpenMG PCM Audio @ 1411kbps, and no copy protection as well ---------------------------------------------------------------- SO... HOW DO EACH SOUND? I'll let you guys decide for yourselves My testing technique: I used my 2GB NW-S705F with the WMC-NWR1 Recording Cable. As the source, I used my Sony CD Walkman, model D-EJ621... and used the LINE OUT on the device. I recorded Kendall Payne's "Scratch" from her album Grown in all of the aforementioned formats. http://amd.streamload.com/coolguy885/Hoste...%2018_51_52.OMA (Kendall Payne - Scratch; ATRAC3plus @ 64kbps ~ 2.54MB) http://amd.streamload.com/coolguy885/Hoste...%2018_51_55.OMA (Kendall Payne - Scratch; ATRAC3plus @ 128kbps ~ 5.02MB) http://amd.streamload.com/coolguy885/Hoste...%2018_51_57.OMA (Kendall Payne - Scratch; ATRAC3plus @ 256kbps ~ 10MB) http://amd.streamload.com/coolguy885/Hoste...%2018_52_02.OMA (Kendall Payne - Scratch; OpenMG PCM Audio @ 1411kbps ~ 55.4MB) Hope this experiment helped out with your decision about whether or not to get a NW-S600/700 network walkman P.S. Hope you guys like the song.. I was watching my Grey's Anatomy DVDs and found this song from there... gotta love that show!
  15. adlanar, Are you sure that sonicstage 4.2 doesnt support the NW-MS7? That sounds quite strange... I have both the NW-MS9 and NW-MS11, as well as a pretty old clie (PEG-N710C), and all three of those work fine under Sonicstage 4.2 Does it not show up in Sonicstage at all? Maybe it's a driver issue? For me when i plugged those in the first time Sonicstage detected them and had the device up and running no problem..
  16. Dear gsf, Hello, and welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium.. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Have you tried to reformat through the player? To do this, open up the menu, go to "advanced menu" then select "Format" Hope this solves your problem!
  17. Dear ISingBass, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, I hope you enjoy your stay here I hate to break it to you dude, but your finding has been found previously. In fact, on the boxes of all the sony network walkmans it states that it does NOT do protected WMAs or AAC files (only unprotected ones). It was in the late SonicStage 3.x (i think..) series in which Sony finally supported WMA and AAC. But of course, because of the wonderful thing called DRM, SonicStage is unable to transfer them to ATRAC devices. Protected WMAs are usually ones that you ripped from Windows Media Player, or those that you download from PlayForSure networks. Because of this, i think only players that are compatible with Windows Media Player can transfer protected WMAs to the player. The most popular place of obtaining protected AAC files is from Apple's iTunes store. These too, have it's own DRM, and as such cannot be played (stockly) in other programs. So yeah, unless you ripped these CDs yourself without adding protection to em, Sonicstage will not be able to convert them and put them onto an ATRAC CD
  18. no9008, I'm pretty sure that it's not just a Sony only problem.. Like I said I have an Apple iPod shuffle, and that too, once i move the switch over to the "on" position, I can already hear the electrical/static sound. and with the noise cancelling ones turned on, i think it's amplified even more because it detects your background noise and tries to cross cancel it by using white noise, or something to that effect.. I'm guesing it might be the nature of these devices, and not by whom and what way they were manufactured. But hey, what do I know, I'm not an engineer...
  19. Hi golden ears, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here! Last time I checked, I don't think there is a SonicStage 4.5 out... did you mean 4.2 or 3.4? If you meant SonicStage 3.4 I do not think that it is recent enough for it to recognize your player..
  20. Hey Adam, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I have the NW-S705F, which is the 2GB American model. When I turn it all the way to zero, I do hear a slight static/electic sound as well. I heard it while using the stock earbuds (MDR-NC022) as well as two of my day-to-day earbuds (MDR-EX71SL and MDR-NX1) I'm not sure if that's a 'problem' or not... I hear it too in my NW-S205F, my NW-E507, and in my Apple iPod shuffle. Incidentily enough, all of these aformentioned players are flash-memory based.. I can't quite detect it as much on my NW-A1200 It's not that loud though.. it's just there slightly. Is it really loud and unbearable for you?
  21. Hey all, Just saw this post and decided I'll try to help. My friend helped me get a NW-A3000 from Hong Kong when he went back in January of 2006. It came with the CONNECT Player CD, which is version 1.0... I'm sure there's probably a newer version, but i believe with CONNECT Player you should be able to have it auto check for the newest version/add-on before the install... I decided to look for it, and i ISOed it and uploaded it to my online storage. Anyway, here's the link: http://amd.streamload.com/aznbro85/Hosted/CP10.iso Hopefully this helps you (whoever that needs it) out! I probably will keep it here until March or so... If the mods of the forum want, feel free to grab it and upload it onto the ATRACLife Colloquium Download page.
  22. Hey kevhughes67, Can you be a little more specific about what's wrong with your Sonicstage? Like, what kind of error messages (if any), pops up during installation, or what kind of problems you are encountering. Also, what version of Windows are you using, some basic specs of your system, and where you are located. Hopefully, with more bits to this puzzle, we will be able to assist you better. Thanks! EDIT: Ok, i was reading farther back into the forums and saw your initial posting with your specs and the error that you had recieved. I don't know how to help you on this, but hopefully sony support might be able to handle your problem better. http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/support-c....pl?mdl=NWS203F Scroll down to "Portable Audio/Video" and select live chat. Their operation hours are : Mon-Fri 9:00AM-10:00PM / Sat-Sun 10:30AM-7:15PM EST Hopefully, one of their craptastic customer support technicians might be able to help you out!
  23. Hey nasanu, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I hope that Ishiyoshi's link was helpful for you. If it wasn't, I wanted to add a little to what they had said. After you install Applocale and open SonicStage with it, the font does look different. It looks bold and more 'compact"? This is normal. When you import songs over to sonicstage, their current kanjied ID3 tags might not be compatible with SonicStage's database, and might show up as jibberish. After you manually recopy/paste (or manually enter) the song's title in, it should save it so that the next time you open up SonicStage (with applocale), it will stay like that. The non-asian versions of SonicStage will not be able to read files that have kanjied names (not ID3 tags, but actual .mp3 file with kanji in it). To get them to get imported into the library, you will need to rename them before they will import. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I currently use the US release of SonicStage CP v. 4.2 To get my asian songs to have their Kanjied name showing, I first open SS in regular mode, and have it rip the cd. The actual files will look something like this: [ 05-____ ~Paint It, Black.oma ] however, it is in the library and SS is able to locate it. After I am done ripping the CD, I reopen SS using Applocale with the language of the CD, and then go edit the song's title to have the Kanjied name there So, even though the actual file name shows as [05-____ ~Paint It, Black.oma ] in the Sonicstage library shows it as [甘いワナ -Paint it, Black] I do realize that that is quite a lot of work, but I'd rather do that than see gibberish on the screen of my walkmans by the way, when you are trying to transfer songs with titles in their native tongue, you need to transfer with sonicstage with applocale. If you send the track over to the player as-is, it will display as how the stock SS see's it. However, if the title is in japanese and you open SS with japanese applocale settings to transfer, it will display on the player like that too. Anyway, I realized that I probably rambled on and on, but yeah, i hope you got the jist of it, and I hope one of our replies was able to help you out.
  24. thanks... i'll need all the luck i can get
  25. Yep DSP, I do do a lot of ripping and converting. I don't find it tedious though, it's not like I'm doing all the work -- the computer does! haha, kidding.. While on the subject of ripping, one of my gripes with some people are those who constantly complain about the time it takes to rip a cd into ATRAC... it takes the same amount of time it would have if you were to rip a CD into MP3. I'm not pointing fingers at any particular person in the forums or anything, but even in my own group of friends there are those who do this, stating that "oh, it's so much easier to transfer MP3s to my iPod." Yet it's funny though, as I know they don't own any CDs (or at least very few of them), so no wonder MP3's seem so 'easy' to mess with... ditto. I know when I go to the local Best Buy or Circuit City, I'm like a freggin kid in the candy store. However, I never buy anything without doing a little product researching. For most of my items, I've gone in store to check it out, and after I find that I like it I might hop online to find the best deal on it. ditto, again.. haha.. so bad as right before christmas I got myself an iPod shuffle, then the day after christmas I bought myself a NW-S705F while on vacation, then *just* yesterday I finally broke down and bought myself a NW-S205F my new year's resolutions should be for no more purchases for the next 3 months!
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