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  1. So this document used to be found at minidisc.org? Years ago I was able to find a lot of documentation at minidisc.org but now some of the links have disappeared. Meanwhile I listen to my minidisc collection I research the internet for minidisc info and trends. Every time I am more convinced of the coming back of minidisc.
  2. Thank you very much Kevin, This info will be kept in my Minidisc Library with a reference of your kindness on sharing.
  3. Hello everyone. Going over all my technical minidisc library and found some missing information. I am pretty sure I had this info before even with pictures included but now I can't find it. I am talking about the holes in the minidisc lower shell in order to be read or censored by the player or recorder. Is there a website where to find this and explanatory information? I know about the recording protection but the I would like to find the information about what the rest of the holes are used for. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone Continuing with my MD fever since many years ago, I have ran on to this new issue. When I transfer any new song to a new minidisc the songs names come up as ???????? has anyone had this fixed that can kindly help or guide me with? I would greatly appreciate.
  5. Hello sfbp I am curious about your comment, Is there another way to use the PS/2 port beside connecting a Keyboard?
  6. Here is my MD rack system , of course I didn't make it, but , just wanted to share my picks. Each of the drawer hold 40 MDs or lots of extras like the machine it self , chargers , spare bateries , microphones , ear buds , lables and everything related with MDs.One of the most important thing is that everything keeps protected from dust and organized. Originally this organizers ar intended for any kind of crafts like holding screws, nails , nuts etc. but mds fit perfecttly in after you take off a piece of plastic it uses for guiding a divider .
  7. A long time ago I use a program for Palm called MD Titler and that helped me a lot, or I just had fun with it. You could title all tracks via infrared and save the titling in memory for future use.
  8. Aleko


    If you want to stay with the pair of headphones you already have just don´t listen to another you might think sound better. You will never end the race to the top.
  9. Maybe the addiction has something to do with the fact that MD is fading out and it feels like the moment you cant find any more units around you may think you'll feel very bad if you didn't take the prevision to be ready with a lot of units and blank media to use the rest of your life.
  10. I, strongly recomend to put the unit(MzM200) inside a plastic bag (those with a zipper lock so the little grains of sand wont get into the unit and any posible splash of water won't do any damage. Run the mic cable to the side of the endof the zipper and finish to lock it with a plastic adesive tape. You will be able to work with te unit throug the plastic but anyway try to keep your hands clean of sand. I did this in a trip to the beach and worked verry well because after I got home I saw a few amount of sand in diferent places of the protective plastic .It did'nt got into the unit, it was like new. Tell us how it went! Nice trip
  11. Aleko

    QWERTY Keyboards?

    Sony MDS-JB940 is one of them. http://www.superfi.co.uk/images/MDSJB940bklg.jpg
  12. What make , what model, do you have the owners manual?
  13. Welcome Phil This makes me feel like the community is waking up again from a long time sleep. There is a lot of people that has abandoned the forum thinking MD is dead,hope they come back again. Is there a chance the moderators can send an informative email to all the members that gave permission to receive that kind of info? We´re standing up again!!! a second breath.
  14. Try these http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/home_...02553&row=3
  15. Ok, go it now , is there a grat diference in sound quality having the Type S .? Can you turn it on and off by will? So if I record any MD using my MDS940 an play it back in a machine MDSJB980 will it sound better? Thanks
  16. MDS-JB940 turns up from time to time, too, but it doesn't have Type-S which is necessary if you really want to listen to LP2 recordings on your stereo system (forget LP4).
  17. I´ve being using MD since 2002 , It has never turn me down. Have 60 recorded discs and about 40 ,80min and 12 Hi MD blanks. With my Sony MDS JB940 can do almost anything in editing matters and with m200 am very happy too. definitely not planing in leaving MD behind.
  18. I saw the same thing at Sony style in Orlando but they were not very shure the use of it.
  19. Hi, Ruhenator, How was the field recording (concert) , did it survive?
  20. Hi, guys Just wanted to share with you all my joy , I have been waiting a long time for this trip to New York. I'm still in New York now and went to B&H Photo Video Pro Audio store were they have the MZ-M200 as an professional field recording device. I got my new toy MZ-M200 with an optical cable an ten HiMD. It's an amazing machine and it feels well built. I'm very happy with my new purchase,they also have all kind of MD media , HiMD , 80 Min with individual case or in case of five. I try it with my Sennheiser phones and the result is an amazing sound. Up with MD!!
  21. Hi, Everyone! I know I have'nt do many posts say by my member number but I'm allways around reading and making my own criteria. Since the moment I read this post ,I inmediateli enter in the B&H's site and start to look for the MZ-M200 but could'nt find it under MP3 players but under (Video Field Recording Devices). This apears to me very interesting for the market life of MD because stores are finding that this (format) still has another strong field for marketing other than simple MP3 player or personal audio player I like what I see and hope that many more stores or Superstores see what the owner of B&H saw in Minidisc format. I´m visiting New York , on August and I´m definitely buing one at B&H, if they have it at the store and not only sealing it at the web.
  22. Great writing! It´s what I was looking for today. I've a MDR-D77 and we all know it sounds great but the only drawback I find is the presure it used to put on my ears, I found the solution bending a little bit the steel headband taking care not to damage the cable that goes to the right earphone. It works for me but it also has an cracking sound between the ''U'' shaped plastic holder of the earphone piece. Anyway I like it very much.
  23. You can find some here http://www.minidiscaccess.com/generic.html?pid=13
  24. Thanks for your answers I gess I´ll stick with my mzrh10.
  25. Curently have an Mzrh10 and it´s working great and it loks like the mzrh1 has a lot of upgrades they look the same to me. Maybe i don´t really know the upgrades for the mzrh1?? any help? please.
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