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  1. Unfortunately, no. It only serves to by-pass OpenMG, and make NetMD closer to what it should have been. Here's the link anyway: http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....=&threadid=4825
  2. I'll have to agree there - I found MD.org a while before T-Board, and was disappointed by the lack of forum at MD.org. Thankfully, I DID find T-Board, and that stopped me going from insane over the past two years. MiniDiscussion was so bad, I didn't even bother... It's nice we have two MD discussion boards now! (Although I'm still partial to MDT...)
  3. No MDLP on the MR250??? All new units have been MDLP compatible since the end of 2001.... Do you mean MR200? THAT has the see through remote, and no MDLP and touchpad and was the smallest/lightest in Sep 2000... :wink: If you wish to do live recording, any Sharp is the best. For NetMD, they are really all the same, except you will need to get hold of English SW on the 'net to use all the NetMD features of the MR250. Durability wise, all should be tough enough, but a lot of N1s are going bust, and very little is heard about the MT880 and MR250 going that way - perhaps because the N1 is the most widespread, I don't know. If you don't want to spend much, and want an honest MD recorder, then the Sony N707 is the one for you - affordable, but doesn't skimp on the features like the N505. Plus if you are in Europe/Asia/Oceana it comes with an LCD remote. (But not backlit) Personally, I'd buy the MR250-MT880-N1, in that order, but it is because I'm a non-Sony nutcase.
  4. Also, when the forum gets big enough, some mods might be needed - don't really want this place to become a MiniDiscussion II. :?
  5. Mystyler

    Newbie Question

    Was your R900 the MZ-R900DPC model? If so, then the USB cable is for recording (real-time only) music from your PC-->MD.
  6. I would think the R910 is still an '03 model, 'ith, it still hasn't been released in Aust, AFAIK. I'd expect it here next year. We've only just got the R909...
  7. Yes, it should - all it does is change the sound settings, and playback settings, nothing that will affect NetMD operation.
  8. Streetstyles phones aren't much better - look for some Sennheiser MX400/500s. Super cheap earbuds, ~$17US, and super sound. Excellent treble, and bass response that is amazing from an earbud.
  9. I would hope that the other manufactures of MD units decide to employ the Li-ion cells in future models - much better than NiMH. Sony generally releases new models around this time of year (announces them earlier). I believe that the 2003 models are the N10, R910, E10, E710. I haven't read of Sony releasing anything else soon. It is possible that successors to the R/G/N7XX and R/N5XX models to be announced/introduced earlier next year. They usually are. Also, the only big differeces between Jap-spec and World-spec units are a 220V adapter, instead of 100V, and a slightly larger english section in the manual.
  10. I think it's time you upgraded your headphones.
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