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  1. Just a standalone deck. That's all I want. Or it wouldn't hurt Sony to make a docking station as others have suggested so that my lil portable units can be properly connected to hi-fi. (Optical IN on any docking station would be nice to allow connection to an external DAC). I don't know what Sony are doing. What tickles me is that they are still making tape Walkmans! Surely they could keep producing a couple of MD units for us. In fact, judging by the amount of suggestions decks, pro equipment gets on this forum if produced they would sell like hot-cakes! C'mon Sony!
  2. Not funny in the slightest. Should have guessed with the rather bogus "888" serial number.
  3. MDGB2

    Way Forward

    It's a nice thought, but with no new units being produced sadly nothing is going to happen. Still no official announcement from Sony re what has happened MD/Hi-MD so I wonder what they are up to? They issued a statement when they were ditching DAT.
  4. Perhaps recordable UMD was another possibility for a future "minidisc" style recording format. Alas, I think that ship has sailed too. People just don't seem to record anymore. Quite sad really. Used to love making my own compilation tapes and MDs.
  5. Can't be a pro format without a dedicated full-size deck. Do Sony still produce the "legacy" decks? Many sites still have the JE480 for sale. Quite fancied a JB980 but held back after expecting Sony to produce Hi-MD decks. How foolish of me.
  6. Yes, 3.6GB would be sweet. I've been down to my local electronics store this morning and was looking at the MP3 players. First time I've seen an Ipod shuffle in the flesh. Its so small its ridiculous! I'd end up losing that in not time! Please bring out some higher capacity Hi-MD units, as its the perfect size for a portable. Big enough to be practical to use but small enough to carry about without fear of losing it! Oh yes, a Hi-Fi deck or two would be nice as well.....
  7. All this about there being less development may not mean the end, afterall, millions of CD players are still sold and apart from minor developments like the unsuccessful "HDCD" it has pretty much remained the same technology wise for a long time (ok, each company puts their own DACs in but you know what I mean). I just want them to produce a standalone Hi-Fi deck for Hi-MD. Then they can do what they want. I expect there will be a lot of cut-backs in all sections of Sony to make up for the farce that is Playstation 3. All of the problems Sony have caused themselves. I heard a rumour that it will only play some existing PS2 titles, and has a special chip in it to prevent others being played. WHY?!
  8. I think the mp3 phase is dying down a bit now, as everyone and their dog owns one of some sort. Anything "exclusive" or niche market, such as MD will always be cooler than something used by the masses (mp3)
  9. If your listening on 'phones, then it isn't as bad as people make out. On par with an mp3 portable certainly. However, if we ever got proper decks/stereo Hi-MD units to play our music I'd only recommend Hi-SP/PCM for serious listening.
  10. Deck, Deck, DECK!!! I am still baffled by Sony's lack of delivery on such a highly requested item. Bacca.
  11. I just use a key-ring sized LED torch (bought for £1.99) Not very high-tech but does the job!
  12. If they are now gearing more towards marketing Hi-MD for recording (which was the Minidisc formats original purpose anyway) they MUST release a deck. Until then my JB-920 will soldier on.
  13. They will last a helluva lot longer than CD/DVD-RW, Flash memory, or HDD. Pretty much bullet-proof, and by far one of the most durable formats available. Such a shame that the people who control it (Sony) are idiots.
  14. You ain't LIVED until you've heard your music in Hi-Fi. Thats why I'm so annoyed at Sony for not bringing out a standalone Hi-MD deck. Portables will never do the format justice.
  15. Who knows what Sony are up to? But it's pretty clear that their recent difficulties are their OWN fault. They do not LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS, if they did we would have a proper deck(s) by now. How can such a brilliant piece of technology (still unbeatable at the moment for what it does) be controlled by such a bunch of incompetant donkeys?! Not to mention other areas such as PS3, Sony are losing valuable ground to Xbox and soon the new Nintendo by messing around and not making a descision. Its almost like they WANT to fail.
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