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    MZ-NH900 (euro), D-EJ2000 CD player

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  1. Embio

    Sharp IM-DR410

    oh I havent seen the unit yet, my mate says hes tried it on multiple machines. Hes a bit thick, probably didnt install the driver right. I'm not too bothered about downloading, I rarely do it anyway and I can use my NH900.
  2. Embio

    Sharp IM-DR410

    just bought this unit for £15 with all accessories, nothing at all wrong with it other than the fact it cant download (which is what my NH900 is for). What can you all tell me about it? I've read the equipment browser bit but now I need user opinions lol. Whats the sound like? Is the 1-bit amp similiar to an Auvi? Is it all plastic or is there some metal in the construction? thanks in advance
  3. I'm 18 and use real time almost exclusively with my Sony PCDP :-D
  4. ok then pretty basic system, no real compatibility problems Windows XP home, 2002 version SP1 AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 224MB RAM 40GB HDD partitioned into one 27GB and one 13GB drive 56k modem generic sound and graphics cards what else do you need to know?
  5. right, sonicstage has started with the 'cannot find database' error with SS3.3, so I installed 3.4 and get the same message. I then: 1, reinstalled several times 2, removed sonicstage, simple burner, all OpenMG files, and my sony camera files ( ) from my sytem, and reinstalled 3, used the 'MDAC' tool 4, removed all sonicstage related stuff from the registry 5, tried to install SS2.0 (with a view to writing over it) still no joy. I am getting sick of this and i have loads of old vinyls to upload, can anybody please help me? I cant use an alternate piece of software, I need the upload ability. I never use this c**p for download. thanks in advance (I've also tried system restore, but I never enabled them...)
  6. wow, that sounds amazing if any can still be found
  7. hmmm... - 2 FAT 'Drives' on one Hi-MD so we can get 2.5GB (ish) - DECENT BUILD QUALITY - as big as the NH1 - as light as the NH1 - Li-Ion - 2 External AA attachments, one for 2 batterys - how easy would it be for sony to claim higher battery life then? - remote similiar to the iRiver LCDs - OLED did I miss anything out?
  8. get the NH1 - clearly slimmer, smaller, better remote, what more do you want?
  9. hey, been playing around with SS3.3 for a couple of hours now and cant get my head around the 'new' bitrate options: 1, how do I get ATRAC3+ 352? I cant seem to find it anywhere 2, what are the differences between the Advanced Lossless versions of the codecs and the standard versions? 3, what is the difference between 'normal' and 'high' quality settings for the same bitrate?
  10. would it be possible to copy digitally by playing the Hi-MD through sonicstage on a computer with a digital output?
  11. sorry to sound like a prat, but what is the difference between stereo and joint stereo in the BBC broadcasts?
  12. Embio

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    F*** you Sony. Hey Sharp!! Look at all the people angry at Sony - big market just opened up for you....
  13. jesus! I could pay that for one over here, thanks a lot mate, will deffinately be checking that out
  14. sorry to hear about that mate, I visited Australia recently and thought it was a great country and that crime wasn't as bad as home - just goes to show....
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