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    Yep , guess i am a bit.
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    In the words of brian ferry Your just a jealous guy....
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    I managed to get a new on elast week on fleabay, unopened and perfect - pics here http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35525 The battery seems fine as well!
  4. Have searched but cannot find out, looks to me like NO.
  5. Really need a Auvi, i have a dr400e but want a dr7/77 or a player (metal bodied) , my NHF800 is near perfect with just a tint scratch (2mm) on one side, it comes boxed with radio remote , charger , cable etc. Anyway open to offers, or if you want to sell me a Auvi PM me! Mark
  6. A Mint condition Sharp IM-DR400E(S) boxed with everythin and 9 new 80 min discs for..... £20!!!! Cant wait to hear it, i listened to a DR480 a while ago and i remember it was much more dynamic sounding than the N10 i had at the time.
  7. Sorry for very late reply but just seen your replys today, in respect to DAcs or lack of in digital amplifiers , In the analog amp signal chain PCM data from the DSP would get converted into an analog signal by the DAC, and then be amplified. In digital amps the DSP receives the digital source signal , processes it and outputs it as PCM , there will then be a PWM processor that will covert the PCM into PWM format, this is passed to the Powerstage, this converts the 3.3 volt PWM signal up to around 20 - 40 volts and usually passes it through a low pass filter at this point it is in the analogue domain. So no DAC as such.
  8. Ok have confirmed that the 2 files are exactly the same by converting to wav and comparing the wavs in right mark, so sonicstage is basically creating an exact copy (explains why it takes about a second) , why is the question now, i think it changes the drm settings of the file.
  9. I think i know whats going on... In sonicstage if i look at the properties of my files i now have 2 copies of it listed , now they are exactly the same size but there is one difference , my original LP2 files were encoded without any DRM so againt the copy protection field it says 'none', however the second copy says 'available'. My theory is that Sonicstage has to add something to DRM free files to make them work on NET-MD , this may be why they transfer fine to HI-MD.
  10. I had it set to convert to LP2 , i only noticed it was set that way when i spotted the duplicate files. I set it that way when i had mp3s and LP2 files in my library, it meant that when transferring to my RH10 it would transfer the atrac and not the mp3.
  11. Ok this is a weird situation, i converted my whole MP3 collection to LP2 because it is the most supported bitrate amongst minidisc equipment, it will play on my Hi-MD player, my MDLP deck and Net-md players etc. Next what i did was empty my sonicstage library and reimport the LP2 files so that there is no MP3s in my library. All good so far , now if i transfer to my RH10 with the settings set to convert to 132 atrac 3 it transfers the files as without conversion, obviously knowing the file is already LP2, however if i plug in my Net-MD and do the same it creates a duplicate file , i dont think it is transcoding the Existing LP2 file to LP2 again as the converting takes about 1 second per file. Can anyone tell me if the 50 minidiscs i have created have now got an inferior transcoded copy of the LP2 tracks on my PC?
  12. I am gutted, i really hope Sony havent killed Hi-MD. I love the format and if they dont make new ones the prices for used ones will go up and the media will get harder to find, eventually my RH10 and RH710 will die and where does that leave me... Sad day indeed.
  13. Interesting question, thomson have invented a way to store 10 times as much data on a cd/dvd/bluray disc and have patented it, it works by splitting the laser into 2 and manipulating the pits into different shapes from the standard lozenge shape (rough description). I think any player can read them but they need to be written with a new writer. I think it will be your Hi-CD.
  14. The RH10s unreliability was inherited from the NH900 i reckon, my NH900 had a shonky stop button and was fond of switching itself off for no reason! The NH1 and RH710 are the most reliable Hi-MD , never had any issues with those babys.
  15. The discs can be of a different quality its just the content that doesnt change.
  16. I think the RH1 is a brilliant recorder, it is a bit of overkill if you mainly use the device for playback, i would have a RH10 over the RH1 for these reasons. PS . if the RH1 had ID3 data on the main unit i would have kept it.
  17. Hi, Does anyone know if the 105fx deck allows you to search discs by artist , album etc the same way as a portable player?
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    Its basically the RH10s screen, saves battery life, i dont know!
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    The DH100 - my impression of an ideal downloader, basically EH1 with oled and downloader functions.
  20. Sold already to friends, my friend at Sony told me once that when the RH1 was launched they had a low end plastic unit ready to go but it was pulled as it was thought that it would harm sales of the RH1, he said he would be surprised if it didnt get released at some point. He told me about the RH10 months before the press release, describing it as a unit that had a glassfront with a floating screen , my post about it is on here or audio t board somewhere.
  21. Ok so i decided to get back into minidisc a couple of weeks ago, i have in the past owned - N910 , N10 , DH600 , NH700, NHF800 , NH900 , NH1 , RH10 and RH1 (i bought a box of 14 1st gen players from ebay). Anyway i boaught a mint NH900 last week, then a few Days ago i got a good deal on a NH1 and a couple of days ago i got a RH10. I knew i only wanted to keep one , my wife by this time was ready to boil my nuts. I am keeping the RH10 heres why.. Build Quality NH1 winner here , its sleek , tough and light. It also looks like it costs a fortune. The RH10 was second here, although it is mainly plastic (with metal door underneath) it is solid in a way the NH900 isnt , it think the door being enclosed in the side frame helps a lot. The NH900 feels a little cheap compared to the NH1/RH10 , the plastic back is more noticable than on the RH10. Looks NH1 , RH10 then NH900 Ease of use RH10 is the easiest , large 6 line screen, it operates more like an MP3 player IMO. The NH900 is second , i like not having to lug a remote around. NH1 , easy with remote , almost impossible without, cradle is a pain to carry around and no AA !!! RH10 also offers usb charging which i find useful. Sound Now this took hours of testing through earphones and my amp , its very close but i think the NH900 may be the winner. The NH1 through the remote sounds different to the NH900 from the headphone port, i think the remote is changing the sound slightly , the bass is harsher , less smooth. Its a very small difference and it disappears when plugged straight in to the NH1. I think the HD amp has a low noise floor , its is dead silent but it also makes the sound a little cold. The RH10 is sooo close in sound, if anything it is warmer sounding but the noise floor in noticeably higher and you can hear a tiny hiss with the RH10 , on the NH1 / NH900 it is silent. Mp3 playback is a bonus on the RH10 and with a 1/2 increase in treble on the EQ is also good, i compared a 132 atrac rip with a 128kbps MP3 lame rip and the MP3 sounded just as good but the dynamics are slightly different. Battery Life Tested all three with 132 atrac on shuffle - all charged to full (used same 1450 mah gumstick on NH900 and RH10) NH900 - 8.5 hrs NH1 - 13.5 hrs RH10 12.5 hrs NH1 wins. So RH10 only wins on ease of use but i still want to keep it, usb charging, standard mini usb port, mp3 playback (crippled or not). The SQ of the RH10 with Atrac is really good and with MP3 it isnt as bad as some would have you believe. On this note a friend of mine at Sony was back over from Japan this weekend and he asked me about my RH10 when he seen int in the pub, i commented that it was sad that Sony had crippled its MP3 playback (i often wind him up about their products), he answered straight away that the 2nd generation minidisc design was finished when they made their decision to support MP3 and it was lucky to have any support at all, he said if it couldnt support MP3 there is no way they could have offered it as an upgrade - ala HD1. He also said thats why the 2nd generation only had stickers on the units with MP3 advertised.
  22. On the subject of transcoding there was an interesting test done by someone on hydrogenaudio , they transcoded to 128kbps mp3 from a lossless file, then transcoded the mp3 8 times , the 1st generation mp3 (the first transcode from mp3 to mp3) was very close to the original and could not be identified easily, the 8th generation mp3 was surprisingly good but had some swooshing , it showed that transcoding once creates a good file with very little difference from original.
  23. Bought a couple of vapextech gumsticks, 1450mah giving me 11-12 hrs on my nh900 - £2.99 + 50p p+p http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NH-14WM-Gumstick-145...VQQcmdZViewItem
  24. I love the look of the NH1 too, it is FAR better looking than my old RH1, however i also think the NH900 has a certain amount of charm , more like the catalogue model to the NH1 supermodel. I think that if the NH1 had a decent screen that showed ID3 data and a standard DC in and USB port it would be perfect...but it doesnt . The battery life i am getting with my NH900 seems to be poor , the battery meter is bollocks though , it goes from full to half in a couple of hours , then down to 1 in another couple but seems to play for ages on 1 bar and flashing??? I really like the fact the NH1 tells you how long you have left. I will try them both out for a while, oh my stop button does that ff thing occasionally also, usually removing battery fixes mine , i think it is a firmware bug though as it happens with lid off pressing button directly on cirquit board.
  25. Ok so i got my new NH900 last week , have been enjoying it but the battery life is a bit weak (i am using 1450mah battery) i get about 10-11 hrs playback. So i bought a NH1 , |£95 new , good price i thought. Anyway the question i have is this, i know both players have the same HD Digital Amp but i am noticing the sound quality on the NH900 seems to be more crisp at the top end and has smoother bass. Now this is using the remote on the NH1 and straight into NH900 , i tested again going straight into the NH1 and it made a BIG difference, they seems more evenly matched , does this mean in day to day use the NH900 has a cleaner output than a NH1 with remote? I tested using same discs and headphones - SR60s. I may be listing a new NH1 very soon.
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