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  1. Type-R, Type-S whats the difference between these format. Also when you mention ATRAC levels that are not on MD walkman are they available on seperates?
  2. I'd assume that upgrading the SS version has confused it. You can just record it back in real time from the headphone socket on the MD back to the PC line in. Assuming you have a decent sound card. Not ideal but at least you'll have those tracks. If you have uploaded all your tracks onto a PC. Can you get the tracks off that PC to another one?
  3. I see in the local shops the 600s at €169 and the 700 at €200. Do we think the 700 is worth the extra?
  4. Ok thanks for that info. Cassette idea shelved! Great to get feedback on this. Was looking for a decent seperates tape deck but they seem rarer than hens teeth. Even casette walkman are hard to find now. I think I'll have to go back to the midi. The Mp3+ I have for the laptop isn't good enough after some listening tests. So I'll have to see what better PC Soundcard I can pick up. In the meanwhile I go back to using the Sony MD.
  5. I see in a lot of posts people complaining about the availability of the 1GB disks. My local shop has a load of 1GB disks at €7-8 a pop. I'd say they have so many because no one is buying HiMD units. You can't get an iPod anywhere though.
  6. Do you think I'd lose much quality recording from a walkman vs an older but high end midi system. Bearing in mind even though I can use dolby noise reduction (B and C) I never do as I feel you lose too much of the range.
  7. So if you want fast data transfers you'd be better off with a USB2 flash memory stick.
  8. I do yes. But I take the point of repeated D/A and A/D conversions. I'm not after the least lossy transfer, but the best sounding one. I hink I'll have to do a lot of listening tests and then decide which compromises are worth taking. Since it will take a lot more time doing it via the MD. At the moment I have a USB MP3+ attached to my laptop and I hope to be picking up a Audigy2 for the desktop later in the day. I wondering if it not just best to pick up a cassete walkman and use that with the PC. That would be handier all around. Since I just leave the desktop recording in the background. Whereas putting the computer beside the casette deck is very awkward. As this is a process I'll be doing for a few weeks I have to consider the practicalities. Incidentally, what do I need to get a digital connection to a Audigy 2 as it only has a 3.5mm digital jack? The USB Mp3+ had toslink connectors which is very handy.
  9. From my first post... :smile: After some more listening tests I'm starting the think that the Sony G750 recordings are more true to the originals. The Sharps are all coloured. Which I prefer I dunno. I'm also thinking of picking up a walkman so I can use that to record from directly onto the PC. But would the quality suffer too much I wonder. Guess I'll have to test some more.
  10. Thanks for the info. After some more listening tests, I seem to prefer the Sony, or the sharp and either SP or LP2 mode depending on the track being played. Obviously different units colour the sound differently and sometimes you prefer one over the other. How long does a standard MD give me in HiSP? I think the HiMD would be very handy for recodrding these cassettes. MY cassette unit can play 2 cassettes back to back so thats a lot to record and saves a lot of time. If I got the MZ-NH600s I'd have to source a remote for it. That would bug me. As does the lack of a backlight. Ah well. MD/HiMD 3 steps forward and 2 back with every development. What remotes are compatible? Is there an AM/FM remote compat?
  11. For the love of mike noooooo....but if you have to...
  12. How long for HiSP? Since I'm loath to degrade these recordings any more than I have to.
  13. He specifically asked about HiMD as a data transfer. If you are transfering large amount of data, the USB 1.1 is major significant bottleneck. It won't replace removable HD and flash pen disks. But if you are prepared to wait 10 minutes for your your data to transfer then it would be sufficient. For me I'm always dashing out of the office/home so USB2 is a godsend. Takes seconds to grab 200mb. Not so on USB 1.1
  14. They use USB 1.1 which is alot slower than USB 2.0. That one drawback to HiMD which makes me hesitate.
  15. I've a bunch of stuff on cassette. In the past I used to record it to my Sharp MD SR60 and then record it back on to the PC as a wav. I found this cleaned up the cassette recordind nicely. I now have a Sony MZ-G750 which I'm experiementing with. My initial thoughts are that I prefer the sound of the Sharp. Seems richer and fuller somehow. However the LP2 mode would make a lot easier. Since I could record more in one sitting. Of course the alternative is to record direct to PC. But then I'd lose the compression of the MD recording which I think is improving the sound of these old recordings. Also dragging the PC and Cassette deck together is a lot of hassle. Any thoughts? I see MZ-NH600s in my local store which has a analog and digital line in. I'm wondering would this give me any better options, such as giving me a longer recording time? Would the sound quality be better than the Sharp and the Sony G750?
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