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  1. Got leaf's disc a while ago, a really nice TDK PoSHE 74. Can't get them here in Ireland at all! I like the artwork on the sleeve, did you do it leaf? here's the track listing Tom's Blues Instrumental Tune High On The Mountain Senator Squeeze Improv Jam That Which Has Been Hiding, Has Been Seen Endorphines Kingdom Of Fear Euclidean Spring Jam #5 When Free Will Kicks In The Fish, The Sea & The Sun This is a great mix of tunes from Austin, Texas band "No Kings" There's a great mix of styles on the disc, rock, blues, jazz as in the groovy "improv jam" the singer sounds like jack white at times, and Daniel Johns (Silverchair) at other times. A great combination. There's a couple of mp3's on the site, check 'em out! http://www.nokingsmusic.com 10/10 I'll buy the album :-)
  2. Better change that to 30,000!! here's our newest member: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showuser=30022
  3. I'm thinking of going down this route - my handwritng is getting worse!
  4. I now have all 5 that were released on MD ps: i didn't take the pic... it's from the auction
  5. That's good to hear! Not sure what's going on with Dixons tho' they've dropped MD altogether.. here in Ireland anyway! HMV still sell the packs of 5 tdk 74's for €13 - no wonder they're gathering dust!
  6. on double MD... all I need now is 47 to complete the 5
  7. nice! how is the picture and sound quality on CED? I've never seen one here.. I had considered buying an LD player at one stage, if only for the "Star Wars Definitive Collection"
  8. saw The Pianist on tv a few nights back... a tad on the long drawn out side
  9. 3 days left: http://cgi.ebay.ie/SONY-MZ-E10-MINIDISC-LC...1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. a new interconnect for my marantz wow Jacques... I had to look twice, where did you find it??? they're as "rare as hens teeth" how long does it take to change between md's?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys.. I reckon I'll start with moving the lesser used ones up to the attic. longer term, I'm growing quite fond of this: http://www.yamaha-uk.com/hifi_components/?product_id=111
  12. Hi Everyone, need your ideas... I have around 500 cd's... around 300 MD's and over 400 lp's, they are starting to take up too much room! Not sure how I can increase space... don't wanna get rid of any as I've done that before and ended up buying the stuff again! PLus I would like to have access to them all do I go down the hard disk route... any suggestions?
  13. looks similar to the connection on the N10 usb cable
  14. I have a disc ready to go - full of hip hop if any one is interested... result of a trade that never happened on the tstation
  15. I got leafs disc on monday, things have been pretty crazy, haven't had a chance to listen to it properly yet! i have my one finished, but can only get to the post office this saturday as I have not been able to get to one yet!!
  16. I don't think I'll ever go Hi-MD, that said, I do keep an eye on any hardware that comes out etc... i just got my 980B last week, kind of an early birthday present to myself ... Haven't had time to really enjoy it yet. I will mainly use it for old skool SP recordings. I'll try out the net md on it with my laptop just for kicks,
  17. nice to see them still churning out the blanks
  18. Thanks man, looking forward to playing with my new 980B & Mission M30i's
  19. cold & miserable here at dublin airport!
  20. What about the likes of Sharp and Onkyo, did they have any Hi-MD units on display?
  21. my black one arrived yesterday
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