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  1. I just have a Nokia 8310, on the o2 network prepaid - I seem to get unlimited GPRS for free, never made any enquiries as to why, lol I bought a replacement black cover for it on ebay for £1.20 that's about it!
  2. gcantwell at hotmail dot com Y! gcantwell
  3. Sonycentres here in Ireland are selling them for €7.99 each
  4. here's the link: http://esupport.sony.com/perl/news-item.pl...f63448e8e88d591
  5. I think the power required for an optical out would not be practical on one of these small units
  6. a compilation I made of Eddie Vedder singing with people other than Pearl Jam...
  7. Hi Valder, I can't help you with the comparison as I don't have a Hi MD unit.. But I've had my e10 for a few weeks now and a really like the sound!Much better than the R91 and e33 that I have... Be sure to buy some decent bud for it tho' as the supplied ones are rubbish hope this helps, Gary
  8. that's a user manual.. I need a service manual.. where do I post a request for one?
  9. here in Ireland, we have "your a star"
  10. apologies... I was looking for the service manual... needed a couple of part numbers
  11. A home deck would be nice.. with usb connections etc
  12. garyc

    Which Recorder?

    I don't wanna go Hi... so which recorder is the best upgrade for me? I'm finding my MZ R 91 a bit noisy and slow these days
  13. I had similar problems with my JVC CD/MD Head Unit... I had tried different lens cleaners etc. Ended up being a faulty laser, cost me €130 to get repaired, but it was worth every penny as there aren't many head units that can play cds & mds in the same slot
  14. never saw the old look... but this one is great
  15. Hi all, is there a part number for the plastic cover for the door? Cheers, Gary
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