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  1. great pics Ishi... bet all that great jazz you listen to sounds sweet on any of them do you use them while travelling? or just at home?
  2. some republican songs by Eire Og recorded live...
  3. are your speakers shielded? could be picking up interference from the unit itself
  4. Just back from Barcelona, cd's are quite a bit cheaper there.... Made In Japan (remastered) - Deep Purple Blue TV: Blue Note takes a commercial break - Various Artists Fugazi (remastered) - Marillion 101 - Depeche Mode Royal Highness - Kottonmouth Kings Greatest Hits - Kool Moe Dee Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin Also Listen Without Prejudice on prerecorded MD arrived while I was away
  5. "Vengeance is mine - Jason Porter" Horrorcore at it's finest
  6. saw "It's all gone pete tong" last night ... good flick, great soundtrack
  7. Richard D. James Album - Aphex Twin just the thing for a sunday afternoon
  8. I 2nd Volta.. be sure to bring a digital camera with you :-)
  9. Units: MZ-E33, MZ-E10, MZ-R90, MZ-N10. MDS-JE510, CMT-100MD, 2x JVC KD-MX2900R cd/md single slot headunits. Discs: 300 full, 56 Prerecorded Daily Usage: In the car on the way to & from work SP MD's all the way, don't even bother with the radio. At home (N10 & E10) listening to music no one else in the house likes, then the CMT-100MD for communal listening & partys! Favourite Use I use it it archive my vinyl, love the editability of the recordings, nothing else out there offers me that! Alternatives nothing comes close Requests Hi-MD Home Decks & Car Head Units. Metal construction on portables please. Get rid of Sonic Stage. Full MP3/USB compatability would be a great boost for the format... and just for me: Bring back Prerecorded!
  10. Whitesnake - Starkers in Tokyo; David Coverdale still has a great voice
  11. Hi Roger, They show up on ebay quite alot, I got my one on there for £70stg
  12. garyc

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    I have 56 prerecorded MD's (and counting!) They all work fine for me, the bits and pieces you talk of could just be some dirt on the disc surface.
  13. Tone Loc's Loc'ed after dark album... recored from tape it's classic!
  14. garyc

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    Been a huge fan of MD since it's launch, watched progess cloesly, but couldn't afford one for quite some time. I hate hearing people say "Oh yeah, that was supposed to replace the cd" - It should've been marketed better toward audio tape users. The size & shape of the Prerecorded Cases give's a hint at what they were aiming to replace. I just wish Sony had looked into MP3 compatability way back when they developed NetMD, I guess they are their own worst enemy with too many fingers in too many pies. Here's hoping for something positive
  15. just watched Team America last night... great flick
  16. nice find Volta.. will spend some time on it later
  17. just saw White Noise... not sure what MD portable makes an appearance... great to see though
  18. right now I should be closing calls in my queue & configuring wireless routers....
  19. Pearl Jam - Binaural ...prerecorded MD
  20. Exit...Stage Left - Rush I love this album!
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