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  1. Very precetive of you, the idea was to share music via a format. Conceptually I still prefer the Dead on DAT but enjoy minidisc. Oh and uh....... Phish is not in the same league.
  2. OK I'll check the costs and get back to you.
  3. I would have been interested but since that posting I have moved overseas, so postage makes the exchange to costly. Thanks for the interest, I would have liked to get a few of the Dick's picks.
  4. Hello Is there anyone out there who has a broken Sharp MD-DR480. I need some part to get one up and running, attached is a picture of the problem. I w ould also be interested in ideas on how to fix the problem. Thanks.
  5. Sweet collection looks well cared for
  6. Just to confirm the mic and inline still work fine? I'd say that it may have lost 30% of its value, mainly because the NetMD transfer allows for the rapid transfer, but you could still use the inline with an optical cable in real time. You could always just pick a random number and throw it up on ebay this would give you the market value. Just make sure you have a high reserve so that you get what you think it is worth. Hope this helps
  7. Does anyine have a charging cradle that they would like to sell or trade. If so please PM me and I'll get back to you soon. Thanks
  8. I am a very satified buyer of a Sony MZ-E707 from Valder. Thanks Steve
  9. Just a quick note to say that bushpig is a reputable buyer, the money was sent fast. Communication was great, would gladly work with him again. Great buyer. Thanks Bushpig
  10. I have a 3 of them and only really need 2 send me an IM or e-mail with what you are considering offering
  11. Thanks Snuffy your right on....$1 a disc is a wining price eve if they are ugly!
  12. So then why buy efficient head phones? Can't someone figure out how to cut out the hiss with a low/high cut filter in the device or headphones?
  13. After reading through the message board I decided to try and tackle the printed minidisc label issue. PowerPoint was the easiest choice. I have attached the template file I used for printing onto the supplied Sony labels and some pictures to shoe the outcome. Method for using the template is easy. 1. Print Slide 2 only on your printer making sure you know which side prints. 2. Tape the lable over the outline 3. Use Slide 1 to design your art work. 4. Reinsert the paper with the label taped (I recommend taping all 4 corners with alittle scotch tape) 5. Select Slide 1 only to print.....and Voila! Hope this helps, any feedback would be appreciated. I am not as artistically inclined as some of the other folks but at least the labels are neat. Minidisc.ppt
  14. I'm not sure if there are any Deadheads on the site but I thought it might be worth a try. If anyone is interested, I have a few shows and would be willing to put them on 1 or 2 MD @ LP2. The MD would be the cheappie Maxell's. Shipping would be USPS First class. In return you would send me a show, really pretty simple. I also have a very large collection of MP3's of other live music, if your curious just ask.
  15. Thanks again...great information. I think I'll stick with the NiCd batteries, until I can upgrade to a newer unit.
  16. Thanks for the replies, excellent information I have an older unit (MZ-G750) that shipped with NiCd batteries. After reading some posts it seemed that if I were to use NiMH the unit would "blow-up". Perhaps someone could set the record straight.
  17. Is there any issue using AA lithium batteries for players that accept AA?
  18. We had a prolonged negotiation on the cost of shipping. In the end the MD came as described in a timely fashion. As a bonus a Dyaln CD was included as a bonus.
  19. Your welcome...thanks again for the Dylan bonus...if you need any Dylan stuff let me know. Steve
  20. thanks I was not aware of that, so is it possible that the sound isolating earbuds combined with a frequency respone of 6Hz could be the cause of the hiss?
  21. They work great thanks for asking, much better than the EX-71's. I think the problem might be that the EX's were sound isolatinf and had a frequency respone down to 6 Hz.
  22. That makes sense but for a radio but does it make sense for a digital source? I did return my MDR-EX71's and got a pair of MX550 which I am happy with so far. The real test is listening in a quiet environment.
  23. For anyone following this post I contacted Sony again, after testing the original MDR-051 headphone and did not hear the hiss. I was told by they're technical support that the MDR-EX71SL were not compatible with "older walkman". I was told to use the MDR-EX70LP. Has anyone else had any problems with the MDR-EX71SL or know the difference betweenthese 2 models? I would really appreciate any help.
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