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  1. Good for transfering data hey if you have a HiMD don't waste a tone of money on a 1 gigabyte jumpdrive when you can get a hiMD disk for cheap plus because the data is physically encoaded there is no worry about losing or currupting data if you remove the device without Stopping it(as Long as it's not buring or formating the disk in which case you may have to reformat the disc and loss your data. Two things to note 1. be gentle with your usb port or you'll have to fidget withit for your comuter to access the device 2. At least for macs: when you delete data from disc it will still physically remain burnt until it is over written and you computer may say there is less free space on the disc than there actually is. Reformatting the disc Should solve this problem and you should periodically reformat if you use any one disc for data transfer. carry data and music on separate dics if possible it better prevents data fragmenting.
  2. First of all the only products I do know of for live recording are the Md recorders and the expensive DELL DJ the iPod in all its glory doesn't (probably an issue of lack of ram) But here's the pitch all sony Hi-MD units Record the "Same Quality" If all you want to do is record a band go for the lowest model MZ-NH700 ("lowest" = least features nothing to do with quality) and then take the money you saved and buy a sensational Mic (especially if you are playing jazz) or better yet if you have a PA hook the MD into one of the outputs( IF YOU DO DECIDE TO DO THIS ASK ABOUT HOW TO FIRST)
  3. I curious what is the most desirable way of recording your band or afriends band ect. do you simply pin a mic to your shirt and hope you are standing in a good spot or do you see it being more logical to receive yur signal from the outputs on a PA
  4. however the pinned artical is quite oriented to the kind of 'phones you seemed to not really like (i.e. earbuds + clipons) there are some regular 'phones in there as well but the price unfortunatly are MIA due to the fact that this forum caters to international members. if you are however the destroyer of 'phones, clips and buds aren't the thing I'd suggest. I'd say stay with the back of the headband 'phones (formally known as "street style") in my experience they do stay on your head the best because of the over the ear mounting. However street 'phones do have problems of there own in that they are the worst shape for closing around your ears and therefor can seem quiter. also many people simply can't stand the way the 'phones rest on there ears (some even claim that it hurts). other problems are that the 'band gets in the way of jacket collars and some hats. there is an alternative they are dual style both "overhead" and "street style" I myself own a pair $30 (CAD) Panasonic RP-HG20 good sound and fairly durable (I once sat on them and I'm 250+ LBs and they didn't break)
  5. there is another alternative where you hook your MD unit into the PA for the show you mentioned that things would be mic'd for better sound. If you are planning to record the entire band this may be the solution you want and it would probably be the best for qualtiy How to: -find a cord that is 1/8" mono at one end and 1/4"(mini) stereo at the other end -put the mono end into one of the "AUX outs" on the sound board and the stereo end into the "line in" on the MD do a few tests at low power to find good levels (i.e. board output volume + MD input volume) Note: you may get the urge to want to use the AC adaptor but I would recomend against it because it is known to cause buzzing and humming during recording. you might want to use it for sound checking but it would be better if you could use the battery for the actual show.
  6. I am the owner of an NH700 and it does have a "line in/ optical in" you must have read wrong from your source. Also to A440 if you are using a fully powered USB port you shouldn't need your AC adaptor or even a battey in the unit.
  7. are mp3's really any good. Is there any logic as to why the world is using them or is this just another advent of mass consumer stupidiy caused by software companies being too lazy to take the time too to find something better for music playback. From what I've been able to gather from reading various forums is that Mp3's are simply the audio component of mpeg movies. other than the fact that Mp3 is the most widely used format does it really have any pros over other compression formats. assume I'm talking about a balance of quality Vs. file size
  8. sorry the picture for the levels got alittle screwed up I'll see about drawing out something better
  9. Every model of headphone has a diffarent frequency response and every prosons ears are diffarrent. and every person has diffarent preferences in sound and the type of music they listen to The greatist thing to hit current generation music players is the option of a customizeable Graphic Equalizer (my Sony MZ-NH700 has two custom eqs) Why is this such a benifit. Now you can tune your player to work perfectly with your headphones, ears, and style of music. However the most significant is tuning to your headphones. How many people don't turn up their player to full volume because thier headphones distort while their Factory EQ is turned on but now if you tune your player to work exactly to your 'phones exact frequency response you'll lose a lot of that distortion. meanning you can listen at full volume and have cleaner sound. For example earbuds because of their lack of internal surface area are by design poor for gennerating low frequncy sound(Bass) causing them to produce large unmelodious thumps they are also a little too good at producing high frequency(treble) sound so an ideal tuning woulb be to limit the low and hight frequncy ranges Low Mid High ___----___ Loud ___---- ----___ ___---- ----___ Normal Quiet Please note: to all you bass lovers who think my suggestion for limiting bass is complete ludachris realize that if you want bass then get some full or medium size headphones. Heck in my oppinion the only one good thing about earbuds ids that they are descret and that you can show them in your pocket. if you are using full size 'phones feel free to set your levels to what ever you want as long as you think it sounds good. A good start I would suggest is: High low range medium mid range medium high high range Low Mid High ----___ ___ ___ Loud ----___ ___---- ----____---- Normal Quiet If your player has multipule custom EQs You can tune for either multipule headphones or music Genres. For example I have my custom 1 set up for my large headphones(the ones in my portrait) and my custom 2 set for some cheapo ear buds that I wear in english class.
  10. Will HiMDs be the next thing villans will be moving their secret files with in the next James Bond movie. High capacity discs immune to being erased by a fridge manget kept in a scrach protecting case. or are HiMDs from your local retailer flimsy and unreliable. I've heard many stories about people having issues with store bought HiMD discs that turn into ten dollar costers straight out of the package. I've never dropped mine but does anyone know how strong the casing is? In your experience would you say that HiMd is the next logical step in safe data transportation.
  11. Anyone Else bnotice that in one of the photos the programer is using a mac with OSX yet the common consumer products from sony are not mac compatable.
  12. There are a veriety to do it but this is my recomendation: First check out the Sony MZ-NH700 HiMD Recorder this would be your best likly choice (note: Higher models such as NH800, NH900, NH1 are just as good and have a few nice features but they do cost more and for the use you described any one of the above rercorders will serve you equally well) a HiMD unit is the only kind that data can be downloaded onto a computer from. Now you should know that the above recorders have two inputs: 1. An analoge mic input 1/8"(stereo) that does diliver phantom mic power 2. A line in/optical 1/8" plug (thats analoge line in and optical in) no phantom power Best Quality solution: through a PA 1. You'll want the whole band including: A: Kick B: Snare C: Toms D: At least one overhead mic for symbols (a separate direct pickup for the ride would be benificial) or if possible direct mics to all symbols Going through your sound board. 2. Plugging MD into PA: A: Use line in on MD(remember It's stereo in) B: Use BATTERY not AC (AC historically causes buzz and MDs have been Known to get a bad case of the buzzes) keep some no name cheapo AAs on hand. C: Find yourself (this has to be exactly what I tell you) a cord that is 1/4" mono at one end and 1/8" stereo at the other end. D: plug the cord from the above step, 1/4" into the PAs "AUX OUT", 1/8" MDs line in. 3. Tuning: A: Before you plug your MD into PA plug in a pair of headphones and make the mix you want. B: With phones still in PA set output volume to medium(the louder it is the lower the recoding quality). C: The MD has an input volume ajustment so do a few test records to find the right sound(start off quite) The PA method will always be the best however If the band doesn't have access to a drum micing kit set up two over head mics near the drums and tune one for high renge and the other for low range. I wouldn't recoment using mics directly into the MD for quality and convenience sake. Also note steps two and three can be used for pluging a guitar directly into the MD without using a PA exept you'll now want to use the "mic in" If you are using a mac for editing plese in form me because you'll have some transfer problems I need to help you with.
  13. I also encountered this when using my NH700 as a mass storage device on a mac using OSX when I deleted a 150mb (ish) video file from my HiMD disc and OSX informed me of nochange of free space on my disc
  14. Good luck finding a way to make it work on mac there are no or at least no known programs supported by mac I don't know where sony gets their airhead programers probably no talent relatives to the executives. I also don't know where they find their marketing people because Sony really does have a good thing going for them -atrac 3+ format -line in and mic recording -HiMD disc technology in their HiMD recoders. though their best trump card is the line in/mic recording. It's no coincidens that many of the people that would use line in/mic are also mac users (I mean macs are only renound and loved for production) and Sony marketers must be blind and retarded if they haven't noticed that. I think sonys only reasoning is that their Vaio PCs are built to support the windows operating platfom As a fellow mac lover I feel your pain I'm leaning complain letters in school maby I might just send a few to Sony Canada. PS. I don't know anything about the recorder you bought but if it isn't a HiMD I'd return it if I was you. simply said the HiMD is great because it can transfer data(and music) both on and OFF the disc with a computer. If your recoder isn't HiMD I'd consider returningg it if I were you (check out the Sony MZ- NH700) note: you can't load music onto a HiMD with a mac simply because there is no program supported by OSX but there is no issue transering data to the HiMD from a mac making the HiMD a nice USB mass storage device.
  15. Put a couple more checks next to the NH700 I own one and a friend of mine owns one. It's kind of like the benchmark for HiMD recorders. It'll give you everything you need and all models above it simple give you minor features that mean nothing as far as performance goes. I'd say the NH700 is probably the best bang for your buck.
  16. A friend of mine told me that the atrac format of music is simple a .wave file where any sound that cannot be heard by the human earis simply cut out. and that is how they save on so much file size and still retain such a high quality My question is: 1. Is this all true? 2. Is this theory kind of close? or 3. Do I have to find this guy and put him back in a cage at the Zoo because he's to wacky to be aloud to live in our current society?
  17. I talked with my friend that records his electric on his NH700 and he told me that he keeps his mic sense low and that he would try recording with a bass guitar and give me sme recomendations.
  18. I am also the owner of an NH700 and have a friend that liked mine and bought his own NH700 he plays electric guitar and when to radioshack and found a cord that was 1/4 inch(male) mono on one end and stereo 1/8 inch(male) at the other end he plugs the 1/4 inch into his electric and the 1/8 inch into the mic input in his MH700. He hasn't informed me of any difficuties so far. Any noise you hear could be caused by: A: The fact you are using the mono plug in a stereo jack. B: You problem could also be from an AC adaptor (note: I discused this problem in an other forum search for forums involving "Mr Sim" to see that discussion) Note: unless your guitar has a 9V preamp your guitar actually needs the phantom power provided by the mic port. Hook up your headphones to your 1/8 inch out and set your NH700's output volume to max (30/30) and do a few test records starting at low sensitivity and slowly bring up the sensitivity ontill it sounds good Note: don't usee earbud headphones the don't have good low range response. Try to find some padded headphones with lots of bass response.
  19. you are going about this all wrong . you should be using a PA (you know like a sound board) they arn't hard to find and even renting one a couple of times is cheaper than buying one of the mics everybody is showing you. The quality will be insanly better. go to you local music intrament store and they'll shw you how to set yourself up.
  20. Mr Sim


    I don't really get why you are so passionate about sharp if it's because you hate sony and you think the company is full of a bunch of airheads I'll agree fully. But the HiMD recorders were built by the one smart person at sony and is a highly reliable device "a dimond in the rough" the biggest point is how you can extract files from HiMD format discs. The only headach is sonys sonic stage but hopefully they'll fix that problem as well they have since september 04 released at least 2 updates to their 2.0 version.
  21. the problem is AC power itself AC stand for alternating current this means that each of the plugs on the AC (going in to the wall socket) adaptor continually alternates from positive to negative. Though a bit of electromagnetic physics creats its own electric freqency and that is what causes the noise you hear. You said that you were recording your band so you might also want to note that if you are using distortion pedals on any of your guitars and are use AC power you will find that you will be experiencing the same problem. PUT A 9 VOLT IN even though AC adaptors convert to DC the AC frequncy carries through. there is no real way to avoid this problem and continue to use AC power. you'll either have to continue using your battery or find a DC transformer and plug your recorder into a large battery such a 12 volt car battery (MAKE SHURE YOU ARE USING A 12V TO 3V TRANSFORMER). If you are using a PA use your "line in/opt" if you are pluging a guitar straight into you recorder use the "mic plug".
  22. I am the some what proud owner of a sony HiMD recorder (note: the only good sony product I can think of) specificaly I own the NZ700 (base model yes but I don't really care about spending more for an am/fm) the player is great and have I don't a single problem with it (except a bit of a factory defect but that can wait for another time) anyhoo the problem is Sonic Stage despite the fact that this is a poorly set up program my biggest issue is trying to load music onto my HiMD using Mac OSX an operating system not supported by SS and I am forced to go to my friends house or my moms work to get music. It isn't a driver problem in fact only problem is myself not having a program on mac capable of converting Wave or Mp3 to HMA (Atrac 3+). gtg but does anyone have a solution to my problem.
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